The Answer is Yes..

I know what you’re going to say so let me beat you to it.

Yes, it’s still formally winter.
And yes, it had to have been really nice out to wear this.
It was.
It was real nice out.
And I most certainly took advantage of both of these factors.
Don’t act like you wouldn’t either.

This look is somewhat a lazy combination because I mean who’s kidding who, I could have tried for some color but was like, fuck it.
I was only headed to a house party.
Speaking of which, can I just say how good the parties have been this holiday season?
People are fucking coming correct.

Boston_street_style Boston_blogger_style Dana_fashina_style http://ivegotcake.comivegotcake_style

52 thoughts on “The Answer is Yes..

    1. Lol!!
      You know, it’s funny, but these legs are like a side effect of working my glutes (ass).
      You gotta keep an ass like mine in shape and I guess these legs are a fortunate side effect 😀
      I also think wearing heels has something to do with it, especially my calves.
      Of course, leave it to my mom to comment down below that I get it from her lol
      xxxx Abrielle 😀

  1. i live in arizona and its still feels like fall here so i totally get what you mean about weather! love the look ! 🙂

    1. Hahaha!
      I will humbly give it up to you guys…the combination of you guys genes did me well, although I’ll have to review the pics of you guys when you were my age before I can decide who to attribute formal credit 🙂
      I just remember you and dads enormous afros…

  2. Give me these mod backgrounds and circle sunnies and clean lines! You are the definition of effortless chic my friend. Keep doin what your doin!

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