The Better the Weather

Black_boston_fashion_bloggersThis is a sweater believe it or not and I’m fucking crazy about it.

I bought it from H&M (I’m so predictable, aren’t I) because it was cute and I planned to wear it exactly as I am now, as a sweater dress.
Except when I was running around shopping and buying ingredients for my Apple Pie, everybody kept saying “Oh, I love your coat!”
So then I started thinking; I suppose in the cooler months, I could also wear it as an outer layer.
Just wear a bunch of shit under it to bulk up and keep warm.

So now I have to hit the thrift store and pick up 40 more sweaters like this (12 more to be exact) and I’ll be set for winter.
And when the weather starts to get cold, no biggie.
I’ll just slip on some warm leggings under it.

But as long as the weather keeps cooperating like this, those leggings are staying buried.
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93 thoughts on “The Better the Weather

  1. I had no idea that the pie challenge would influence you in terms of fashion! You could make a bin liner look sexy, I have to say (without saying anything about the jumper – I love the oversize look)!

      1. Whoa there! Next you will be saying I love Nickleback and Barbie dolls!! (I will categorically state that I do not own a ZZ top album and never did….I am merely sadly old enough to remember that song.) As for Titanic (hands planted firmly on hips and smurf like feet stomps ground), I stick to what I said. 😁

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