Plain Jane

_110You know what’s weird?
Outside of work, I don’t wear jeans often.
I think I have exactly 1 style post to date of me in jeans.
2 if you include me wearing Brandon’s jeans, which I love but every boyfriend since has hated.

Finding jeans, skinny jeans, has always been a problem for me.
I am specifically hindered by my waist-ass ratio.
My proportion relegates me to either jeans that fit well from my ass down, but look like a weight loss commercial from the hip up, or the ones that fit perfectly around my waist but then look like I’m wearing harem pants.

Very rarely do I come across (affordable) exceptions to these scenarios so I just stopped buying jeans all together.
It just wasn’t worth the changing room stress.
I fucking HATE the changing room process.

Where you  grab like 3 different sizes of the same item and none of them fit right.
Multiply that across 4 different stores and all that does is make me hungry and angry.
And if I get a Boston parking ticket after wasting all that time, forGET about it.

But recently I went shopping with my girlfriend, who is proportioned like me, and she pointed out a brand of jeans that she loved .
Swore up and down that they fit her curves perfectly.
Being that we have almost mirrored body types (except I have bigger chi chis than her but that’s neither here nor there), I picked up a couple.

Ok, I bought 4 pairs.
This is one of them.
_74 _115

65 thoughts on “Plain Jane

  1. I used to be the worst shopper at shopping for jeans as well, I had the dilemma where it fit my tights and hips but would be so loose in my waist. I love the jeans color on you Dana. Is it starting to get cold in Boston?

  2. Always loved a great pair of jeans, though I prefer trousers. To me, they’re much more comfortable and make excellent outfits! But I must say… You look amazing! I love how you can look so simple and yet so sophisticated. And Those boots are perfecttttt!! 😍😍

  3. GIRLLLLLLL I have the same problem once it fits my ass I could fit another half of me into the waist band! So frustrating because it means I always end up having to spend a small fortune for the right fit. Definitely going to check these out stat!

    xx Cara

  4. You’re so right about sizing – unless you have no hip, waist or bum, trousers are a nightmare (being 5’10, length used to be a nightmare, too, but fortunately they do special freak-lengths now).
    Love the look: outside work or my bed you’ll hardly ever see me in anything else 😉

    1. Hahah!
      ‘freak-lengths’ is cracking me up!
      And see, before this new role, back when I could wear jeans to work. I didn’t care how ill fitting there were because it’s work. I’m not trying to impress nobody.
      But outside work – I wanted shit that fit and when it comes to jeans that fit, I feel like i’ve on a damn famine!

  5. It’s so nice to find a pair of pants that fit so well, I’m happy that you found them. I’m on a bit of a buying hiatus because I’ve put on a few pounds and since I hit this God awful benchmark it’s not really coming off.
    Love the white T and jeans look, heels are cute too.

  6. Absolutely love your hair! <333 Also, I don't think you're alone in the finding clothes that fit department. Hehe. I know I haven't had much success in finding pants that fit, because I have a small waist and large thighs, so there's always a gap in the back. It f*cking suuuuucks. Haha. So frustrating. This is why I'm so stoked that high waisted shorts and jeans are coming back into style, because those actually fit my body type!

    – Anna

  7. Nice jeans! Your outfits and styling have really helped me. I linked you in my latest post because you really have been inspiring me. I look at my closet differently and actually am starting to see outfits that would work, all because I (ME) I am making it work, not the other way around. Thank u.

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