Gender Bender

menswear style
I feel the menswear appeal creeping up on me.
Sneaking into my closet under the guise of oversized sweaters, collared shirts and tailored pants.

These are actually sweatpants though because there’s a drawstring under this shirt that I picked up at the thrift shop.
I have been on a mens shirt rampage lately thanks to thrift shops.
They’re the perfect breeding ground for this new obsession of mine.
The addition of heels serve as a reminder for me to stand up straight and act like a lady.

Oh and don’t hate me for still wearing open-toe shoes, it was almost 70 deg out Monday and humid.
Others just cranked their ACs.
And now naturally we’re expecting a snowstorm today.
Boston is supposed to get 2in but north of Boston is going to get shit on which means my commute is going to suuuuck.
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68 thoughts on “Gender Bender

      1. Fortunately, not everyday but a couple times a week. Thank God I don’t have to go in at all this week. So far driving home at night has been my only complaint with the commute. They have 1-2 lanes closed off on 93 for “roadwork” but yet they’re only work on a small section of the highway.

      2. Uh, uh, Somerville is pretty much in the city, I guess they call it metro Boston.
        So my commute is always out of the city, against traffic.
        Somerville to Danvers. 35 mins but going home today is going to be Armageddon.

      3. Really? I always thought it was just outside of the city. I used to hate going into Boston but now it’s kind of grown off on me so I’m still getting a feel for it clearly. I’m assuming you’ll take 95 and hop on 93 right? 95 is usually hell and as soon as you add some snow to the equation, forget about it. Armageddon for sure!

      4. I do live further so I hate it! Damn, three shitty routes! You found me remember? You had liked my Potluck Luncheon post yesterday so I checked out your page/posts and liked what I saw so I followed. Ironically, you just happened to be only a few miles from me 🙂

  1. You’re nuts, in the complimentary sense of the accusation. Let’s face it, you could carry off anything — so why not some comfortable shoes??? 😉

    My feet hurt and my inner ears wobble just looking at that first picture ;p

  2. Super cute ‘Boy meets girl who meets a digger look’. (I am the mum of two wee boys and I still take note of excavation equipment and shout ‘Look, a digger!’ Sadly, it is usually just me in the car…)

      1. Guffaw….I thought you had experienced a religious visitation in the middle of night and you were smote by the power of the some big dude or dudette upstairs and told ‘thou shalt not swear Ms Cake’. I am much relieved that is not the case. 😁

  3. You smashed this look. Girl I can’t be mad at you for wearing open sandals. Some shoes are just too good to be put away in the winter. Love the look.
    Boston? And why did I get the impression you were London based?? :/


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