A Simple Green Salad with Roasted Corn & Blueberries

A-simple-green-saladAlright so I got a new camera.
Don’t give me any shit about it or start comparing my new pics to my old pics.
That’s my job.
I’m just trying to elevate to you guys level is all and I really don’t wanna hear otherwise..Yeah so recently, I’ve been paying attention to teenagers. Specifically those in the 13 – 16 category.
The ones still in the throes of puberty.
Not in the creepy, put-them-in-my-trunk sort of way.
Just kinda tuning in, the way a parent would.

Man, fuck teenagers.

I really don’t understand the double x or Generation Z as Wikipedia calls them.
They’re have horrible taste in music, rude as all hell and way to gadgety for me.
Always looking down, tied to their phone, completely immersed in their virtual world.
Just ripe for an uppercut.

But God, to be them.
Have ZERO problems.
When I was a kid, I had nothing but time.

I just wish there was a way to convey to a kid a mortgage, being in a relationship, property tax, counting calories, medical bills, what a loan really means..
All of that SHIT.

You know what I miss?
I miss my problems as a kid.

Oh it’s raining today, we have to play inside.
That there was some boy that I liked but didn’t know what to say.
That I had to go to my room and play so the grown ups could talk.

Let me tell you,
I used to babysit this kid Michael who lived right the street from me. I’d make like $18/day.
When you don’t have to pay rent, or car insurance, or gas..
When all you’re into is playing outside and building stuff.
When you have ZERO fucking expenses, $18 adds up.

Riding bikes.
Climbing trees!
God, I had the best childhood when I really go back and think about it.

I used to climb up this tree high enough to see the whole city.
Fell out of it too.
The 2nd time I fell my big brother just leaned over the branch he was on and yelled down, “You alright?”

We’d ride our bikes to the town pool.
Kill a whole day there..
Your life was a vacation.

And all you had to do was bullshit homework.
Dude, life was a fucking joke!

Never better.

Having no fucking worries.
Sitting around eating candy bars and poptarts and not get fat.
You’re the king of the world.

I miss that.

All of that.

Alright, alright! Bah!
I’m done with my rant. Let’s talk about this salad:

I told you I’m trying to be more health conscious. Trying to balance out all this grown up partying with smarter food choices, so expect to see a few more salads in the future.

Outside the health factor, I particularly like this recipe because of the way I chose to cook the corn.
Fresh shucked corn, drizzled with olive oil, seasoned with a good shake of salt and cracked pepper then roasted, is the muthafucking business. 
I used to eat corn like this all the time when I was a kid.
SO good.
And since we’re being open with each other today, I’ll admit – even though I specify using 2 ears of corn, I really only used one.
I had to eat the other one straight off the cob.
You owe it to yourself to do this too.

But if you do decide to make this salad do me this one favor..
Include a green apple.
No questions. Just do it.
It’s my only regret.

Green Salad with & Blueberries & Roasted Corn

What I Used

2 cups Arugula. 1 cup Haricot Verts. 1 cup Green Peashoots. 2 cups. Sweet Peas. 1 cup shaved Brussels Spouts. 1 cup Cilantro. 2 cups fresh Blueberries. 1 large Green Tomato. 2 ears of Corn. 3 tbsp Olive Oil. 2 tbsp Balsamic Vinegar. Salt. Pepper.

What I Did

Ivegotcake blog
Accumulate all things green..

awesome green saladsTurn on grill or broiler.
Prep the corn by shucking it.
ive got cakeThen line a baking tray with tin foil.
Add the corn.
Drizzle/brush the corn with olive oil.
Season with a few cracks of pepper and a few shakes of salt.
ivegotcake bloggrilled cornBroil/Grill for about 10 mins on med high or until corn lightly chars.
When one side is appropriately charred, flip and roast the other side.
Remove from heat.
how-to-roast-cornSet aside to cool.

Next, bring 2 pots of salted water to boil.
Add the Haricot Verts (ends sliced off) to one.
Steam the green peas on the other for 5 mins or until tender.
Remove the Haricot Verts after 3 mins and plunge into ice cold water to stop the cooking process.
_11Set both aside.

Then, in a large bowl, add everything, except the blueberries.
The peas, the diced tomato, peashoots, haricot verts, brussel sprouts, cilantro…
fashionable salads_8 easy salad recipes_17_18Tilt in 3 tbsp olive oil and 2 tbsp balsamic vinegar.
Season with a healthy shake of salt & pepper.
Toss to mix.
Now add in blueberries.
_6blueberry-salad_21Mix well.
Get all up in there.

Lastly, shave the roasted corn.
roasting cornhow to roast cornPut salad in a bowl, top salad with corn shavings and serve.
Green Salad with & Blueberries & Roasted Corn boston food blogger dana fashina boston Green Salad with & Blueberries & Roasted Corn


52 thoughts on “A Simple Green Salad with Roasted Corn & Blueberries

  1. Oh gosh this looks good! I never roasted corn like this, but after seeing this, I really have to give it a try.
    About the 13-16 year olds – yes, I do think they have way less to worry than we have to as adults, but I do also think, that the problems they have, might to them just seem as big as the problems we face as adults. And when I look at school schedules and all those extracurriculars, I do feel like they have way more to do now than we probably had 10, 15 or even 20 years ago.

  2. Preach it, girl!!! I am glad I do not have to come into contact with some of the teenagers today. I too miss the problems that I had before I got into the real world.

    What kind of camera did you get? I do all my photography from my smart phone. I need to stop being so lazy and brush up on my photography, starting with a new camera!

    1. Yeaaah…had to get that one out haha.
      And Debbie, girl I did a TON of research, weeks.
      At the end of it all, your options are Nikon or Cannon.
      Then you just have to boil down to the model you want based on your level of comfort and its capabilities.
      Lastly, and most importantly, you’ll have to select a lens, based on your intended use of the overall camera.
      It is WORK.
      I settled with Nikon and a all my Cannonite friends are hatin’

  3. Wow!!!! Looks amazing!!!!!!!! about the teenage thing…. I think that we miss it cause we knew how good we had it back then. But that’s not to say that the problems are not real as a friend once told me its what is real to them at that moment they don’t know any better cause they can’t see what’s to come. I keep that in the back of my head as my little ones get older.

  4. Well, well Miss Dana πŸ™‚ nice pictures and cool recipe too! I know what you mean about those problems when we were teens. I know the feeling, but you know I like being independent and make my own money, so in the end I guess you just take life as it comes along πŸ™‚ and never look back! I will never forgive you that you bought Nikon by the way !!!

  5. Fab photos, this recipe looks mad and ahhh, sweet sweet corn. We love cooking corn like this on the BBQ…(imagine an Aussie accent saying ‘barbie’….ha, not really a strong accent but nothing like bolstering up a few stereotypes hey?) Kid life in hindsight is pretty bloody marvellous (maybe depending on your experience). Sometimes I just want to stick my thumb in my mouth, say ‘mama’ and go back and curl at my mums feet. (I think she would tell me to get up as it’s rather unfitting to see a grown up woman doing that.)

      1. In a bit of corn (korn) kismet, I was reading yesterday about the health benefits of sweet corn. It contains fibre, antioxidants and the sweet corn that we eat is mostly not genetically modified (field corn used for livestock and corn syrup is though.) There was other stuff, but I can’t remember it all! I will say that if I over indulge in sweet corn, it can upset my ummmm….how can I put this delicately….digestion…cough, cough…. So in a corn kernel, I reckon you can stuff your face with it Ms Cake! πŸ™‚

      2. cough, cough, the words you were looking for are mud gut, lol.
        And thank you for confirming that I can enjoy this simple pleasure guilt free. I *heart* you for that πŸ™‚

  6. There is this salad here at a restaurant called The Gladly. The salad is the “Chopped Salad” and has over 1000 Facebook friends…it is that good! Your post reminded me of it, and now let the cravings begin!

  7. Woohoooo! New camera! Whadja get?

    Interesting use of blueberries. They are a superfood y’know. Nice to add it to meals rather than just for desserts and smoothies.

    You complain about kids these days like you’re old. You were once one of those kids. I’m just glad I don’t have to grow up on Facebook.

    I got an after school job when I was 14. It was great. I had no expenses and money to burn. I bought a lot of CDs, concert tickets and magazines. Life was sweet.

    p.s. Pretty nail polish. That’s the reason for that pic right?

    1. Hehehe, I know right?
      I didn’t have all the modern technology though so my interpersonal interactions were significantly greater than teens these days
      And no, not the reason for the pic but now you mention it, thank you πŸ™‚

  8. I recently did some thinking (like you do sometimes, right :D) and it occured to me, that I was eating at least two big ol’ candy bars every freaking day and I was skinning as one of those weirdly skinny looking kids, where the mom of the bigger kid would always say that I am underweight or what not. Anyway, I just realised, I can hardly eat that way while still maintaining somewhat of a work-out routine. How messed up is this. I, too, wanna go back to being a child. That was awesome. And I am only 22, how will it be once I turn 40. Oh my gosh..let’s not think about that.

    ANYWAY. Your recipe looks amazing, as always. Love the corn and your photos are stunning. Funny thing, I got my new camera yesterday and my new lense today. Whoop whoop.
    Have a lovely day, Dana.


    1. What! Whaaaat!
      Yaaay and congrats on the new camera!

      And you Lou, you are one of the lucky ones. Where you can eat what you like and not see a physical change.
      I’m jealous as all hell πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  9. And I quote,”Just ripe for an uppercut”. Hilarious and oh so true! I like your style Dana, always have. Fantastic salad recipe. Mexican street vendor corn; roasted, sprinkled with chili powder and drizzled with lime. Oh yeah, chew on that! BTW, we could survive falling out of trees because we walked and biked. Some of the new ones die falling off the couch for the remote!

  10. Nice rant. As a teacher, that’s exactly the age group I am confronted with. Next time they feel sorry for themselves I’ll just give them a copy of your post. Including the recipe. And a detention, for good measure πŸ˜‰

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