Sister Act
So this is a special post because it’s in collaboration with 4 other bloggers.
It’s an effort led by Sheela Goh and I was tickled pink when she asked me to participate in it.

A while ago, Sheela wrote a piece in her blog about the expectations around dressing your age and created this collective project as a follow up to that.
To emphasize that our style is (and should be) independent of our age.

And we’ve all heard this before right?
So then why do so many people give ‘those’ looks?
‘She’s too old for that…’
‘She should know better than to wear that…’

Bitch I do whatever the fuck I want!
Watch me.
And them not being into it doesn’t mean you need to edit.
They’ll adjust just fine.

I’ll wear a g*ddamn prom dress to the grocery store if I want to.
And laugh up a storm with the cashier while I’m at it.
He’ll be offering to carry my bags to the car and I just might let him.


Where we live, what we look like, how many ‘followers’ we have, what we do for a living, who the baby daddy is…
None of that shit matters.
You do what works for you.
Your style is yours.
You know this.


Because we can be the shit at whatever age.

Independent of all the bullshit that we as women subject each other to, independent of all the other fuck shit we have going on in our day-day lives… if you give us a min, we can still kill it.
How_to_style_a_white_shearling_coatBoston_streetstyle Brown_girl_bloggers_boston

The Sister Act project spotlights women killing it across all age ranges and the theme of todays collaboration was Leather & White.

Each blogger was asked to create a look representative of their personal style with the focus on Leather & White.
And believe me – as much as I wanted to go all out for this post, the Boston weather was like, NOPE.
It actually said, “No bitch, put on a real coat this time.”

Don’t boss me around…

But seriously – if you ever wanna feel like the shit, project or not…
If you ever wanna feel like a g*ddamn BOSS, put on some leather and white.

Now let’s get into it, shall we?




Eve Low:

Eva Low:

Leather Jacket Forever 21
Floral Top  Zara
Leggings C’est Moi
Sneakers Wild Diva Lounge
Necklace Forever 21
FORWARD Ring In support of the Breast Cancer Society




Shearling Coat Topshop
Jeans H&M
Turtleneck Asos
Leather Boots Sam Eldelman



Cara Northcutt:
Cara Northcutt:

Leather Jacket BCBGMaxazria
Dress H&M
Heels Carrano
Bag Fendi
Sunglasses KW



Sheela Goh:
Sheela Goh:

Vintage Pink Leather Vest Jonathan Christopher
Top Burberry Prorsum
Jersey Capris  Nike
Booties GX by Gwen Stefani
Hat Shasa
Horn & Skull Cuff The Swanke Shop
Wooden Horn Ring Poshmark



Annette Hoeldrich:
Annette Hoeldrich:

Faux Leather Leggings H&M
Faux Fur Coat H&M
White Shirt Mango
Leather Booties Bon’A Parte (currently sale 50%)
Bag Zara
Sunnies RayBan Wayfarer


I was really impressed by how each of these women interpreted the Leather & White theme, especially inspired by Annette.
She’s so badass with those leather boots, I can’t take it!

Please, take my invitation and explore the style of all the women who participated.
And thank you again Sheela for reaching out, I love a good collaboration 🙂

87 thoughts on “Sister Act

  1. Hello! I am a new blogger here and I am an aspiring musician… Mind checking out my blog? I am not asking for tons of like/comments and whatever, just for a few people to look at my posts. Thank you so much! It would mean the world!

  2. Hi Dana. I am in my 30s and this 30s style is a true representation of my age and style. She is fun and classy. All other age is perfect in my eyes too. You my dear look “fabtastic”
    Much love and well done to all the bloggers involved.

  3. This post had me screaming (on the inside) “halle-flipping-lujah”!! I’ll be turning 30 this year and I occasionally find myself thinking, “am I getting too old to wear this”? And, the answer SHOULD always be “uh, no, no, no…” 🙂 I’m with you on this one: dress however you want, whenever you want! Love the look, by the way! Have an awesome weekend, beautiful! xo – Danielle

  4. Urghhh, Slayna Fashina, I love you for this post<3 I wear whatever I freaking want. I'm not here for age restrictions when it comes to fashion baby. I'm getting older (real quick, lol) and there's no way I can be too old for all the cool edgy and girly stuff I crave. You all are werking it by the way. From Teens to 50s. Love your shearling coat and Cara is badass. SERVE.
    I want in next time. I ain't having being left out in the cold like this girls. lol

    Have a FAB weekend x


    1. Yesssss!!
      You’re right. I need to do a project my damn self and when I do, you’ll be one of the first I call like, “umm…so remember when you said you to call you if….”
      Thanks again babygirl, hope you guys have a great weekend too!!


      1. I was just thinking that Annette’s look is rather similar to your personal style, Dana. I’m sure you’d be equally fierce at the same age and leather will still be the bomb diggity.
        All ladies on here look fab but my favourites are Annette and you. I can’t look past monochrome.

  5. Amazing collab idea. It was really nice to see how all of you interpreted the challenge. The outfits you all chose shows the differences in your sense of style, which made it all the more interesting. I really liked about all of the outfits with a few exceptions lol. Nice job. And again, you made me laugh. Every time I come to your blog, I lough out loud. So thanks for that. And good job. 😀

    1. Thank you!

      And I agree – just because you’re 25 doesn’t mean you’re automatically a badass.
      30 is when the real fun starts, in my opinion and from what I’ve seen (you, Cara, Mojisola…) it really does get better from there 🙂

  6. Laughing out loud at work again: “Bitch I do whatever the fuck I want!
    Watch me… I’ll wear a g*ddamn prom dress to the grocery store if I want to.” Good times.

    This is dope – thanks for sharing (? -_-). I always feel awkward saying that for some reason…

    Have a good weekend!

    1. Hahaha, it’s ok, I get it.
      It’s almost cliche to say it but it fits right?
      That’s kinda how I felt when I started saying, “your style is yours, own it!”
      It’s like ugh lol

      Hope you have a great weekend too beautiful!

  7. You better WURKKK!!!! Love this look on you! It’s simple, yet chic. You could probably wear anything and it would look effortlessly chic. Outfit + Confidence= BOSS. “…I do whatever the **** I want!” LOL. Such a Samantha Jones statement! #SexAndTheCity2. You’re the female version of Katt Williams…funny & real! Glad you teamed up with Cara! She’s also one of my favorites. BTW, I want that coat! LOL.

  8. Fuck it, I’ll wear mah crown if I wanna!! GRIN

    You, Dana, are the absolute cat’s pajamas. I want to be you when I grow up, with bits of Annette and Cara and Eve thrown in for good measure. Thank you for being a part of this, thank you for being you xoxo

  9. If you said all this on stage in a theater production i would jump at the end of it, throw roses on stage screaming, YESSS, YESSSS!! I am in my 30s and as of late, been getting a lot of comments like- dress appropriately, dance less sexy, dont go to clubs etc etc… What society fails to realise is that its 2015, the patterns of women are changing- on a large scale we are getting married later, getting more paid etc etc, so dont expect us to behave as we did in the effing 50s! A lot of us in our 30s dont look our age, we are young at heart and if we what we wear and how we act reflects that- so be it. As long as we are being responsible and handling our bu’ness, why dont you go back to handling yours??!! Ok rant over, great project to be involved with hon, your rocked it, of course!!!

    1. Girl….if YOU said what you just said on a theatre stage I’D be the one throwing roses and yelling Encore! Encore!!
      It’s like, I’m gonna wear this to remind you I CAN…

      Thank you for this entire comment.

  10. I was vigorously nodding through this whole post! Yes, yes, yes. I love clothes and expressing myself and my “femininity” (is that even a word?) with it, way more than it is common here in my small little town back in Europe where I am (thank you New York City for this! 😀 ). I’ve also been told before “aren’t you too young for this?” – I wanted to get myself a simple watch with no bling or glitter or whatever. Didn’t know that you had to be a certain age to be allowed to wear a simple, non bling-y watch.
    Also being a person/blogger that wants to promote a natural, environmentally friendly lifestyle I do sometimes get comments from people around me, if I shouldn’t be dressing differently. More typically “eco”. Oh my. Just because I don’t want to harm Mother Earth doesn’t mean I have to wear plain/baggy/… clothes! If someones wants to, good for them, but not for me. Oh my. Sorry, I stop ranting now 😉

    1. Don’t apologize!
      Rant on girl!
      Because it’s so true.
      People continue trying to box us in this room that THEY’VE created.
      And the sad part is that it’s normally women who are our biggest prosecutors.
      Crazy right?
      And like that’s why whenever I do something, whenever I wear something, I do it with purpose.
      With direct intention so in CASE they have anything to say, they already know I mean business.
      They already have to approach me from a ‘let me think before I address her’ standpoint.

      Continue to do what you do. And wear exactly what you want.
      They’ll cope just fine.


  11. You look good, and this post had me cracking up!
    So true , though, that you have got to be true to yourself no matter who you are or what age.
    Superficial side note: those boots are the bomb (did I just date myself there?)

  12. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Fell in love with the post, project, looks, everything 💘 Society shouldn’t dictate what and what not to wear, that is only up for US to decide 😍❤️👍🏼

  13. Just seeing this post now, but I couldn’t possibly love it more. I am so saddened/frustrated/pissed off when I hear those words come out of people, especially others in the business — “You’re far too old for that…” … This post is so bomb! xxoo

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