Running Scared
All everyone is talking about today is the ‘historic’ winter blizzard headed our way.
That’s the big news and everyone is freaking out accordingly.
But I don’t get it.

It’s Winter.
Snow happens in Winter.
Blizzards happen in Winter.
What is that alarming?
Did you really think we were going to make it through Winter without shoveling at least once?

When I managed to get out of bed yesterday, this is what I wore to run around with the rest of these terrified morons, panicking about bread and gas.

I was aiming for comfort, 4 large parsnips and a bag of baby brussel sprouts.
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98 thoughts on “Running Scared

  1. Comfort food! — yum! I’m going for a nice snow day of food, movies and relaxation. I’m with you, why the panic? It’s winter!

    1. Hahah!
      You miss the snow?
      Let’s trade places until March.
      I’ll be FL (trying not to get shot) and you’ll be up here shoveling your little heart out lol.
      Oh and don’t forget about the 50+ mph winds that everyone keeps reminds us MAY (which = most likely will) cause power outages.
      Yes…good old snowy Boston…
      SMDH lol

    1. Right?
      Like come on folks.
      You’ll be back to work the day after it stops because your company ain’t having all that “i’m gonna be snowed in till Sat’ bullshit, so calm the fuck down and act right.

  2. You’ll be happy to know that given the rather paltry amount of snow falling in Baltimore, the local newscasters were instead reporting on snowfalls north of us. It was rather hilarious.

    At least it won’t be that horrifying lake-effect snow that Buffalo got late last year! Now THAT is a terrifying amount of snow.

  3. Omg you should see the Bay Area when it RAINS let alone snow I don’t know what people would do!

    Ok. This outfit though! Are those jeans or leggings? And the color and fit of that sweater is perfect it looks so comfy! I’m still trying to find that sweet spot between spandex tight American Apparel turtleneck and big oversized sweater turtleneck.

    1. Oh girl, I don’t even wanna imagine.
      Remember last year when it snowed in the south and folks were literally trapped in their car for 17 hours!!!
      Fuck all that.
      And yes I know what you mean.
      I actually wanna stock up on the tight American Apparel ones myself…I realized I don’t have enough casual ho-gear.

  4. _Parsnips_? You”re insane. Though, certainly, dressed well ;p

    (Srsly, please, give us a recipe for parsnips that make them not instantly vomit-inducing. Blaaaachhhh.)

  5. I’ve never understood winter freaking out. It’s negative asshole degrees? It’s January, guys. You’re about to be impaled with a TON of snow? IT’S STILL JANUARY! ugh. [/endrant] Still, great outfit! Hopefully we get to hear what is becoming of those parsnips and brussels sprouts?

  6. So I’ve heard you’re having problems with winter down there in Boston 😀 but it’s still January right? And from what I know the winter can get pretty serious in Boston- but maybe get something else apart from those veggies? Just saying…

  7. We are having that same action here. OMG OMG OMG it’s a blizzard coming…meanwhile it’s barely snowing right now. People will be in the market buying bread and toilet paper like they will never leave meanwhile you should already have toilet paper (but that’s not my business lol) You slayed even on your simple day boo!

      1. Must be the case because they clear out the toilet paper and bread aisle like they will never leave home…😒 get on my damn nerves!

  8. You’ve got the right attitude my darling daughter! I mean it is winter even down here in Atlanta when it gets a little cold people are saying pooh I miss the warm weather ! I said, ‘you’ll get warm weather in the spring – summer …,this is winter… dah! I love those practical booties you’re wearing !

  9. I honestly can’t imagine anything better than being forced to stay inside for a few days. I could do all the things I love without feeling guilty that I should be doing other, more important things!

  10. Hahaha. I swear you read my mind. I was thinking the same thing. It’s been snowing for years. Winter + Weather = Possibility of Snow. Nothing new! Am I missing something? LOL. Love it when you speak your mind! #RealTalk

  11. Wow…I wish I look that good while running around for bread and water with an impending blizzard looming large in the distance…oh wait. I do! Hahaha! Those with flawless style must stick together LOL. Seriously though, you look amazing! Effortless and stylish…a one, two punch! 🙂

  12. You’re gonna melt the snow looking like that!

    Bummed we didn’t get much down here. The weather people were all over the place with the forecasts. Canceled advisories and then we got 1/2″. I want one good one this winter!

  13. Really love the photos: choosing a minimal background to put attention to you, the poses, especially the ones in the first and last photo, and well, the outfit 🙂

  14. What’s so alarming? Those f*cking amazing shoes! Hahaha. That’s actually what I said in my head. I’m an idiot. Seriously, though. Those shoes. I would love to own those. So rad. You look fantastic and I admire your ability to look warm in a light sweater and leggings. Haha. ❤

    – Anna

  15. You look cozy! Dat booty!!
    I wanna come have a snow day.
    Then return to the sunshine.
    Then visit again for a snow day. 🙂
    Do you ever do collaborations with other bloggers peeps?

    1. Hahaha! I like that, suffer for only a little bit and then only periodically after that. And yes I do. I actually am publishing one this Friday 😁😁

      Dana On Feb 2, 2015 11:37 PM, “I've Got Cake” wrote:


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