Chicken Pot Pie

Chicken Pot PieChicken Pot Pie is awesome.
No punchline to this, Chicken Pot Pie is just fucking awesome.

Not only is it the best comfort food ever...
It’s a dope alternative to boring ass grilled chicken.

It feeds the whole family, everybody loves Chicken Pot Pie.
It’s the perfect solution for leftover meat (see: Thanksgiving).
Shit, Chicken Pot Pie leftovers are wonderful in and of themselves, for at least a week…
Any way you put it, it’s a fucking team player.

That’s why, for like the past 2 weeks, I’ve had Chicken Pot Pie on the brain.

Telling everybody I was going to make me some Chicken. Pot. Pie.
I made sure to say that last part with a southern accent; pah
Let it be known… this shit is about to go down.
Alright, you get it.
I’ve made my point, now I’m just going nowhere.

That’s why I admire writers, you know?

Like, real writers.
I like to think I’m a writer but who’s kidding who.
I’m not a fucking writer.

People use that title too easily.
It’s like being a Lion Tamer.
You can never really tame a lion.
You just had a good day.
You’re on a good run.
But you know what’s going to happen eventually.

One of these days, Johnny BagOfDonuts over there is going to forget to lock the gate.
And then that’s it.
Your winning streak is fucking over.
This thing is like, pulling your neck out.

Real writers though…
Their shit is like fucking art.

It is an art to build a virtual environment from words.
Translate a feeling.
Communicate an emotion.
I can’t do any of the above.

Not like you’re wondering but here are some bloggers who’s writing I looooove: Tana,  Suzanne, Sanj and GirlSeule 
These marvelous writers humbly call themselves bloggers.
Some of them know I’m a groupie, others don’t know I lay up late at night..
Looking at their blogs.
Lights off.

Back to this magnificent Chicken Pot Pie.
Do it.

Because remember Thanksgiving is around the corner, right?
And you can make it even leaner and healthier by omitting the potatoes and just packing it with protein and veggies.

But now you’re going wait a min – Chicken Pot Pie is comfort food.
And you’re absolutely fucking  right.
Forget what I just said about leaning it out.
Overlook that for one day so you can make this.

I was going to have a whole apple pie as dessert on Thanksgiving but now I’m pretty sure I’ll make this the next day.

Seroiusly though, if you eventually choose to make this, try and cook the corn the way I did here.
And keep in mind this recipe makes a lot.
I’m talking at least 6 servings.

I thought I could do it but after having 3 of these blue ramekins, I had to put my hands up like,”I’m out.”
I’m all carbed out.
I brought the rest into work because luckily Don is also a Chicken Pot Pie fan.
And no – I am not fooling around with Don alright, stop asking me that.


Chicken Pot Pie

What I Used:

3 cups Coconut Milk/Heavy Whipping Cream. 8- med assorted potatoes. 2 cups Pre-cooked Chicken. A Large Handful Wild Carrots. 1 Yellow Onion (diced). ½ cup All Purpose Flour. 1+ cup Chicken Broth. 1 Puff Pastry Sheet. 1½ cups Cooked Corn. 2 tbsp Butter. Salt. Pepper. Crushed Red Pepper.

What I Did

Again, this is with pre-cooked chicken…

Roughly chop the chicken.
Peel and chop your veggies.

IVC_6802_2chicken_pot_pie recipe

Turn the oven to 375F.
Melt  2tbsp butter and add the onions.
Saute until the onions turn translucent.
Then add in the 1/2 cup flour.
Stir until the flour starts to lightly brown.
ivegotcake.comWhen that happens, slowly pour in the chicken broth.
Stirring as you go so that it creates a thick yet creamy, gravy.
Add more broth as food bloggers

Add in the potatoes, carrots and milk/cream.

chicken pot pie for dummies
IVC_6845_1The milk/cream should nearly cover the veggies.
Season to taste with salt, pepper & crushed red pepper.
Then raise to stir, every so often to scrape bits that stick .
If the veggies start to really stick to the bottom of the pan, add more broth.
Cook in this manner until the potatoes and carrots are cooked then remove from heat.

Stir in the corn and chicken.
how_to_make_chicken_pot_pie dana_fashina_food_bloggerCheck seasoning.
Grab a few ramekins.
Spoon mixture into ramekins.

Careful with the pastry sheets.
Lay a sheet out and using a fairly precise knife..
Cut the pastry sheet about 1in greater than the true size of the ramekin.

Lay a sheet on top of each dish.
Careful to tuck in the sides.
IVC_6945_1 IVC_6965_1 IVC_6975_1Place in oven and cook until pastry has puffed up and/or is golden brown.
Remove from oven and set aside to rest for at least 5 mins.
Do what you can.
Chicken Pot Pie top 10 black food bloggers


56 thoughts on “Chicken Pot Pie

  1. Gorgeous. Love your slightly ominous looking scalpel set. What else do you do with those?

    New Zealanders are obsessed with meat pies. You say “pie” around here, it means pastry filled with meat. I’m always intrigued that these chicken pot pies don’t have pastry underneath, just on top. That’s cool, you probably don’t need all that pastry anyway, though pastry casing makes the whole meal way more portable. Because y’know, we like adventure sports* and hobbits need to eat on the run.

    *huge generalization here.

  2. Awwww, look how you tucked those wee pot pies in, all good and proper. You and Don will make wonderful parents one day. 😁 I am coveting those blue ramekins and these look sensational, would be fabulous for my munchkins. I love your writing, you speak in your ‘own voice’ and it cracks me up. (I get your point about lion taming and writing, I also know you weren’t looking for compliments but I am throwing my two cents in anyhoo…)

  3. Oh yuuum, that looks good! I’ve never had chicken pot pie before, it’s not really a thing here (as Genie said, we’re more of a mince and cheese pie nation) so I will have to try this someday.

  4. Oh my gosh thank you for those kind things you said. I met a guy recently and I think this might be the one. By ‘the one’ I mean this chicken pot pie looks fucking awesome and I think this meal might be the one I cook up for him when I see him next time. I will let you know how it goes.

  5. I loooove me some chicken pie! I’ve tried to like this post several times now but my computer is having a tantrum. 😦 Just ignore it if you’ve received about 4 likes from me!

  6. They look amazing, especially your vegetables! (good to see that you get IKEA in the States ;-))
    I know how you feel about the writing bit – some people really put you to shame. You, for example.
    Have a good one,
    Ginger x

  7. Build a virtual environment from words – “Fcuk” (PG rating ban for me) a virtual environment created instantly where I would often like to venture!

    Translate a feeling – “fcuking” (that’s a feeling in itself )

    Communicate an emotion – “fcuked” (expressions,communication, and emotions galore)

    And Dana doesn’t call herself a writer???? WTF!!!

    Aww and thx heaps for the mention sweety *hugs* 😘and you’re definately all of the above! 😉

  8. I think you’re selling yourself a little short there. You are one hell of a conveyer of a stories and emotions through funny assed expletives! Just keep that shit up y’hear 🙂
    Oh, and what kind of Hanibal Lecter shit have you got going on with those tricking scalpels??

  9. This looks spectacular, Dana!

    I’ve never had chicken pot pie before but had a mild obsession with it in my early teens – I had a crush on the lead in a TV show (Time Trax) and it was his favourite food. Don’t look up the show and discover how lame I am ☺️

    Love the colours in your photos!

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