Big With It

It is, all about this skirt.
Dramatic, I know.

I wore this skirt last year for NYE, with a blue crop top that had mini, gold-spiked structured shoulders, a pair of fly ass heels and a 2in wide strip of black silk that I tied around the waist of the skirt so it formed a big pretty bow in the back.
It was a pretty dope outfit if I may say so myself.
But why stop at NYE?

The other day, I’m looking at this skirt in my closet going, “How can I fit you into a Sunday afternoon?”
It immediately replied, “Put me with a white T and some flats.”
And I said, “You’re g*ddamn right.”


94 thoughts on “Big With It

      1. Basing it on this week? Candidates may join if they don’t ask really stupid questions (if I send you a screencap, the part I circle in red is probably the thing you’re looking for) and if I don’t want to punch them in the throat.

        Next week it might be some other arbitrary criteria, like “How prettily can you swear?”.

  1. You always make me laugh. The skirt talking to you…Hahaha. Love it! That’s an amazing skirt. Love the color! You’re right! Why wait until the new year? You’re so fabulous…you can wear this any day of the week. 😉

  2. Swoonworthy colour and material. You don’t look half bad in it…(am using the northern English husbands understated compliment system there.) You probably won’t reply to this as you are too busy. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more.😚

  3. You are quickly becoming one of my favorite personal style bloggers, Dana. Seriously. Your outfits are always on point and you wear them with so much beauty and grace. This look is just beautiful! And that skirt is a whole lot of stunning! XO -Danielle

  4. That new years eve outfit sounds amazing!! Do you have pics to link to? I still haven’t figured out what to wear this year. I had my heart set on this cheap but cute h&m jumpsuit in a soft cream with flowy legs but it’s sold out everywhere and now I can’t get my mind off of white flowy jumpsuits and they aren’t as common as you’d think! haha.

    1. Hahaha!
      I’ll see if I can dig one up from last year.
      I know exactly wha you mean when you have your heart firmly set on something and all of a sudden, it’s no fucking where to be found!
      Or EVERYONEs wearing it.
      Dying to see what you end up wearing!!

      It’s gonna be 60 here on Christmas, I’m so fucking happy 😀

      1. Ahahah! I bet that wasn’t the look you were looking for! ahahahah By the way, I totally get the point. The colour is amazing (and the material as well) but just because of it it’s quite difficult to match the skirt properly for a sunday afternoon. But you’ve done a great job once, at the right time you’re gonna do it again 😉

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