What We Doin’


Sometimes, sometimes, man some-times,
You have that moment of weakness and just pig out.

That was me on Thanksgiving as I figured it might be.
So I (wisely) wore this overized maxi dress to hide my impending budda belly and boy was it something.
I woke up the next day like what the fuck did I do.
But on that day, life was just too good.

I woke from food coma to snap these pictures because for once, the city was quiet.

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95 thoughts on “What We Doin’

  1. You ain’t the only one sister! It looks like you survived pretty well. You are obviously pleased with yourself by the looks of that smile. Get back on track and prepare for the next time Dana. I’m right there with you. We made our choices, new what was coming, now it’s time to move on. Leg lifts, crunches, healthy eating, take the stairs……Bob

  2. Cool outfit – the maxi dress is sheer genius! You could even hid the turkey in it, should you fancy a snack later on 🙂 Obviously I would never ever do this, but still …

  3. I often wear a dress if I know I’m going to be eating. I’ve also got onesies and stretchy high waisted harem type pants that would be good for competition eating training. I will not wear my skinny jeans if I know I’m eating. Although I have worn skinnies once or twice when I didn’t want to pig out.

  4. Pink, grey, white, black, a cool filter…what’s better?! This is gorgeous! You are gorgeous!
    Did you make anything special for the Thanksgiving feast?!

    1. Thank you ma’am!!
      I’m into filters lately… 😀
      I did the turkey so and got that work out of the way a couple days ahead so I could sit back and fan myself.
      What did you make?

  5. I love the juxtaposition of hard and soft so really like the contrast of textures and colours here! Great that you were so productive first thing in the morning, that’s when I’m at my most positive and creative! Ps love the strategic thinking of wearing the maxi when you knew you’d pig out! haha!

  6. Never gonna say you don’t have great gams, but this long dress *WORKS*. I think it’s the first one I’ve seen you in since we crossed blogs, mind you! And the color goes amazing with the jacket!

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