Identity Issues

It seems a lot of people are gearing up for Halloween but I am not even close to ready.
I wore this to go costume shopping with my girls recently because I didn’t feel like putting a lot of thought into my look.
In hindsight now, I shouldn’t have worn these high-waisted jeans with this fitted sweater because it makes me look like I have a big belly.
Oh well..

Costume shopping was a waste of time.
We were all disappointed at the offerings.
I mean, how many times can you be a dirty nurse?
Or a slutty cop?
The catholic in me, buried under all my sins, won’t allow me to be a nasty nun.
So like, what does that leave me with?
Just being a regular ol’ slut?
Lord knows I have the mouth of one, hey oh!!  *BaDoom Bishhh*

Seriously though, would people get it?
How short would my skirt have to be to pull off this look?
Do sluts still wear fishnets?
Or has that undergone communal acceptance like the word, ‘bitch’ and torn fishnets is now the line?

Would I need props?
Like a big bag that weighs down on my right shoulder with a change of clothes inside?
Or do I just have Jimmy wear a zoot suit with a lot of rhinestone jewelry and walk next to me?

This is gonna be one funky Halloween, I can tell you that.

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56 thoughts on “Identity Issues

  1. I’m digging the touch of purple! So You have an issue being a nun?,,,,Hmmmmm. I think the ripped fishnet look is so overdone as a style that it has lost all of it’s appeal. But what the hell, that’s my opinion. The shoes would be a great start to moon walking though…..

    1. I wish I could.
      But unless those white contacts are prescription, your girl will be walking into traffic.
      I think i’m just going to recycle last years costume and go as Harley Quinn again.
      I did enjoy wearing that bodysuit..

  2. Your hat reminds me of Theodora’s hat in the movie Oz.

    I totally recycle costumes. I put together a pink and gold genie costume one Halloween that I still bust out for special occasions. It is soooo pink and soooo gold and the gold coins on the pink belly dancers pants jingle where ever I go. It’s always fun meeting new people when I am dressed up because I get to say, “Hi, I’m Genie.”

    My other favourite costume is a cute aviator onesie. I also got goggles, hat with flaps and gloves. That onesie had zip, belt and buckles and each visit to the bathroom was a ORDEAL.

    I don’t do slutty costumes. Even though the aviator costume was very short, everyone thinks I look adorable. I must have the body of a toddler.

    1. Ha!!
      I think I know the aviator costume you wore. Was it like a military green color?
      My costume last year was a bodysuit. I was Harley Quinn and I LOVED it!
      Not to mention the suit kept me warm but yes, bathrooms were indeed an ordeal.
      I’m terrible at making home made costume. I don’t have the creative thumb for it so it looks like i’ll be recycling.

  3. What a lovely outfit! Your hat is so pretty! I don’t even think I’m dressing up for Halloween but don’t get me wrong, I love Halloween. I think I’ve just been too busy to even think about it!

  4. That hat is awesome! When it comes to Halloween or costume parties, I like a so-bad-it’s good blatanly obviously home-made job. Like when I went as a spider by stuffing tights with scrunched up newspaper to make the spiders legs.

    1. Yes!!
      I don’t know if you’re familiar with the NBC program, To Catch a Predator but youtube it first if you’re not, then come back to this comment.
      Basically, for Halloween, I dressed up as a little girl and my BF was dressed as Chris Hansen and he whipped out his microphone every time someone hit on me; “Sir…sir…what did you come here for? Hm? Sir? Sir…? You know this is illegal right?”

  5. Dana that hat is very classy, so European in a way. And it shows you have autumn down there like big time haha is it very cold?? I think no matter what you are going to wear it’s gonna look good on you 🙂

  6. Dang – that hat is awesome. Wish there was a way of incorporating *that* into a costume, just so you could wear it more. One year I was super desperate because I procrastinated on my costume, and I made a cute strapless dress made of tinfoil & went as a Chipotle burrito – it actually worked pretty well!

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