The 6 Week Fight
We’ve got about 6 weeks left of Winter and she is putting up one hell of a fight.
Trying to go out like a g*ddamn champ.
Like one of those UFC fights where the ref calls it a tie and the fighters have to go one more round.
And they just come out swinging.
Just giving it all they’ve fucking got.

One guy’s getting blasted in the face by some guy with braided red hair and a look on his face like he could murder your whole family and then sit down and eat soup with you afterwards.
The other guy’s getting chopped down like a fucking tree by those awful, repeated leg kicks.
The ones where you start wishing your leg would just fucking break so the ref can stop the fight.
It’s fucking horrific and that’s Winter lately.

This bitch is coming with everything.  

Last week it was the blizzard of a lifetime.
This week and for the rest of the weekend, it’s a wind chill that’s below 0.

So I have 2 options.
Actually I have 3:
Pull my bootstraps up and get out there in the ring with Winter and shoot, do the shoot indoors or go digging in my archives.

Well, I don’t think I could go out there and not get brain damage, so fuck the first one.
I haven’t put any thought into indoor shooting locations and I’m too lazy to make the effort so fuck that too.
Which means this ones from the archives.


I took these pictures a couple weeks ago when the weather was much warmer.
I don’t even remember where the hell I was going but it was obviously a jeans and T shirt kind of day.

93 thoughts on “The 6 Week Fight

  1. Dana,

    I totally caught a visual of the “guy with braided red hair” and I swear I could smell his sweaty ass coming straight for me. YIKES!!

    I am not done with wither. Still waiting on my snow day… tick… tock… tick… tock…

    Have a great weekend!


  2. Love the red wall against this outfit. It is perfection. As for winter, just like everything else in life, it just makes us appreciate spring, summer and fall more. Like if you had all the money in the world, you would never look forward to buying something new. That is winter. It makes you look forward to all the other season. I know, it is annoying but it is how I deal.

    Spring where are youuuuuuuu?!?

    1. So true Amy, just wish i knew how to make the most out of it. I wasn’t doing to bag before now, Marta was hating on me and everything but when it gets like this, its like, i wish i could fine a way to somehow enjoy it

  3. Glad that self-preservation and cooler heads prevailed (chuckle), in the potential Ms Cake Vs Winter Middleweight Fight Championship. You sure can rock a pair of jeans lady!

      1. Yes, it really is me….well, the hair of me….I had been told that if you brushed curly hair every night it would ‘help with the curl’ so to speak…of course you have to re-wash the next day. Do you think it helped??? It’s been cut since. Hair today, gone tomorrow…..very punny..sorry, can’t stop now, it’s an illness. Stay warm!

  4. Love this outfit! Very simple and just how I like it hihi. The weather is also very crazy. Today when I woke up the sun was shining and it was mild couple ours later the sky is cray and the snow is falling like wtf?!! Ahaha

  5. I love that you ranted about the horrific weather in this post: I feel relief from the whole situation (freezing where I am too) just by reading your vent! Whew!! I love the “pump”ed up casual look and I always love your point of view. You’re unique, girlie!!! -xo- Danielle

  6. Yes, it has been a brutal winter. Love the visual you presented! #UFC LOL. Unfortunately, I had to do the “indoor” thing. I was too lazy to go to a studio, soooo…oh well! LOL. You’ll see what I’m talking about on Monday. Love the casual look! Some days is just a t-shirt/jeans kind of day. That’s my favorite look during the weekend. Add some heels and you’re good to go!

  7. Yes! Absolutely divine. Blue looks good on you 🙂 BTW, I couldn’t quite understand what you were saying about the weather? It…was…cold and something about winter?!? Gosh, you know with these clear blue skies, lush tropical vegetation and beaming warm sun right outside my window…keeps distracting me for some reason. HA! 🙂 Hey, now. Hey, now. I remember those winter days. The best way to handle them is to punch back with fabulous winter fashion looks (which you have already done!). So, you are well on your way gurl! As always, fab post.

  8. Tell me about it! This weather just won’t quit, and the WIND, the wind is the worst part. >.>
    I can’t wait until those six weeks are over.

    Anyway! Love the blue! A very chic outfit, I especially love the coat. I just wish I could remember that last time it was warm enough to go out with an open jacket!

  9. Hahahah! enjoyed the thought process of how you decided on how to show your pics! And young lady its seems you are veeery well accustomed to watching a fight or two, or perhaps you’ve been in one yourself- as the referee of course!

    1. Haha, you know i think you’re the only one who picked up on that.
      Yes, i switch my workout up every year or so and a few years ago, i took up MMA and jujitsu, aka UFC training so yeaaaah, i like my fights 😊 and have actually have had a contact punched out of my eye.

  10. I love that this is from the archives!! YES, stay in your nice warm house! Did you have a snow day today? You are killin it in jeans and a T! I am praying that God send some of our warm weather your way, girl! 🙂 If you want to escape it; you know you have a place to stay in AZ! 🙂

    1. Girl…
      Thank you so much for the offer though!!
      Now that tickets aren’t a fortune to get to AZ, I might actually roll through 🙂
      Yes, I had a snow day yesterday and possibly this Friday, depending on the snow predictions for the storm coming in this Thurs.
      Can we say, Fuck my Life? All together now!

      It’s exactly 9 deg out at the moment with a wind chill in the -‘ve teens so Dear Lord, hear her prayer…please?

  11. I gotta scroll through 8000s comments to post a comment! Damn shorty you famous heheheh!! Love this very minimal look. You’re so funny!! I feel like we’d be great friends in real life (…anyone who feeds me is my great friend lol)

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