Nickle & Diming

Except these pretty awesome loafers, this outfit isn’t anything special.
I was too lazy to change into something exciting when I was running errands last week, so let’s talk about the weekend instead.
Did you have a good Halloween? Did you dress up or did you half-ass it?
Did you hand out candy or were you busy getting ready for the party?

A couple years ago, I was at my friend Jenny’s house.
She lives in a real house, not an apartment building like me where all the Halloween excitement is had indoors.
Her neighborhood has tons of kids so I always bring the full sized candy bars too because I like to be one of those houses.

Anyway, a couple years ago, we were handing out candy and towards the end, this one guy who came up with this crowd of kids, tried to reach into my bucket for candy.
Like he was entitled to it.

I was like “Really?”
He goes, “Yes.”
The kids were already at the next house but he just kept holding his hand out.
I didn’t know what to fucking do.
I choked in the moment and just handed him some candy.

Looking back at it, I should have been like, “Get the fuck outta here! What are you supposed to be? A parent? That’s what you are. Candy is for costumes, stop trying to deplete my fucking inventory.”

Maybe next year, I’ll have a basket for parents.
Fill it with like pumpkin bread or something.

So how was your weekend?
What was the best costume you saw?
For me, it was this guy.
Blurry but this guy was like 7’ 3” and basically made his tree costume from scratch.
It was amazing but he had to have been hot as hell in that.
I wonder if he had a pee bag. I never saw him leave to go to the restroom.
IVC_6080_1 IVC_6059_1 IVC_6073_1

39 thoughts on “Nickle & Diming

  1. I threw on a hat and trench which without trying made me look like Freddy Kruger so I guess I dressed up!?! Then little kids threw our candy all over our front porch because apparently the top ones too many people touched. Thank goodness halloween is over.

    Side note: ummm, you’re crazy, because I love this outfit and am thieving your loaferes!

    xx Cara

  2. I love the tree costume and I like your zippy shorts.

    On Friday, I went to a house party in my genie costume and got way too drunk. Spent Saturday morning throwing up but had to pull my shit together because I had a driving lesson in the afternoon. Hopefully I didn’t smell like booze or vomit. A car can feel like a very small…

      1. Oh, since I’ve cut down on drinking I’ve had bad hangovers every time I drink. But the choice (and quantity) of drink would have also affected it. I started the afternoon drinking red wine, then moved to spiced rum and then agavera.

        Also the meds I’m taking could already be straining my liver. BUT it’s my birthday week next week so I’m not quitting now. Maybe just easing up a little though.

  3. We were in Chicago on Halloween and it was teaming rain/snow all night. We were going to check out the parks because the city made a big deal of them but we both forgot umbrellas so we wimped out and turned in.
    In previous years we had the young ones early and by the time the non-costumed teens showed up I had handed out all the candy! Damn teens.

  4. Beautiful loafers. And though you’re right – your outfit is indeed very simple – it also terrific girl! I love those simple outfits that stand out for the best reasons. You nailed it 😍😘 also, I always love to read your stories Dana!

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