Silver & Gold
Right, so I finally reached a decision on what to fucking wear and jetted out the house real quick to take these pics before I did hair & makeup.

It was annoyingly cold out and I was in a hurry so I wasn’t able to get any close-ups on my shoes or jewelry but I really wish I had.
I wore a pair of Calvin Klein leather ankle booties (the ones that stop right at your ankle), a lot of strategically placed rings and bracelets and yes…I absolutely kept the bunny ears on.

The show by the way, was actually really good.
Who knew burlesque could be so much fucking fun?
All the acts were sung live, really good choreography….I kinda wanna go back..
We were on time by the way..

I decided on sultry makeup for the night – smoky eyes, dark red lips – and wore my necklace backwards as my statement piece.
And while I tried to keep my hair loosely pinned to the left, that was an absolute lost cause towards the end of the night.

Oh, and I wanted to wear the cozy white sherling coat I have on on Instajizzle but it got all over his suit.
I eventually decided to change to the brown wool one because the lint brushing was getting on my fucking nerves.

How was your NYE?
Did you get absolutely shattered?

84 thoughts on “Silver & Gold

  1. I know the struggle of finding an outfit last minute and shooting! You look great nonetheless.
    I’m hoping you are having a great new year already and that 2015 will be a prosperous year for yourself and your blog.
    So much love,

  2. My new years eve was kind of amazing! I went out with my sister and a friend. I could drink tho because i had to drive them😩🔫 but it was nice in the club and good music too!

      1. We were out till 7 o clock in the morning and i had on a high waste jeans and a black crop top i like to keep it simple lol

      2. Yes they were but not till the end because they were on heels ahaha very stupid if you ask me ahahha i always wear some flat shoes

  3. Hmmm now I know why you were behaving- wearing a dress like that one equals not being able to do too many crazy things- you mostly watch your feet, have to be careful about the dress, and all that 😀 joking of course- you looked glamorous I can tell Miss Dana!

  4. Silver + Gold = tricky. It’s a fine line between The Supremes chic and RuPaul on a bad day but you, daring darling Super Dana, hit all the right sweet notes 🙂 xoxo

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