Deliquent Behavior – UPDATED

Over the past 3-4 months, you guys have been really, really nice to me.
Nominating me for awards, recognizing me with blogging honors and what did I do about it?


You said Hey Dana, I like your work so much I’d like to pass this award along to you and I didn’t do shit about it.
God, I’m fucking horrible. Why do you guys even read this blog?

I swear to God I’m the biggest bum out there.

You nominated me to receive some pretty wonderful accolades and keep doing so, and I’d really, really like apologize for my delinquent behavior in responding to your efforts.
My sin dates as far back as June….(I knooooooow)

June 2014

Dragon Loyalty Award from Ginger and Bread

July 2014

The Liebster Award from Delicious Bagel

Sept 2014

One Lovely Blog Award from Life as it Happens
The Liebster Award from Something About Her
Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award from Fashion D

Oct 2014

One Lovely Blog Award from The Friendly Fig
The Liebster Award from Silly Crazy Love

Nov 2014

The Liebster Award from CaramelQueeny
The Liebster Award from Glitter and Dom

Dec 2014

The Liebster Award from iAmDana
Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award from Girl Fabulous Blog

Jan 2015

The Versatile Bloggers Award from Stile. Foto. Cibo.
Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award from Babbling C. Brooks.
The Liebster Award from Joey & The Owl

To the blogs above that selected me to for these honors, please accept my humble apology for my delay in receiving them.
I think I just got overwhelmed, especially as they started to add up, although that still doesn’t excuse my procrastination.

Ugh. I really am a dope.

It was such a thoughtful thing of you to do and even with this delay, your efforts haven’t gone unnoticed.
Much respect to you and many, many thanks for reaching out to me!
I sincerely appreciate the nod and everything you give to me and my blog.

Whether you are aware of it or not, you guys really, really make my day.
Your compliments make me feel beautiful, your kind words make me believe I could actually succeed if I created a cookbook and your comments crack me the fuck up.
I sit here giggling and smiling and loving life because of you.

And as fucking cliche as it sounds, it’s the type of shit you do that constantly inspires me to give it my all whenever I publish a post.
So this is really me recognizing you and saying thank YOU.

With all my respect,



Typically, most of these awards are mandated by a series of questions (normally 11) that the recipient has to answer.
This post would be ridiculously long if I tried to answer all the questions from each award so after a little pressure, I’ve taken up Danika and Ginger’s suggestion to share 11 facts about myself.
So here we go:

During the workweek, I shower, brush and get dressed in the dark.
I only turn on the lights when it’s time for hair and makeup.
I am NOT a morning person.

I don’t drink coffee. Or tea. Or hot water (with lemon)…none of that shit.
Hot drinks in general confuse me.
When it comes to hot drinks, if it’s too hot, I get burned, if it’s warm, it doesn’t taste right. If I have to blow on it periodically, then how does that satisfy my initial need of wanting it?
It’s a fluid. I have it because I’m ready to consume it within 5 mins or less, not in tiny, barely-there sips over a fucking hour.
Fucking ridiculous.

I’m an only girl.
Feel like I’ve mentioned this before so if I have, oh well.
It still counts.

Unruly/smart-assy/disrespectful/overly loud children are my pet peeve.
I immediately begin to think horrific thoughts when I’m around them.
Given my personality, I will not be having children.

I went to college at 16 and finished all my courses in my junior year.
Looking for something to do with myself, I spent what would be my senior year at MIT, working on artificial intelligence.
The robot we made was featured on Good Morning America and is now being made in Beijing, although I’ve lost track of what they’re calling it now.

I’m veeeeery ignorant when it comes to makeup.
I still don’t know how to apply a perfect red lip (so it lasts) and it takes me 20 mins to do a wing liner.
Used to take about 35.
I do NOT intend to watch any YouTube videos because it ain’t that deep.

I have at least 3 dreams every night.
All very, very vivid and I remember almost all of them, most of which are sci-fi in nature.
I smell things, say things and feel real emotions in them.
It’s not at all uncommon for me to wake up with a word stuck in my head that I google because I’m certain it exists or for the emotion I feel in the dream to stay with me all day.

I don’t drink juice or soda.
The only fluid I consume is water, alcohol as needed.

I’m on my 3rd passport.
I travel a lot.

The first time I smoked pot was on my college graduation day.
I was high for 13 hours and the food couldn’t have taken longer to come out at my graduation dinner.
There was about 15 of us and I immediately ordered 11 appetizers and told her to come back in 5 mins.

I don’t believe in roomates.
I moved out of the dorms after my freshman year and haven’t had one since.
I work very hard so I can afford to keep it this way.

My favorite feature about my body is my skin.
It’s soft but firm, smooth and even.
That’s all that water working its magic.

I have a bad habbit of being impatient.
In school, work, personal life, etc.
If I’m not learning or otherwise stimulated, I’m quick to move on.


Ok, I think that’s more than 11.
Are you surprised by anything I said?
Do you feel any closer to me?

51 thoughts on “Deliquent Behavior – UPDATED

  1. Okay, okay…I’m sure we’d all accept the apology as long as it comes with a side of those ginger honey chicken wings you made a couple weeks back. Those looked delicious 😉

  2. Girllllll! Do yo thannnnng! You know we don’t care about the timing! You’ve got a life doll and if we get pissy because you didn’t do a post, well then we need to take several seats :-D. you’re awesome!

  3. Yep, you are the worst, unsubscribing!

    Just kidding, you are too good to not follow! I feel you on this, I always feel bad not responding but it’s hard to respond to them all or half the time I am such a dope I don’t even see the comment about it.

    You are definitely deserving though!

    xx Cara

  4. I’m sure they all will forgive you 😀 I got two Liebster nominations last year and it was the same for me, did nothing about it- simply couldn’t find those 11 blogs awwwwwwwwww

  5. Fair enough – you fulfilled the unwritten laws of blogawards.
    Loved the artificial intelligence bit – I could do with a bit of that as the natural one has let me down so many times… I might even get the whole makeup thing as the robot ycould watch youtube for me and then just get on with it.
    Must get on to those guys in China …

  6. Congrats! All of these awards are well deserved. I do think you should consider publishing a cookbook and incorporate your love for fashion and story telling.

    I found a lot of your answers interesting. My dad also went to MIT. He was a physicist, but he eventually moved into computer engineering. What’s your occupation?

    1. Oh that’s awesome!!!
      I’m a Medical Device Engineer – I work on creating artificial heats.
      And yes – I wish I could create a cookbook, maybe I can, but it’s my temper you know…lol

  7. I’ve read this post a few times. As you know, I think your blog is fucking great. Maybe my favourite. I knew you were a smarty pants…people who swear like truckers normally are. Your line of work is noble and inspiring. To this my dear, I raise my 10th glass of Sauvignon blanc to you. Cheers!

  8. How dare you not respond to my freaking nomination! OOOOOOOH GURLLLLL LOL Yes I went there, as far as February 2014! LOLs, I was going to do this blog nominate thing for versatile but then I thought she must have it and there you are wooohoooopit do.
    I think you´re so freaking versatile, I LOVE IT!
    Anyway, better go find my 10th person lol

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