This worn, torn, raggedy-ass looking sweater is my absolute FAVORITE and the 2nd response to my self-challenge of turning in-home attire to something publicly acceptable.

Given the impending doom of winter, the only way a skirt like this would get any wear is if I paired it with something warm on top.

Perfect opportunity to redeem this sweater.
It came together so well, I didn’t even bother changing looks for dinner later that night.

I think I’ve finally found my fall rhythm.
In the absence of leather, wear a sweater.
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56 thoughts on “Smoke..

  1. Your autumn look would work for our summers – but not on me, I’m afraid… must check in to a gym … and book an overall face lift … or go down the cheap route by getting a decent halloween mask …

    1. Now Ginger…
      This look hides pretty much every flaw πŸ˜€
      Unless you have cankles…but you didn’t say nuthin about cankles so I’m not buying this argument πŸ™‚ :*

  2. The skirt and the colour of the sweater looks great on you. You have amazing calves, so make sure to show them off as often as possible! πŸ˜‰ I wish the sweater was not torn, though… IΒ΄m sorry, but IΒ΄m a bit old fashioned when it comes to fashion, in a way… I mean, I am ok with some fringes etc, but then it has to very obvious that itΒ΄s a part of the entire outfit. That it comes together from top to toe like a fancy or tough piece of clothing. I did not like the first photo…When a beautiful woman with a fancy skirt walks hunched over like this with a torn sweater the first thing I though was; “Oh my God, is this a rape victim?”. The background did not help. This is not what you want people to think when you show off nice clothes… I did like your other photos! You look amazing in pink and I love your hair. πŸ˜€

      1. Ugh, yes!
        It’s the worst!
        You literally have to put on that “don’t fuck with me” face, get in and get out.
        And I always reply with ‘school project’ (even though my ass isn’t in school) for those that can’t read my face and formally inquire πŸ˜€

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