To the Bone

leather-fashionI guess this Fall will be all about leather for me.
Nabbed this skirt up from HM last week in a burst of much needed shopping.
I recently changed roles at work (your girl is moving up folks) which means that the Jeans & T-Shirt days are no more.
Never to return again.
Like Don Sterling.

Even though I already miss the shit out of my boyfriend jeans and steel-toe shoes, this gave me the perfect opportunity to sneak some non-business like clothes into my little spree and this leather skirt is one of them.
Fitted leather has always made me feel like a badass which to me is the perfect complement to weather that makes me feel like a ‘just-keep-piling-on-the-sweaters’ bum.

how_to_wear_leatherhow_to_style_a_leather_mini_skirt leather_styles

73 thoughts on “To the Bone

  1. My goodness girl!! These shoes are real killers!! Not even mention the skirt. You’re not taking any hostages are you 😀 give them some time in that office though haha

  2. Ugh. I wish we could go shopping together! Love this, and once again you wear the clothes expertly!


  3. congrats on the job 😉 the skirt is pretty badass. love the shoes and the plain shirt with it. makes it a little more wearable for occasion where you don’t necessarily want to stand out too much and still look good 🙂

  4. I’m all about leather and pleather, I kind of collect pleather skirts- I love that subtle nod to Kink! Your leather skirt is v.versatile indeed as you can wear it with Ts, blazers, jackets etc and really take it from day to night anytime you want!

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