Salad Niçoise

You ever wonder what happened to that good, deep, old-school R&B music?
Like why is it acceptable to acknowledge Chris Brown as an R&B singer?
Why is, “I wanna hit that shaaaaaawty” considered R&B?
Why is it fucking considered music?

Here’s how this train of thought started..
Things got a bit carried away Friday night so yesterday when I made this, I was battling a serious hangover.
It took me ALL FUCKING DAY to get over it.
I think that late-night joint of weed did me in.
My friends call me one-puff because that’s literally all it takes.

Woke up at 7am Sat to eat breakfast because my stomach is always on the clock.
Had my Ginger-Granola cereal and went right back to bed.
I think I picked up right where I left off in my dream too.

Woke up again at 11:30 and good GOD that fucking hurt.
*blows out cheeks*

The weekends seem shorter and shorter these days, probably because of the shorter period of daylight.
11:30 was as late as I could afford to sleep, too much shit to do.
So I tossed back the last 2 liquid Ibruprofens, took a shower and got hungry again.
I had to cook.
I wasn’t going to make it through the day otherwise.

There is always music around me, especially when I cook.
Being that I was hungover, I needed something soft(er).
So I browsed Pandora until I got to Jill Scott and gingerly, delicately, settled into cooking.

Which brings me to my initial point.
What happened to real R&B?

I was listening to all the joints. I’m talking about Joe, Kem, Tank, Avant…
Listening to this man sing about how he only has 4 minutes to get his woman back.
Listening to him tell her how she takes his breath away everytime he sees her.
How she isn’t appreciated enough.
How she always knows what to do even when he doesn’t.
And every time she takes too long to get dressed, it’s always worth it.

I’m a child of the 80s. I remember this music.

Him saying, “I’d like to know what makes you cry, so I can be the one who always makes you smile.”
Her saying, “I miss you..”

Him saying, “Have I told you, you still mean the world to me?”
Her saying, “If only you knew how much I love you..”

I was feeling all kinds of sexy making this.
Consequently, I got a big trigger-happy with the pictures but in all fairness, this salad is pretty sexy too.
Disclaimer: I omitted Olives because that’s the one food I can’t stand but this salad in its native form, requires olives.

Since I started my new role, it’s more meetings and less running around.
Money? Yaaaaaay!
Double yay.
Opportunities to be a super star? Plenty.

But to balance all the sitting down, I go for long walks with Don during lunch.
One of my most favorite people at work is this guy, Don.
I always eat my lunch while we walk.
A few days ago, he showed me this trail that he likes to hike.
40 mins into it, I walked into a snake.

Like almost stepped on it.
He was only mildly interested in why I screamed.
That was the end of that hike.
The wilderness is not for me.

Anyway, on Friday, when we walked, he asked why I always bring my lunch.
“Because it’s better than any menu around this fucking place.”
“You think salad is filling enough?”
I wasn’t sure if he was kidding or not so I just kind of narrowed by eyes at him.

“No, haha, I’m just saying! I find salad more of a … I need something more composed, more solid, to be filled. Salad is just sort of…ok I had that, now where’s the real food, you know what I mean?”
I just stared at him.
“Wait, c’mon, you don’t think so? You don’t think salad is just a sort of formality?”
I looked at him as if he’d just told me the moon was made out cheese.

“Exactly what kind of salads do you eat, Don?”
“Hahaha! Well, I mean, I mean..”
“Dude, you wanna know how to love salad? Cram that shit with the things you like.”


Salad Niçoise

What I Used.

1lb Sushi-grade Tuna. 5 Eggs. 2 handfuls Haricot Verts. 2 cups Arugula. 8-9 Heirloom Tomatoes. ½ Red Onion. 4/5 small Potatoes (or 2 large Potatoes). Olive Oil. Dry Sherry. Balsamic Vinegar. Salt. Pepper.

What I Did.

Slice the end off the haricot verts.
Bring 2 separate pots of salted water to boil.
Add the haricot verts to one.
Add the potatoes to the other.
NS20 ingredients_for_Salad_NiçoiseCook the haricot verts in the boiling until crisp but tender. About 5 mins.
Drain and set aside.
Cook the potatoes until they are able to be easily punctured with a fork.
Remove from the water.
NS13Strain and set aside.

Thinly slice the tomatoes.
Thinly slice the onion.
Simple_Salad_Niçoise_recipe how_to_make_Salad_NiçoiseSeason both sides of the tuna with salt & pepper.
rare_tuna_recipe how_to_sear_tuna_rareHeat a dry skillet over med-high flame.
30_min_saladsAdd the tuna to the pan and sear each side for 1 min.
Remove from the pan and set aside to sit for 5 mins.

Bring another pot of water to boil.
Add the eggs.
top_10_salads making_Salad_NiçoiseBoil covered for 10 mins.
Strain and set aside to cool.
When cool enough to touch, peel and cut each eggs into 8 pieces.

Lastly, make the dressing:
easy_Vinaigrette_dressing2 tbsp dry sherry, 2 tbsp balsamic vinegar. 1 tbsp olive oil. Salt. Pepper.

Thinly slice the tuna.
Drizzle the dressing on top and serve.


You know what do..
Salad_Niçoise_for_dummies top_boston_bloggers Salad Niçoise boston_food_bloggers




66 thoughts on “Salad Niçoise

  1. Jesus, don’t get me started…

    R&B? I’m a 60s kid. The soundtrack to my early years came from 45s played on an old mono record player with that striking black Motown label, when it still had the word “Tamla” on it, and the equally iconic blue Stax label…

    Want to start a great fight? Put 50 cooks in a locked room, and tell them they can only come out when they ALL agree on a definitive recipe for Niçoise…. 🙂

  2. De-li-cious! And perfect hangover food. I’m always looking forward to reading your posts Dana! And eating lunch while walking is a great idea, will try that soon 🙂 Have a lovely Sunday.

  3. This sounds delicious. But I am so not a tuna person (don’t hate me!) would you recommend substituting something else or nothing at all?

    You’re legit making me want to make this for dinner tomorrow.

    1. I could never hate you beautiful!
      If you’re a meat person, steak would be a great option.
      If you’re not into red meat, scallops would also work. Anything tender and ‘just cooked’ would be good alternatives.
      Let me know what you end up with!!

  4. So I may attempting to make a similar plate this week! So inspiring. I can’t stand salads, but you my dear inspire me to get more creative with them and have taught me that they don’t have to be boring.

    The pics…. Beautiful! Magazine worthy.

  5. My friends from Nice would probably have a fit if you told them that is a Salade niçoise 😉 But hey, I don’t give a f…, this looks really delicious, whatever you decide to call it! And cooking to the music you love, there’s just nothing better on Earth. Favorite two occupations put together.

  6. Your nicoise is dope.

    As for the current state of so-called R & B, I just hang my head in despair. Yer blog pics are so gorgeous. You are clearly mulit-talented.

  7. Hangover stories are soooooo much funnier when they are not your own! (Not that I would know about hangovers…averts eyes and shuffles feet.) I am such a fan of the ‘composed salads’ especially when it’s gets stinking hot. I have finally convinced the Yak that they are worth eating. (It’s either he grew to like them or he starved.) This pretty baby needs its own photo shoot and a spread in a fancy food mag. Deconstructed Nicoise, oh yeah, come to Mamma. 😁

  8. Never have I ever…..had a Niçoise salad. It will be on my menu for this week though. It looks “hella” good!

    I’m agree. This so called music now has nothing on the old school stuff as my kids like to call it. I’m not THAT old, but I love me some Marvin Gaye, Sam Cook, and Avant…lol especially in the kitchen.

  9. My all-time favourite salad, bar none! But you forgot an important ingredient: the niçoisse olive (hence the name of the salad). I literally LIVED of this salad in Morocco! In Italy they call it Nizzarda! It’s delicious too with Italian tinned tuna (in EVOO).
    I love walking in nature too, except for the bugs, snakes and such. Roughing it to me, is slow room service. (Reader’s Digest, c 1987).

  10. I like how you’re trying to explain yourself by saying ” things got a bit carried away…” sounds so moderate and still self-controlled 😀 these trainings are good for you, you know 😉

  11. That is one sexy salad.

    I forget that I love salads and then I go and make a salad, cramming it with sexy stuff like boiled eggs, smoked salmon, smoked cheese OMG. Then I eat it so fast, stuffing my cheeks because it’s so good I can’t bear not to eat it at lightning speed.

    I used to dislike olives, but then I didn’t mind them and now I love them. Do you dislike capers in the same way?

    I have friends that don’t like olives, they leave them on the side of their plate and swoop in and gobble them up like a screaming seagull.

    1. Bwaaak! Bwaaak!!
      I don’t like capers much either, but I can deal with them if I have to.
      Olives, absolutely not. There is no need for something to taste the way olives taste.

      1. lol. But they are punchy morsels of flavour!

        Black olives are the mildest olives so if you ever decide to give it another whirl, I’d start there. Stay away from green or purple. They’re for fans only.

  12. Ok, let me just say, YOUR Salad Niçoise looks amazing no matter what Don might think, but your story is even better 🙂

    Whenever I read your post, I felt as if I read my friend’s diary (with her permission, of course), and it was always so much fun 🙂

  13. Salad nicoise is one of my favorite salads of all time! Your story telling is hil-arious as always and I agree, stuff a salad chock full with things you like to eat and you’ve got yourself a meal. 👍👍

  14. How can you be so great at snapping these pictures in their glory and in perfect light and be a great cook at the same time…Love seeing your recipe posts…I have yet to try the avocado recipe from your previous entry

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