You Could Be My Baby

ivegotcake blogI had to go to the optometrist last weekend to get a new prescription and pick up new glasses.
The good news is that my prescription hasn’t changed so my eyes aren’t getting worse, the bad news was how much those new glasses cost.
2 for 1 my ass.

There’s a reason that 1st frame is $400.
And by the time you include sun-reflection, scratch-protection and ‘insurance’, you’re at $600.
Next time, I’m going to come in with my own frame so I only have to pay for the lenses.
Those fucking weasels.

On the way home, I came across a side of this rundown building and was compelled to take a few quick pics.
It just looked so dark and forlorn, I half expected to see a crackhead come out and chase me away.

These shoes are from  Asos and even though they’re not exactly what I thought they would be (they’re a bit grungy), I like the contrast of them against this lace skirt.
I guess deep down there’s a little grunge inside me.
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75 thoughts on “You Could Be My Baby

  1. Love the look actually and the scene behind is so nice. Have a great weekend baby. You are lucky you have a photographer handy. Always bring in your frames or reuse the ones you have before. I bought a Dolce and Gabanna one 5 years ago, I just get new lens when I am due…haha. It is timeless though, that one. Have a lovely weekend.

  2. I hear ya, sista. There are four in my family of five with prescription glasses. Sun reflection, computer screen reflection, transitional, anti-scratch. By the time we’re done, I need to go sell a body part. Oy.

      1. You might want to try to sell your eyes – might save you a few dollars in the long run 😉 Personally I can’t complain: I am only a few steps away from being provided with a guide dog. Therefore I happily fork out the equivalent of a small car, counting myself lucky to have escaped a life of asthma and anti-flea treatments … until the next eye-test.

      2. Organ donation, yup, that’s an option.
        Getting a guide dog isn’t a bad idea either…
        Now how would one go about doing that, selling eyes that is?
        Do I need to find an underground alley and look for a guy named Q?
        Q who Ginger, Q whooooooo?

  3. I wear glasses too and what I do is pick out awesome sun glasses from like sun glass hut and bring them in to add just the lens. They can’t argue with me and now I have really original glasses with money in my pocket. Lol

  4. Go ahead girl! Awesome photos. Blue is your color! The frames for eye glasses are marked up over 300% I know, my ex-father-in-law used to sell them at one time. It is so ridiculous!! My eyesight has not changed in many years. I still haven’t gotten up the nerve to get new glasses. Thank God for contacts!!

  5. I got kicked out of the eyeglass place because I fell for one of those deals and when they gave me the price I unknowingly screamed “F**K” in front of a 12 year old… whoops! But really all I have is astigmatism so it’s impossible to drive at night my glasses shouldn’t cost more than those shoes I was eyeing;) Side note: Warby Parkers frames are actually amazing looking, great quality, and pretty cheap!

    Another side note: I am stealing this skirt from you!

    xx Cara

  6. Oh my gosh! You crack head comment had me laughing hard. You made my day with that one. LOL. Love the look and the building! The price for the glasses…that’s a bit much! I share your concern on that one.

  7. Wolf whistle on the juxtaposition (ohhh, fancy word) of the lace and boots. 😙 The Yak was recently stung by a ‘second pair of glasses half price deal’. Bargain, not!! 😣

  8. I feel you on the expensive glasses! Get this: I got all excited about ordering some Warby Parkers online, but was shocked and appalled that they can’t handle prescriptions over 6.00! And guess who is over 6.00? This girl right here.

  9. Yup, those glasses bills can really pile up. I am really short sighted so my lens/glasses are always more expensive. Having said that, next yr my plan is to buy my first ‘Biki’ glasses, i.e glasses that truly reflect my personality. All along, I’ve kept it tame with black and tortoise shell rims, but now I want a frames that really pop and go out of my comfort zone. And back to you- I love the combination of the ultra delicate lace skirt with the patent and chunky footwear!!

  10. I think others have left similar comments, but you should consider getting a pair of glasses from Warby Parker next time. I just recently got a pair and I’m obsessed. $95 ($103 with tax). Totally affordable, and the styles they offer are trendy. Plus, they do some great humanitarian work, much like Toms, with a portion of the money from each pair that’s purchased.

  11. I used to always get cheap glasses but last time I splashed out and got some Calvin Kleins for $400. These fancy pants glasses have broken 3 times since I got them (the arm keeps falling off), all under warranty so they were fixed for free. But now the warranty has run out. The thing that really pissed me off though was at this fancy place, they have bad service. They have never, ever asked me to put my glasses on to make sure they fit. They just hand over the glasses and send me on my way.

    I think next time I’m going just going to get new glasses at SpecSavers.

    At least at SpecSavers, they book you in with a pro as part of their service and they get you properly fitted. I have a little snout, this affects my glasses. I got sunglasses from SpecSavers and they measured my face before my glasses were made and afterwards I got a fitting to make sure they fit me 100%. This was the first time I ever bought prescription sunnies so it was good to have a pleasant experience.

    1. Wow,
      I’ve never heard of buying prescriptive glasses where a fitting wasn’t part of the process.
      Over here, you don’t even have to buy your glasses from that store, you can just walk into Lenscrafters or something and ask them to refit you.
      That’s just part of their customer service.
      Good move, going for SpecSavers.

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