Company Whites

Why isn’t there a day between Saturday and Sunday??

The holiday parties have finally come.
Company parties.
HusbandsΒ and wives.

I’m not sayin’, but I’m just sayin’.

When I first selected this Topshop dress, I thought I bought it in pure white.
But when it came in, I noticed there were many, many, gentle white sparkles all over it.


ButΒ then I thought, ‘…company party?’
Company Party.

Boston bloggers


89 thoughts on “Company Whites

  1. Ooh, love this look because it is so CLASSIC and that’s definitely what you want when there might be pictures taken that are saved for years later. I also really like the contrast in these photos between you and the location. Looks bad ass!

  2. That’s the thing with online shopping. It can be a bit of a mixed bag. Good that you found an occasion for this one. I love the jacket. It’s perfect.

    Yay for online shopping. I don’t have an online shopping addiction. I just love online shopping…a lot!

      1. Honestly, I think as long as I don’t drag him out shopping, he is happy.

        He is not good at being a patient shopper. Browsing makes him mad. Our Christmas shopping browsing was all done at home (online) so when it came to going to the stores to purchase items, we knew exactly what we were buying and were in and out. No browsing in real life required. Keeps stress levels down.

      2. I’m getting so much stuff delivered to me at work at the moment, it’s a little embarrassing!

        It goes through several hands at work so everyone knows Genie has been shopping…again. I don’t get stuff delivered at home because there is no one to sign for parcels.

        I only get stuff delivered if it’s free shipping or the store is far away. Otherwise the shipping really adds up.

      3. I know!

        To be fair, my boss was complaining that he had been invited to lunch on Sunday which was just awful because it meant that he couldn’t go sailing.

        I thought that was a pretty decent first world problem.

  3. I love white but I’m just too clumsy for it! Having said that I just did get a white lace and chiffon T that I looove! And back to you- I’m all about the details, so I love the small cut out detailing of the dress! Hope you have fun wearing it at your office party!

    1. Hey birthday girl!!
      Thank you very much! I’m not normally a white-wearer either but I’ve been making deliberate attempts to wear it more often because I’m trying to avoid feeling like its winter at all costs πŸ˜€
      Did you have a good birthday?
      Did you turn up?

  4. I am often asking myself why there is no day between Saturday and Sunday, and why we are working on Monday 😦 Maybe one day we will get answer. Until then, let the parties begin πŸ™‚ Love love this dress on you. Perfectly faltering to your body πŸ™‚ Looking absolutely gorgeous. Kiss, Mel

  5. Gorgeous! Husbands and wives – company party – hmmmm ugly sweater party sounds like more fun to me haha. Is it odd that I am not the biggest fan of company parties?!? Unless they come with a Christmas bonus check of course:)

    xx Cara

  6. Dana, I missed reading your posts don’t be surprise if you get bombarded by tons of comments and likes as well. I love the way you paired up this white dress with the navy cardigans. Nice contrast ❀

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