Socks & Shoes

top_black_boston_bloggersI’ve been eyeing the socks & heels trend out of the corner of my eye for a while now with a mixture of interest and suspicion.
Stroking my chin with my left hand going, exactly how does this wooork?”

It’s definitely an odd thing, wearing socks with heels, but once they were on, it only felt weird for about 6 minutes.
After that, I felt insanely awesome.

The kicker of it all?
I got compliments everywhere I went.

Looks like I’m on the socks & heels train, folks.
Choo fucking chooo.
Do trains still make that sound or do they just blare away like cruise ships? Black_boston_bloggers Boston_style_bloggers how_to_wear_heels_with_socks

96 thoughts on “Socks & Shoes

  1. Hahaha while you knocked this one out of the park I still feel it’s a look that seems so hit or miss. Someone should outline some guidelines on how to best pull this look off – next blog post, maybe?

  2. Will you please dress me? I’m helpless. You saw my flowchart. Which I need to reply to, crap. Anyway, please be my personal fashion consultant. I’ll trade you pie for it? 😀

    1. Hahaha!
      I’m sorry.
      I don’t mean to laugh at such a traumatic incident but those boys can MOVE!!!
      You see them leaping around like that in those heels!!??
      I can’t move like them, not in these shoes, but when i put my clubbing shoes on, I can get up there with the best of them 😀

      1. i got it, that’s the wonder of woman,
        we like the perfect opposite, but still we lovin and after yall girl, lol
        honestly, it would be nicer for my eyes if you remove the sock,
        you seems had a nice curve, why you seems hide that asset with that loose white blues???(i din’t know what that is actually)

  3. I think it works on you. You’ve got gorgeous gams, and because the shoes are heels, there’s no “little girl in Mary Janes on her way to church” vibe.

    Part of why I think it works?
    1. You own your look with pride and ferocity, it’s all over your body language
    2. The socks don’t a lacy trim a la an 80’s ZZ Top video.

    I bet it makes the strappy shoes crazy comfortable, too.


    1. Why thank you CeCeb 🙂
      I’m really loving the breakdown of your feedback and I hadn’t thought about it, but yes – if your shoes were previously uncomfortable, these puppies would rectify that real quick 😀

  4. Socks and heels are perfect together- I always thought so anyway. If you look at all the big fashion houses they always have it in their collections girl, so don’t think twice!!

  5. I’m still too chicken to try this trend, but you got it down pat! Also, I’m guessing that socks make it a little more comfortable to wear heels… With the extra padding and all. 😁

  6. You make this work Ms Cake. The soft muted skirt and socks with the pop of white and mad shoes. Your fab legs help too, ya big spunk. 😁 (An Aussie way of saying you are ‘a bit of all right.’) A much better look than my Polish stepfather with his socks and sandals.

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