Sized Up and Fitted

One of my really good friends came in over the weekend to hang with the old crew for a bit and I’m pleased as punch I got to take these pictures before we got wastyyy.

For the night out,Β I decided to change it up a bit and wear shorts because I figure you can’t be a ho in shorts, right?

Yeah well, we’re both wrong.
Turns out, you can do anything if you put your mind to it.
That goes for wearing socks and heels too.
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71 thoughts on “Sized Up and Fitted

  1. Love the socks and heels! I would usually look at this and wonder what you were thinking, but you make it look great and now I’m contemplating trying the trend. Thanks for proving me wrong πŸ™‚

    1. It’s a daunting thing, socks and heels.
      It feels a bit weird initially too.
      But that’s not enough reason to deny yourself it 😁😁
      Play dress up in front of the mirror first. Then when you feel comfortable, take it to dinner…

  2. Socks and…WHAT??! How do you pull this shit off? I must know your sekrits. Do you know, if I tried to do something like that, I’d look 5th-Grade-Rummaging-Out-Of-The-Bargain-Bin-At-TJMaxx me. But you look like THE SHIT. My kind of hobag ❀

    1. Hahahaha!!
      I’m pleased I made the ho cut and that you chose me, out of all these other skanks, to be your hobag.
      “I’d like to first thank God…for makign me this way. You know I always believed in myself…I always..”

  3. I need an industrial concrete wall like this! I love the contrast and the plain background puts so much focus on you! πŸ™‚
    You look bangin!!

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