Puff Puff, Pass.

poof 5We are formally in the throes of fashion week as we know it here in Boston.
To be perfectly honest, I owe my awareness of BFW and subsequent social calendar, largely to my girl Vana.
Vana is one of the key coordinators of BFW and as a result, it’s my job to attend events and pop bottles accordingly.
Tough being me, really it is.

Yesterday, we attended the Maven event at Liquid Art House, which I’d been dying to check out since it opened a few months ago (talk about perfect opportunity) and this is what I wore.

I bought this skirt in the same spree as the leather mini, and I must say, I really like it.
It’s made with a material very similar to foam which is what keeps it airy without the traditional tulle.
Definitely an attention-grabber/conversation-starter.

I calmed it down a bit with a casual button-down shirt, which I left a bit unbuttoned to slut it up some.
poof 9how_to_wear_a_poofy_skirt poof 3 poof 4 poof 2 poof 10 poof 7

70 thoughts on “Puff Puff, Pass.

  1. Please give me more details on how was Boston Fashion Week, this is where I always go every summer 🙂 love how are always twirling in your skirts 🙂

    1. Haha!!
      Yes, so BFW is all this week, with events everyy day, almost every hour, all around town.
      The MFA, ICA and several other galleries open their spaces to host runway shows, awards, celebrations, etc.
      Let me know the next time your in town and we’ll sync up🙌🙌

  2. Ever since The Koala gave unsolicited advice on my short puffy skirt, I’ve avoided short puff skirts. It was a shame because I felt so girly and fun in it.

    He commented (without me asking him) that the skirt made my butt look HUGE.

    You don’t say that to a lady. Ever.

  3. You are the queen!
    I LOOOVE this outfit, I would wear it without changing a thing about it!
    Haha, you slut it up perfectly! ❤
    You so own this thing!
    Big fan here Dana!

      1. Thank you! I’m very very new just started mid September really so I’m looking all over for inspiration and your blog is full of it! Humor, fashion, food, it’s got it all.

    1. You joke but EVERYONE was asking me this.
      I kept mumbling, “uh, yeah… I don’t have a card. I’m just an engineer…”
      Then I’d get a blank stare before they’d quickly put on an expression of interest.
      Finally I just said, “It’s in the works but now what did you say you do?”

      1. Haha OMG!! You never say “I’m just something”!! Always self-confidence out there darling! They will beg for your card 😀 oh my little sister…we need to talk 🙂

  4. Oh naw da hell u didn’t juz take my ish. N U left out the second part “u f*^$kin up the rotation”. ALL TOGETHER NOW “puff puff pass (or give)…. u f*&%in up da rotation” … class dismissed.

    P.S. I hate that you are not in Montgomery proximity………um JS. Keep mashin dark brittle.

  5. I want, I want, I want (insert foot stomping tantrum here)! Well played my dear, well played indeed. Love & gratitude!

  6. Um passing summa dat a stooky ooky ooky ish….. Y U askin pimpin? How u g’down?

    Lemme stop agin … Um juz role playin Brittle …. yeah….. Bama folk do dat ish ahhhhhhh do dat ish

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