Drive-by Shootings
Hey so I apologize about the state of these pictures.
I was running errands over the weekend and it was so unbelievably windy out, I was barely able to take these shots.
That’s also why I’m looking down in all of them.
It was either that or a face full of hair and trust me, that shit was worse. You don’t even wanna see the outtakes…

When I thought my tripod going to blow right the fuck away, like aΒ sceneΒ out of The Wizard of Oz, I packed it in.

The whole thing was largely a lost cause but you get the point.
I was aiming for comfort.
Quickest shoot ever.

66 thoughts on “Drive-by Shootings

  1. If you hadn’t of said it, we wouldn’t have known. You really should show us the outtakes!!
    My camera hit the gravel last time I tried to use the tripod outside when filming our pumpkin roll. Not a pretty sight…

    1. Oooof!
      I feel your pain about the camera hitting the gravel.
      My camera has fallen once and I damn near peed my pants.

      And maybe I will share some of these awful outtakes, although I shudder to think about it.

      1. The camera isn’t all that, but it didn’t get hurt, but just a scratch or two beside the lens.
        I’m telling you to post outtakes. It will expose the rawness…. people will love it!

      2. Aye yai yai!
        Between you and Sheela…there’s not an angle in either of you!
        I don’t have the outtakes of this shoot anymore, I deleted them during editing (why keep the shit you know you’re not going to use) but I promise, next style post, if shot goes down behind the scenes, I’ll have outtakes.

  2. haha i actually love these photos! they look sort of cool, and go with the mood of your outfit ❀
    instagram: the_ch1ara

  3. Same with my Resolution Solutions post it was SO windy and I really wanted to show my NYE outfit and luckily I had my bf with me to be stylist and photographer hahahah poor guy he was like helping me climb in and out of sweats and sneakers – my “cover up” clothes that I was wearing on top of the pantsuit.

    Love that sweater!

    1. Hahaha!
      I totally feel you on the ‘cover up’ clothes, especially when the weather is acting up.
      Don’t you hate that though?
      Get all dressed up, looking good, ready to shoot and then the wind fucks it all it. It’s like, ‘can a bitch get a fucking BREAK!?’

    1. Girl…it’s cold as FUCK outside.
      And thank you, I didn’t wanna give the wrong message with all the shootings and all but I eventually decided, what the hell, people gotta loosen up.

  4. To see you in flats, jeans and an oversize jumper makes me feel like seeing you in your pyjamas – surely you would not really leave the house that casual looking?!

    1. Haha, thank you!
      But actually, it’s only when I can’t get anyone to help do I take my own photos. Some shoots, you a 2nd person, you know?
      All the food shots are all me though 😁😁

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