Minimally Invasive

Boston_fashion_bloggersThese are a couple quick picture I took on my way to the airport last weekend.
My grandpa just turned the big 9-0 so family from everywhere flew out to celebrate with him.
All his WW II veteran buddies, all his old neighbors, people that used to babysit my mom…everybody came out.
And I’m not gonna lie, ol billy-badass over here got a little teary.

I didn’t exactly sob but my lower lip was quivering uncontrollably for a moment there.
I kept sucking it in and out like a 3 year old.

Anyway if you recall last weekend was Halloween so excuse the stank face –  I had to be up early to catch my flight.

black_boston_bloggers dana fashina style

90 thoughts on “Minimally Invasive

    1. You said it!
      Him and all his cronies told some of the wildfest stories, i loved it!
      Then then progressed to how much of a fox they were and “women…why they would just hang off my arm, begging me to take them home..”
      I said, “Oook. Time for me to push on out”

  1. SO HOT and Happy Birthday to your pops! 90- wow what a milestone! M grandfather fought in WWII as well and he passed last January. They don’t make men like the men of our grandfather’s generation anymore, they were as tough as tough can be. I miss him all the time. Happy weekend! xx

    1. Thank you Amy!
      Yes, my grandpa is one helluva man and I’m sure your was too 😃
      They were from the good days.
      Back when courting a woman was the only way to go.
      Have a great weekend too hot stuff 💜💜

  2. That’s so awesome for your grandpa. Wow 90!! That’ll be unforgettable for sure. I have so much respect for anyone that cares to make it that far in life. It may be a simple thing, but how many headaches, job changes, annoying people, drama, and everything else we may complain about has he dealt with?

    And I would be grumpy on an early flight too! Lol but thankfully your travel was safe.

  3. Black on black on black 2b exactly. Good look! Aside from you killer ensembles and “and wut” poses, I am equally interested in the camera and lens u use. The clarity and sharpness is in there. Is that info G-14 classified?

    1. Nah, it ain’t classified.
      I have a Nikon d7000 and used a f1.8 50mm prime lens for this shot.
      For the shot i just posted with the red background, that was with both the 50 and a f1.8 35mm prime lens
      and I play with clarity during editing.

      1. Ahhhh … well that explains it. That is the Queen B of Nikon APS-Cs and TBT, the 50 f1/8 (I have the Canon version) is as good as most of my “L” lenses. Thnx for sharing.

      2. Hmmmmm… not strikingly. I am more partial to the clarity in the black on black pic but that may be because there was just a lot more going on in those shots from a composition stand point. There was a more defined light source, more venues to accentuate shadowing, varying background points of focus allowing for DOF/bokeh play. Also I found the focal length more complimentary. All that said, the recent pics are very nice as well. My fav, the one where you framed the pic with you on the far right third (as viewed ). The bright rust colored wall leads the viewer right to you and your gaze sends them right back….NICE! But um a novice at best ……

  4. This outfit tho! U look gorg gurl! A new follower here! Hope you hop on to my blog, i just stareted it. I posted my firast post, of my first ever COVER as a androgynous model lol. Anyways, u look amazing, and love the boots.

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