Cold Calling Summer

Http:// Whennn!!
When will it be my turn to be on the beach with a cold drink full of rum (Gin if I’m feeling fancy) and these obnoxiously large sunglasses?

You already know I like to show a leg, sometimes two, just to build up the warm weather momentum.
Yet every now and again, I have to face the facts when it comes to the elements and wear something longer.


This is me still trying to force the warm weather by wearing yet another summer maxi dress, although this time I pulled my hair back and wore a hat because fuck all that wind.

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73 thoughts on “Cold Calling Summer

  1. This is perfection! The weather may be requiring you to wear something longer but at least it looks good!
    Hats are always a good call, too. Love it!


    PS, I nominated you for a thing. You don’t have to do it or whatever but I still want you to know. Here’s the thing

  2. you look perfect!! i love the asymmetrical skirt and the sweater is simply gorgeous ❀ you have a beautiful sense of style
    isntagram: the_ch1ara

  3. I think the wind is the worst part of cold weather. I feel you, I can’t wait for it to start warming up. Beautiful outfit. I especially like the light pink sweater! Looks very cozy.

  4. Dana, if summer answers your call, can you please send some our way too? Apparently, it is summer here in Australia . . . .but call me a fool for thinking otherwise as I look at your lovely outfit and think I’d love to wear that tomorrow so I can be half as stylishly warm as you.

    1. lol, oh no, I thought you guys were living the dream down there!
      That’s a bummer.
      But yeah, anything I get I’ll send your way because this is ridiculous.
      Hope you at least had a good weekend babygirl,

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