Roasted Shrimp with Basil Chimchuri sauce

Roasted Shrimp with Basil Chimchuri sauce
I’ve been doing…other things *ahem* on my weekend these days.

I realize you guys aren’t too comfortable when I talk about sex so I have to say ‘other things’.
All this really means is that I’ve been running short on my chance to photograph under natural light.
Which reminds me..

Can I just say how much I fucking hate winter?
How much I hate having like 6 hours of daylight before it all goes dark again?

Fuck you Winter.
I’m fed up with this shit already.

Days when I only have a hot minute to cook and shoot,
I end up reaching for seafood.
I just don’t have time to make anything too involved.
And sometimes, quick and tasty is all  you need.
No apron involved.
One burner going.
That sort of easy.

Like a drive-by cooking.
A quickie.
You get it.
Pun. Intended.


Roasted Shrimp with Basil Chimchuri sauce

What I Used.

15 Uncooked Jumbo Shrimp. 2 Cloves or 2 tsp Garlic. 2 Large Handfuls Fresh Basil Leaves. 1 Large Handful Fresh Cilantro. ¼ cup Red Wine Vinegar. ½ cup Olive Oil. Salt. Pepper. 1 tsp Crushed Red Pepper. 1 tsp Cayenne Pepper.

What I Did.

Pre-heat the oven to 350F.
Peel & Vine the shrimp.
Rinse and pat them dry.
Place the shrimp in a bowl.
Lightly season with a few shakes of salt and pepper.
And in 1 tsp cayenne pepper and a light drizzle of olive oil.
Roasted Shrimp with Basil Chimchuri sauce

Mix well.
Set aside to marinate for a bit while you make the sauce.


For the sauce:
Roughly chop the cilantro and basil.
Then add the cilantro, garlic, red wine and basil to a blender/food processor.
Drizzling in the ½ cup olive oil until the mixture is relatively smooth.
The texture of chimchuri varies person-person.
If I’m using it as a sauce, I prefer a smoother texture. If I’m using it as a topping, then I accept a coarser texture.
Season with salt, pepper & 1 tsp crushed red pepper.
Set aside to sit at room temperature while you cook the shrimp.


Cook the shrimp by placing them on a foil-lined baking sheet.
Roasted_Shrimp_with_Basil Chimchuri_sauce
Roast them in the oven for 5 mins.
Then flip and finish roasting for 3 more mins.
The shrimp should be nice, plump and pink.

Remove from oven.
Serve by spooning the chimchuri sauce over the shrimp.
IVC_8820_1 Roasted Shrimp with Basil Chimchuri sauce Roasted Shrimp with Basil Chimchuri sauce Roasted Shrimp with Basil Chimchuri sauce

88 thoughts on “Roasted Shrimp with Basil Chimchuri sauce

  1. Seriously, people get uncomfortable when you talk about sex? Now that’s ridiculous. Folks really act like sex is taboo or something…

    1. Yup, hard to belive but WP data has shown that when I bring up sex in my posts, the ‘likes’ and comments for those posts decrease quite noticeably.
      Crying shame because I hate being restricted!!

      1. Don’t be restricted! All of your other posts will make up for the “decrease”.

        I deleted my other WP because I felt too restricted. On this one I feel free! I can talk about whatever it is I want, sex included. I don’t get nearly as many likes or comments on my posts as you so I’m not effected by any sudden decreases lol

      2. You have a point there.
        Which is why I also have another blog where I let all my evil out lol
        I have to remember to keep it relatively clean here given the real purpose of this blog.
        It’s all good though 😊😊

      3. Really? I’m shocked that YOU have evils lol what is it?

        Yeah, if your purpose is to talk about food and fashion then keep it at that especially since it has worked for you. Now I understand why folks would be a bit uncomfortable. They followed you with hope of learning more about your cooking and style but you decided to throw them a curveball and mentioned SEX. It happens but if it happens often, I’m sure you will lose followers lol

      4. Exactly! No harm no foul over here 😊😊

        And hell yeah I have evil. Dude if you only knew.. I just try and suppress it is all.
        Trying to reserve my spot in the afterlife 😇😇

      5. I have my own evils as well! Let me tell you lol I gave up my spot in the afterlife at the age of 14… I’ve been a wild dude ever since but I have calmed way down over the years!

  2. I love shrimp and this looks so good, that green sauce sounds like a huge burst of flavors, and I bet it is great with the light and delicate flavor and texture of the shrimp.

  3. Drive by?! Literally lol. D thank you for sharing some with me on Sunday! It taste so good…licked all of my fingers. People it really is as good as it looks!

  4. Looks awesome my dear & the slate board you have really makes it pop. Question; how much older do I have to be than my boy toy in order to become a cougar? Lol, have funzies, sex & all!

    1. Lmaooo!
      Aw you guys, you are just making my morning with all this sex talk lol
      So here’s the deal, you gotta apply the rule of 7.
      If you’re 7 years older, you’ve entered cougarville.
      What’s his name by the way, do I know him?
      Wait a min.. Is he that guy, no no no, that’s the other guy.
      Nevermind 😊😊
      I’m calling you tonight though. I want the whole motherfucking story.

      1. Lol, I’ll call YOU tonight & let you in on all the juicy deets. Haha, I feel like this should be done over oysters, wine & a closet clean out!

  5. I don’t get that thing with sex and Americans in general you know. In the end You guys brought all this evil into this world ihhihiii seriously speaking though I know what you mean by saying “feeling restricted” – I have the same feeling when I say something about French people- imagine mentioning sex in my case probably would be fine awwwwwww ! What an absurd isn’t it!!

  6. I feel ya on the Winter rant. I’m over it. Can’t even get home in time to do a shoot before the sun has set. I’m out there trying to chase the damn sun with my sweet sis in tow tripping over bushes and desert dunes. I’ll take the Summer light any dayyyy!
    Anywho, did you make this beautiful dish for your bedmate too? Bedmate? Is that word too antiquated? Anyways! Invite me to the next dinner party and I’ll get to tell you in person that you need to become a chef and a stylist.
    You’re too genius for free time!

    1. Ooooh yoooooou!!
      And I just choose to call him The Man until he’s The One although no, I made it for me, which is normally how this goes lol.
      I made it because like you, I was chasing sunlight and was hungry but in a hurry.
      So my shooting partner Vana got the rest 😁😁

  7. so much personality girl! 🙂 lol i love it.

    and really the dish sounds too yummy – i am sold on anything with lotsa (“large handful”) cilantro and garlic! plus your pics are amazing too!

  8. What is this thing called sex you talk about? It rings a bell but I can’t quite place it….what I do know is that these prawns and chimichurri looks amazeballs Ms C. I love a green herbaceous sauce….and a prawn/shrimp, I think I loved sex once too…. God I crack myself up. 😁

    1. hahaha, me too, hahaha, you crack me up too!
      This thing you don’t quite remember…?
      I’ve been having enough for the both of us.
      Your memory should clear right up any min now..

  9. Looking great – the salsa sounds amazing! Now, given the choice between food and sex, I know what I’d choose. Every time. Unless it’s ready-made and heated up in a microwave.

  10. We are in complete agreement about the scarcity of natural light in the winter–I hate it! Moving a little further south has helped somehwhat as at 5 it’s not completely dark outside here, but count me among those who are genuinely excited for the winter solstice because then the days FINALLY start getting a little longer (even if it’s only by a minute).

    I never thought to add basil to a chimichurri, but the next time I have some to use up and we’re having steak or seafood I’m going to throw this into the blender along with the cilantro.

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