Leather Weather

I bought this dress last year with the hopes of doing something wonderful with it.
And I did.
Then I sorta pushed it aside, confining it to the indoors, only to be worn on Saturday mornings with thick socks.
Recently, I found myself looking for a way to make it outdoor worthy again.
It helps that these boots are such attention whores.
_95.jpg Ive_got_cake_style
Do you ever have clothes like that?
Where you buy something nice but then find yourself only wearing it at home?
If you do, challenge yourself to wear it out. See what happens, then send me a pic.
Ive_got_cake_fashion how_to_wear_lace_and_leather Ive_got_cake_blog Ive_got_cake_style

36 thoughts on “Leather Weather

  1. This dress is beautiful, and I love the contrast with the boots. Sadly much of the stuff I buy never even gets out of my wardrobe. I shall endeavour to wear more of it. If I find a goodie I’ll let you know!

  2. Incredible – the boots are a piece of genius! Well, I have a lot of pyjamas that I never wear out, especially now that the supermarket has banned its shoppers from entering in nightwear and slippers. Dammit. I would have loved to send you the picture.

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    1. Hey you! Thank you πŸ™‚
      And I don’t know. I think because it’s shapeless…kind of like a shift. And a midi-shift dress is kinda amish haha.
      The boots though are indeed awesome πŸ˜€

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