Bulky White.

Ivegotcake blogFall typically means the start of layering clothes, except I’ve never been really good at that.
I end up giving off this sort of homeless vibe.
One layer short of torn gloves and fogging up your windows.
Oversize sweaters on the other hand, is one of the fall trends that I like and can actually follow.
As the temps drop, I think I’m going to enjoy balancing out the bulky look.
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56 thoughts on “Bulky White.

      1. I overheat really easily so I have lots of layers so I can keep peeling them off! I’m wearing a singlet right now. I feel a little underdressed because everyone else is wearing long sleeves, but better underdressed than being sweaty. Our receptionist commented that I look very “summery” today. I guess that’s better than “slutty”.

  1. Hi Dana, I love your simple yet chic ensemble! The texture of your sweater gives it a very relaxed vibe, which is something I gravitate too a lot during the weekends. All in all great outfit! πŸ™‚ – Lena

  2. At least your weather is cooling down, ours in Haiti has a mind on its own…It’s HOT…Thanks for always showing your support through my blog, you rock Dana.

  3. I love that last photo! I can just imagine you making that “what?!” face at passing teenagers. Looking very chic, as always. And I envy being able to wear white – my toddler’d have something tomatoey or dribbly on it in no time.

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