Tuna Salad

Tuna_SaladCan I just say how good people over the age of 50 are looking these days?
Taking care of themselves.
Eating good, working out, you’ve heard this before.

They’re doing everything right.
I’ve got to know what their trick is.

When 3 days of working out is negated by three days of bad eating, it’s like I’ve never done a push up in my life.

And I hate to bring this up because the holiday season is coming.
Shoo be doo be dooooo
That’s right.
We’re beginning our initial descent into the holiday season.
So here’s the deal.

You know you’re going to eat like an absolute fucking pig on Thanksgiving.
For the non-North Americans, that’s the mothership of holidays for us Americans.

It’s when the everybody who’s anybody in the family crowds around a table of some sort and stuffs their face until they look like Santy Claus.
Minus the rosy cheeks.
Actually if you’re a drinker you might just have the red cheeks going on so scratch what I just said.
My point is, you’re going to eat, like never before.

And then what?
Then comes December.
And you know you’re going to eat like an absolute fucking animal in December.
You know it’s coming.

So here’s what I’m telling myself, here’s the deal.

Why don’t you get in great shape right before, and just say,
“Listen, I know I’m going to go off the rails on Thanksgiving, but Friday, I’m gonna get right back on track.”

Saturday you’re probably going to have a turkey sandwich, with like a little bit of stuffing in there and maybe some spiked eggnog (if you can handle it).
But Sunday, you gotta have a giant salad.

Go easy.
Because here comes the holiday parties.
You’re going into December.
And you’ve got to go into these parties with a game plan. 

Because who’s kidding who, if you eat the way you eat on Thanksgiving, you’ll start feeling like a tub of shit and on some level, you won’t love yourself as much anymore.
So go in with a game plan.

Go in to that party and just, just silently compete with the other people there.
As you’re watching other people shoveling that shit down their throat, just know you’re going to win this game.
You’re not going to come up with a loss on this one.

Take a couple parties off.
Drink water.
Just drink water, watch other people. 

And you’ll hear people going,
“Oh my God, I have to stop.”
“Oh my Gaaad, I seriously, have to stop!”
They can’t fucking stop.
And it’s a situation you don’t want to be in.

So go to the bar, like a lady and order water.
Throw some juice in there if you get weak in the knees but stick to water and just watch your friends.
Watch your friends basically roofie themselves.

Watch them say dumb shit that they’re going to have to apologize for the next day.
Watch them act like absolute morons.
And just know that you’re going to walk out of there, squeaky, fucking clean.

But then you pick ONE.
You pick one party and you get absolutely fucking obliterated.

And the one you want, is the one where your boss isn’t there.
The one where that skank you want to strangle…you know the one who laughs a little too loudly?
Yeah, she’s not there either.
All the fucking temptations are gone.
It’s just you and the booze.

Staring each other down like one of those fucking UFC posters.
UFC 2014: The Obliteration. 
Whatever the fuck number there at, they’re out of fucking adjectives.

But then Sunday..
Sunday you clean up like the classy broad you are.

And eat this salad.


Tuna Salad.

What I Used.

1lb Fresh Sushi-grade Tuna. 1 cup Bibb Lettuce. 1 cup green Peas. ½ cup Diced Scallions. 1 cup roughly Chopped Cilantro. Olive Oil. Salt. Pepper.

What I Did.

simplest_Tuna_salad_everSeason the Tuna, both sides, with salt & pepper.
Let it rest a min.

Bring a small pot of water to boil.
Add in the green peas.
tuna_salad_for_dummiesCook on med high heat, uncovered, for 3 mins.
Set aside.

Heat a large, dry saute pan over a high flame.
Add the tuna.
Sear the side down for 1 min.
Reduce the flame to med.
Sear the other side for 1 min.
Remove from heat.
Set aside to rest for a few mins.

In a large bowl, add all the veggies, including the peas.
Lightly drizzle olive oil over it.
5_min_salad_recipesfresh_tuna_SaladSeason with salt & pepper.
Mix well.

Thinly slide the Tuna.
Serve alongside the salad.
Delicious_salads Tuna_Salad quick_salad_recipes super_healthy_salads

52 thoughts on “Tuna Salad

  1. I don’t think there’s anything you’ve posted that I wouldn’t eat. LOL. #Yummy Yes, people in there 50’s are looking so good (for the most part). It inspires me to take care of my body (30+). Great post!

  2. Yup, here it comes. A little something something from one of those 50 year olds, that is also a Certified Personal Trainer. Oh, and I will say right here and now that those legs…, just keep up the calf raises Dana. Back to topic. Definitely go in to the holiday season with a game plan. Water is a great asset, especially if the boss is there and you’ve been waiting all year to just enlighten him or her about whatever it is that you think should be done differently. Use the salad or hors d’oeuvre plate and stick to smaller samplings. Hit the veggies and back off the creamy dressings and dips. Don’t sit down and eat, don’t stand next to the table and eat, don’t hang with somebody that hits the table more times than a discount shoe rack, you still listening to me…? And let that skank hit the booze and the food more times than you, somebody else will notice. If there is pumpkin cheesecake or anything else that probably has more calories than a Whopper, be a nice lady and offer a fat piece to her. Then snicker to yourself as you politely walk away. Start going to the gym or walking or whatever your choice of exercise is, before the scale starts groaning when you reluctantly get on it after you’ve unclipped the feed bag, and look at your droopy eyes the day after all of this occurred. And Dana, that is some gorgeous tuna. Bob

    1. Hahahahaha!!
      I got side tracked when you mentioned shoerack but you refocused me when we started talking about that skank.
      I hate that bitch..I’ll be by the door handing out pies as she leaves.
      Absolutely WONDERFUL comment Bob.
      Top 5 right here.
      Thank you!!

      1. LOL! Too funny! I knew you would be like a kitten with a piece of ribbon at that point Dana. I’m sure this could go back and forth for days and then it will come back up like a bad case of acne next November. Poor skank. But now you have to thank her, not in person mind you, for giving us one helluva good laugh at her expense. Thanks for keeping it real Dana.

  3. Why is it that with every damn post you make, I run my greedy ass to the kitchen to see if I have the ingredients on hand😆 I don’t have have the willpower to just watch, I think I’ll having this salad quite a few times over the next couple of weeks.

      1. Ha ha – by that time my Zimmer frame will block out my face 😉 unfortunately the layers of lard will still be visible. I might try a push up now. Or another mince pie. Hmmm.

  4. Wonderful post Dana and very good advice! It’s exactly what I do. I’m in my 40s and look after myself pretty well. My body just doesn’t recover from the kind of punishment I gave it in my 20s and 30s. Kids and sleep deprivation over yeeeaaaarrrs help too!

  5. Just wanted to post quickly to say that seeing your delicious tuna salad gave me the idea for my supper tonight – and whilst it doesn’t look as delicious as yours, I’m sure you’d doubtless approve!

    Full recipe for today’s tea on my blog – please enjoy! Syn free if you omit the horseradish and something completely new…


  6. I loooved reading this article. You are right about the older generation looking better and better- JLo is in her mid 40s, Sharon Stone is pushing 60-and yes they have a killer team, a botox here and there but there is only so much you can fake. I am in Naij at the moment and Crimbo is no joke, all the expats come back and there is a battle amongst the Missus on who has the best clothes and tightest bodies. I dont get involved in all that jazz coz I am too old to care, buuuut i dont want to be the fattest kid in the village either! I normally live in Berlin but now I’m in the motherland I’m tryn to eradicate the carbs (apart from wkends, hey I’m human) and trying to eat more stuff from the green family…i am not exercising as much as I should but i’m trying…tsigh..

    1. Hahaha!
      I love it!
      At the end of the day, folks are going to do what makes them feel happy/content so no judgement here 🙂
      *as I eat a Kitkat* 😀
      And thank you for stopping by my blog!!

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