Yep, still into the midi-oversized top trend.
It is ridiculously feminine and I’m steadily loving it.

That said, I wish I could show you how sexy this Topshop leather & lace dress is without the sweater but it was way too windy on this day to be playing those games.
Not necessarily cold, but super windy.
If Chicago is the supposed to be the Windy City, that’s because that shit blew in from Boston.
Like I had to sit down at some point, the wind was blowing that hard.

The initial intention was not to wear all black, but you know how some things just sorta happen and suddenly you’re like, “Oh! Oh yes, this could work.”
Plus, it gave me a chance to break out these dope NastyGal shoes.
I cannot wait until summer!
Me and these shoes are gonna be like THIS (crosses fingers tightly).
how_to_wear_all_black_in_the_winter topshop_lace_dresses Topshop_winter_trends nasty_gal_shoes Style_Midi_winter_trends


50 thoughts on “Whiplash

  1. Seriously you just made my lists of closets I’d love to rob haha gorgeous as always… As promised there is a treat for my sensitive skinned ladies on the blog today 🙂

  2. This outfit is gorgeous! I’d really love to see that Topshop dress. Very sexy shoes.
    We were belted with about 30 cm (12″) of snow today in about 20 hours! Brutal. Summer seems like an eternity away. So About that wind…

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