Rompin’ Around

IVC_1655_2I went for a walk earlier today.
Nowhere fancy. Just a little tour around my neighborhood.Β I’m guilty of neglecting my neighborhood.
I keep forgetting how cool it is. IVC_1706_1IVC_1707_1 IVC_1701_1 IVC_1690_1IVC_1687_1dana boston bloggerI thrifted this mens button down shirt a few weeks ago.
Spent like 4 hours in that damn thrift store. Sucks me in every fucking time.
So for my little afternoon stroll, I decided to wear it with this romper from F21 since it was a bit breezy out.
boston food bloggers Dana Fashina

49 thoughts on “Rompin’ Around

  1. Heck yes to birkenstocks and I need these tan ones now. You have put me to serious shame, my neighborhood walks are yoga pants, HUGE sunglasses (so you can’t see my bags obvi) and sneakers. I need to step my game up!

    xx Cara

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