An Order of Sequins.

casual sequin lookI wore this look a few days ago to hang out with my girlfriend Darby, who I haven’t seen since New Years Eve.
I figured it was appropriate considering I was feeling a bit celebratory at the thought of hanging out with her again.
Besides, I came bearing gifts: 2 dozen oysters, 2 dozen clams and a good bottle of wine.
Hey, that’s just the kind of friend I am.

Ivegotcake You might not think it to look at me but this is the first time I’ve ever worn sequins as a daytime outfit.
I think that’s primarily because I’ve never had individual sequin pieces before now and I’ve always found it a bit more tricky to casualize (new word people, casualize) a sequin dress.
Pairing a sequin skirt with a calm top, on the other hand, seemed like a no-brainer.
I rather like it actually. _45 _47 ivegotcake

71 thoughts on “An Order of Sequins.

  1. Oysters, clams and wine? Sounds like a date 🙂

    I have a couple of sequin things but I haven’t rocked one in ages. One is a full length black sequin dress I wore for my 30th birthday last year and the other is a dark grey cardigan with black and gold sequins. I could probably get a way with the card in daytime.

    This skirt is very cute. Reminds me of a mermaid.

  2. Absolutely LOVE this outfit! So pretty! I like how you took the picture in front of that wall as it is a very girly outfit and in combination with the wall it gives the whole thing just that edgy sort off touch. So smart, love it!

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