Shellfish Ragout with a Variety of Beans

Shellfish Ragout with a Variety of Beans

Someone said to me the other day, she goes, “You should make joining Twitter your 2015 New Years resolution.
I was like, “What the fuck kind of resolution is that?”
And she goes, “Because, that’s where everyone is! If you’re trying to grow your blog in 2015, you need to be on Twitter.”

And then I was like, oh shit.
Maybe I do need to be on Twitter.

But then it’s like, wait a minute.
Do I really have to have a Twitter presence to grow my blog?
‘Should I be on Twitter?’ I guess is the question here.

Like I don’t wanna get on there and tweet about some cheeseburger I just ate, like 40 million of these idiots.
Seriously, if I get on there I would only tweet about, maybe…I don’t know, when a new post comes out or something.
I already do that on Instagram though..
This is ridiculous, I can’t..
I can’t be on Twitter.
I don’t know.

What do you think?
Is Twitter as stupid as I think it is?
Are you guys on Twitter?

If you are, I would love to know the following:
– What do you like about it? Specifically.
– How often do you tweet?
– How much time a day is enough time on Twitter?
– What does Twitter do for you? Specifically.
– If you were somehow banned from Twitter, would that affect you?
Basically, what are the positives about Twitter?

Let me know, ok?


Alright let’s get to this ragout.
One-pot meals are just the epitome of winter, aren’t they?
They’re just crammed with all sorts of good shit and somehow it all comes together in the most awesome way possible.

There isn’t anything really unique about this dish or the ingredients used, although I find the pancetta bits ensure even kids lick the bowl clean.

We’re getting ready to have a week of what they call, a polar vortex.
Yeah, it’s as bad as it fucking sounds and I am so glad I’ve got this to get me through that.


Shellfish Ragout with a Variety of Beans.

What I Used.

2lb Scrubbed Mussels. 2 Dozen Littleneck Clams. 2 cups White Beans (soaked overnight in water). 2 cups Black Beans (soaked overnight in water). 1 can Kidney Beans (rinsed well). 1 can Grabanzo Beans (rinsed well). 10 cups Chicken Stock. 3 cups Clam Juice. 4, 6in Links Dry Chorizo Sausage. 5 Garlic Cloves. 2 cups Diced Pancetta. 1 Large Onion (cut into 4s). 1 Thyme Sprig. Bread (optional).

What I Did.

The black & white beans should have already been soaked overnight.
shellfish_ragout how_to_make_shellfish_ragout
Drain the beans and set aside.
Cut the chorizo in to ½ in thick slices.
Combine all the ingredients in a large pot, except the canned beans, mussels & clams.
Cover with a lid set slightly ajar until the beans come to a simmer.
Let them remain cooking at a steady simmer, don’t boil them.
Cook until the beans are tender, about 2 hours.
Season with salt & pepper about an hour into the cooking.
Meanwhile, the shellfish.


Add the clam juice and the thyme sprig to a large pot and bring to a boil.
Clean the mussels & clams.
I like to clean them by mixing 1 tbsp of flour in a large bowl of cold water and then adding the mussels & clams to it.
Let them sit in the floured water for about 5 mins before rinsing them completely with clean, cold water and draining them.
The shellfish breathe under water and the flour in the water congests them which causes them to spit.
And when they spit, all the grime and dirt comes out.
Sort of a self-cleaning technique I learned a while ago.

When the shellfish is cleaned, however you do it, add them to the boiling clam juice.
Cover and let cook until the both the mussels & clams open.
About 10 mins.
Drain them from the broth.
Set aside to cool for a few mins.


Back to the pot of beans..
When the beans are almost tender, add in the rinsed garbanzo & kidney beans.
Mix well.

When the shellfish are warm enough to touch, de-shell half of them.
Add the un-shelled pieces to the bean broth.
Mix well.
Adjust seasoning if needed.
Then add in the remaining shelled pieces.
Is de-shell a word? It is right?

Give things another good mix.
Serve with bread (if you must). Shellfish Ragout with a Variety of Beans

90 thoughts on “Shellfish Ragout with a Variety of Beans

  1. lol I’m in that same dilemma with Twitter. When I was on it, it consumed me and I ended up vomiting emotions on there looking for some form of affirmation that wasn’t on there from the start, then who will take you seriously when you’re talking shop? I say if you get on keep your communication in the vein of your blog. Give them pieces of you; but make em pay for the cow 😉 best new year to you!

  2. Twitter is quick burst conversations. Talking to people about whatever you want. Not just cheeseburgers (and c’mon, don’t hate the cheeseburgers 😉). And you can actually put specific links in each tweet, unlike Instagram. The no link on Instagram posts piss me off! They each have their pluses and minuses. But like any social media platform, be honest, share whatever the hell you want. You don’t wanna talk about your lastest bowel movement? Then don’t. But, really, it is an important platform for blogs and connecting with like-minded people.

  3. I love how New Years resolutions are all so self-centered and vapid, now. Join Twitter? What kind of resolution is that? I could understand if it was something like “Blog more and work on my photography.” or “Keep in touch with people I have been neglecting to communicate with as much as I’d like.”

    But twitter? Oi. Your reaction is well on par with mine.

    As for the food? It looks delicious and just an fyi I will be moving in on Saturday 😉 Love to you as always, Dana. ❤

  4. I like Twitter because I can send out a blog post to 600 followers at once. It adds another dimension to my blog promotion. I only tweet about 1-2 times a day and I don’t spend tons of time on it, maybe 15-20 minutes 4-5 times a week. If it went away I would search out another forum, in addition to the other ones I use, for getting my blog out but I like that it is short and I can add a direct link to a post or picture.

      1. I have gone up about 15% in my stats since using it regularly. Pinterest is still my largest driver but Twitter takes no time since your tweet can be sent as you publish your blog.

  5. OMG!!! You are a master of seafood! I’ve never cooked mussels, clams or anything like that. Being born and raised in a cattle state with no sea around, it was go fot the meat kind of… The chorizo and shelfish combination sounds soooo good! I will give it a try and clean the way you suggested (I don’t know any other way, ha!)

  6. I love recipes with shellfish! Thank you for the tips Dana!
    About twitter.. Well, I happen to know and share your “pain” about that issue. I hate twitter, I don´t see what I´m supposed to do with it, but everyone tells me it helps a blog to grow A LOT. Still, I haven´t created an account simply because I don´t see how my blog could benefit from it – and because I hate twitter. When it comes to promoting your blog on social networks, isn’t Instagram more efficient?
    Anyway, if you decide to create a twitter account, let me know D.!

  7. Food looks awesome. Makes me think I should start cooking. My blog mainly consists of reviews of things other ppl make and I just eat. Keep up the great work

  8. I use Twitter for “exposure”…to share my posts. Every now and then I’ll feel inspired to share a quote. You already have a large following (still expanding). I think Instagram in more effective. Now, let’s get to it….this post. Dana, you need to write a cookbook (if you haven’t already) or I better see you on the Food Network. 😉 BTW, my lunch is jealous. LOL.

  9. I don’t know about the twitter thing – I’m on it but I rarely tweet and hardly have any followers so I only share occasional posts. The thing is, if you do go on it and just share some posts it can’t hurt and if it bores you, well close it down again girl!!!!
    As usual, love the recipe…

  10. Yummy!
    Oh Twitter. To me it’s just like FB and IG. You pretty much share whatever is on your mind or a conversation starter that doesn’t require a pic(even though you can)

    I just started using mine frequently the other day after having it for a few years. I still ask myself “Do I really need this” almost deleted it too.
    I say if you don’t have it and don’t feel a need for it then don’t. I’m starting to feel like just because it’s there doesn’t mean it’s a must do business move for everyone.

    Anyways save me some of that. Thanks!

  11. Yummm…. looks amazing. Beautiful pics! As for Twitter, I’m in the same boat as you – don’t currently have it, but feeling pressure to start. I’m curious to know what you’ll decide to do about it .

  12. wow Dana, looks awesome! Well done my dear. P.S. me & twitter haven’t been introduced yet, although it intrigues me. I’m unsure as you are. Goodluck in that adventure!

  13. What a fabulous post
    Photography and love the way you write entertaining
    Re the twitter thing
    For me it’s a revelation for connecting
    I came to NYC and LA through talking on Twitter
    So f@&k yes do it
    Only follow who interests you
    Reply back and promise it will be worthwhile
    Thanks for liking my stuff too

    Ps style me I’m shit at it and need a whole look makeover !

  14. Chorizo might be one of my favorite things. This looks sooooo good. And I am too old for twitter, what the hell would I tweet? “Just changed a diaper!” No thanks but I do think you would have a lot to say……

  15. I hear you sis- I have the same issue with Twitter. I even have an account and twitted maybe twice but I don’t even know know how to do that properly!! Damn it! And people say you should get yourself there, but how?? So let’s focus on food- looks great, you can cook at my place. I’ll let you use my most expensive Le Creuset pots 😁

      1. Of course I am!
        That’s why you’re my big sis.
        And don’t act like you won’t be the first one to hit me back with a pillow of your own.
        I’ll get you once and then it’ll be on:D

  16. I 100% agree that twitter is stupid. But I do have one. I just link it to my blog and have the blog auto post links to posts on Twitter. And occasionally share photos via instagram on Twitter. Nothing I have is original posts to twitter and I never actually directly sign into it. It’s entirely “also share this post with twitter” stuff. But I know some people are only reachable via twitter so I use it.

    but oh my god this Ragout. So I’m a [mostly] vegan. for health reasons. and you are making it insanely INSANELY hard to stick to that. Like… my doctor isn’t gonna know if I’m bad once, right? Because holy hell do I need this in my belly.


    1. I have to tell you, this Twitter this ain’t looking so good right now.
      More loosing arguments than winning ones…

      And dude – bump that. A little shellfish don’t hurt nobody 😀
      Unless you’re allergic in which case hit the back button 🙂

      1. Yeah, Twitter isn’t worth the trouble. Especially when you already have a great base of followers. No need to try and reach the Twitter crowd.

        It’s def not an allergy so it’s def probably happening. Because there is nothing wrong with a little splurging once in a while.

  17. I had a twitter account since 2008 and never used it ever until last year when I started working for VICE and realized that literally everyone is on twitter. Journalists, comedians, politicians, bloggers, you name it. I see it as more of a platform where you are rewarded for humor than for looks (like instagram where you obviously get a lot of followers if you post swimsuit pics than say something funny). I try to be as humorous as I can on Twitter, also just use it as another platform to share things. My growth on there is really slow I only have like 250 followers but I like it.

      1. I just read through a few of the other comments and in response to people saying “isn’t instagram more efficient?” I have to point out that you can not link to a post on instagram in either the comments or the caption – only the bio! So you have to say “New post up, link in bio!” Where as with twitter the links actually work!

  18. This looks good and its kinda cold in Orlando today so soup sounds real good!

    Re: Twitter – I use it as a quick source of headlines in the mornings. I also keep up with bloggers who may not be on IG and have conversations about what we are writing. One of the latest things I’ve used it for is a weekly #blogchat session. These are fun to speak to others with the same interests and finding people to collaborate with or just making new friends.

    The last one has been the most fun and beneficial to me I think.

  19. I am crap with Twitter I tell ya. My friends say the same thing to me too. And I always go, what could I tweet about? I only tweet about a new post and the tweets are automatically sent out by WordPress, so…yea. I find it tedious and boring.Like I don’t want to know what people do every 5 seconds 0_o

    About that ragout: two things I love: mussels and pancetta. You had me at that love. Delish!!!

  20. I joined Twitter but I hardly ever go on it now, it’s just an endless stream of crap a lot of the time and I don’t think it did much in terms of growing my blog at all, maybe I wasn’t witty enough in 140 characters.

  21. I don’t get Twitter either,,think it’s a bunch of bullshit really? Whoops,, I said it! But alas, I joined just to have another share button on my blog. I’m soooo sure my THREE followers will love it! The first time I signed up a couple years ago, my account was hacked and I had like 1500 followers in a day!! They were mostly foreigners,, freaked me out a bit and I could never get it to stop. Even AFTER I deleted that damn account Twitter kept emailing me like it was still active. I think they might have themselves confused with somebody,, say God maybe? Lol..No one can really communicate except through messaging and that seems stupid,, it is a social network, but mainly it’s egotistical people telling everyone about their last poop!! 🙂 I’m a bit “feces cecious”, no, need some sexing I think,,, Love your blog girl and look forward to reading your stuff,,, I’ve just started mine and trying to fucking post the pictures right is driving me crazy,, mine looks like shit compared to all these fancy ones. :() take it easy.

    1. Haha, what a great comment!!
      Glad to know I’m not the only one on who has twitter on their ‘fuck no!’ list.
      Don’t hesitate to reach out and let me know if you need any help with your blog.
      Congrats on starting it and welcome to the party babygirl 😀

      1. Thanks sugar,, I will,,, know any good looking guys in san antonio who might need a bit of sexin? That would be considered Sexin a Texin,,, he he he,,

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