Steak & Rice Bowl

Steak & Rice Bowl
I know tomorrow is Valentine’s Day because every time I turn around someone’s OD’ing on what they’re going to wear for the big day.
It’s Valentine’s Day people, not New Years Eve.
Even NPR is telling me I gotta buy some g*ddamn flowers.

Why is it that whenever Valentine’s Day is coming up, everything from chocolate to dinner is marked up by like 90%?
Do flowers only bloom for this day? Why do we continue to feed into the hype?


Everybodys out there in their glitter dresses, makeup in full effect, patting ourselves on the back as though we did something great instead of just fucking getting dressed.
And if your man doesn’t go all out, back of his hand rubbing the side of your cheek, you act like it’s Armageddon.
Let me ask you a question, what do you get for your man on Valentine’s Day?

Do you even bother to ask him what he wants for Valentine’s Day?
And don’t say, Well he gets laid like that’s some kind of sacrifice for you.
Like sex doesn’t feel good for you too.

Do  you ever try and change it up?
Or do you just give into it and do the same thing every year?

Like how much fun would it be if you celebrated it on the 12th?
You’d have a great time, think about it.
I actually advocate going out on the 15th, when you can get a g*ddamn reservation that doesn’t cost $300.
When you won’t have both your cheeks pressed against the couple on either side of you.

He’s trying not to move his fucking elbow becauase there’s a 85% chance he’ll knock over ‘their favorite!’ bottle of wine on the other table while you’re repeatedly asking him, “isn’t this nice?”


Or are you one of those 21st century women who uses Valentine’s Day as an excuse to be extra slutty?
God I hope you do.
I hope at least one of you is this woman.


If they’re any men reading this, guys, when are you gonna rise up and stake your claim on this day?
Maybe even demand a day for yourself.
What would you call it?
Steak & Blowjob Day?

Football & 3-some Day?
Imagine the cards.
Are there any women still reading this?


If you’re a single woman what do you do on V-Day?
Do you celebrate it? Treat yourself to a day at the spa like a classy broad? Get drunk with the rest of your single girlfriends?
Or do you just avoid it?
Like the way you don’t look at a psycho on the subway train.

Do you even realize it’s Valentine’s Day?
When that rosy, extra cheerful bitch at work practically shouts Happy Valentine’s Day!! to you at 8:42am, do you give her a look as if she just said the moon was made out of cheese?

Alright alright I’m done.
Before you think I’m a complete asshole, let’s get onto the food.
I’m done.


My boyfriend’s probably reading this with a, ‘what the fuck, Dana’ look on this face.
Or maybe he’s cracking up because we’re doing an Anti-Valentine’s Day thing this year.

You know what’s funny, we both hate Valentine’s Day yet our version of bucking the system is to rent a cabin somewhere in the woods this weekend, just the two of us.

Somehow we think getting cozy in a cabin with snow falling all around us, is the best way to say fuck Valentine’s Day.
And who’s kidding who – I’m not cooking.
Which means we’ll be going out to eat.
Ah God..

At least there will be video games.
There will be plenty of video games.



 Steak & Rice Bowl


What I Used.

1 cup Dry White Rice. 3 Large Eggs. 2 Handfuls Fresh Baby Broccoli (ends cut off). ½lb Tenderloin or Porterhouse Fillet. ½ an Avocado. 2 cups Chicken/Beef Broth. 2 tbsp Brown Rice Vinegar. 2 Tbsp Soy Sauce. 2 tbsp Sriracha Sauce. Salt. Pepper.

What I Did.

Cook the rice according to the bag/box and set aside.
If you’re using regular Basmati rice, I find the key to making it sticky is 1 part rice, 2 parts water.

Bring a med pot of salted water to boil.
Add in the baby broccolli.
Cook uncovered for about 5 mins or until tender yet crisp.
Strain and set aside.

Bring a small pot of water to boil.
Add the eggs.
Let boil for at least 15 mins.
Remove the eggs and set aside to cool.

In another small pot,
Add in the broth, brown rice vinegar, soy sauce and sriracha sauce.
Bring to a boil then reduce to a simmer.
Let cook for about 5 mins, adjusting the seasoning with salt and/or pepper.

Cook the steak using any method you like.
Whatever you swear is the best way to cook a steak.
I eat red meat like twice a year, you won’t get any steak cooking tips out of me.

Reheat the sauce.

Thinly slice the steak, generally slice avocado and halve the eggs.

The white sticky rice is not mandatory by the way.
Steak & Rice Bowl boston_food_blogs

Serve by putting it all in a bowl and spooning the broth around it.
If you still plan on keeping your new years resolution, use brown rice.
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94 thoughts on “Steak & Rice Bowl

  1. Oh, love the steak and rice bowl! Looks and sounds delicious, especially with that beautiful egg on top (I’d kill for an egg, but I bet I’ve said that every single time you’ve posted something with egg in it). Valentine’s Day? Oh dear. I remember the best Valentine’s Day I had was two or three years ago. Boyfriend was at home in Lille, and I had to be in Paris for work, so I went out to a restaurant with my best friend from college and we totally indulged in a romantic menu of quails and chocolate macarons… and a fancy bottle of wine. This year we are having a Russian blini party with lots of guests, nothing romantic: too much food and bottles of chilled vodka are on the menu. Yay.
    Actually, most of the time I have no idea what day it is… until the next day! 🙂

  2. Yum that steak looks cooked to perfection! As for Valentine’s day I’ve always been a huge fan I have to admit haha. It’s extra special for me now that I live in Copenhagen with my boyfriend because going out to eat is super super expensive here (any burger at a restaurant is around $20 usually) and prices only go up from there, so for us to go out to somewhere NICE it really has to be an occasion. In this case we have a $200 gift certificate from work for a really cool restaurant that I haven’t tried before so I’m super excited! AND YES I’M GONNA WEAR A RED DRESS AND IDGAF. 😀

  3. Ha! This is hilarious. I like Valentine’s Day as an excuse to plan to make something special at home (fuck no to going out and spending too much money on mediocre food!) and the husband and I will get each other little things, like he’ll hopefully get some nice flowers for me from the market down the street as I got him some good prosecco. Enjoy your weekend cabin and stay warm!

  4. Girl, you crack me up!!!! I so enjoy your posts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yes a snowy cabin in the woods, sounds like you’re coming to my house…lol! Really Valentine’s Day is the one day to say I love you with a card written by another man to tell you exactly that. Having said that, I think back to a Valentine’s Day when I really wanted to spend it with David and I could not (long story). That makes me realize how very lucky I am to be able to spend it with him. I always get him chocolate. He’s a chocaholic and I could never go wrong with that.

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours! Get snowed in and enjoy it………………

  5. Your cooking is perfection. You’ll be cheating yourself by dining out honey :/

    Hahahaha I’m one of those broads who like to milk EVERY SINGLE drop I can get all in the name of Valentines day…but I’m also lazy which means we rarely book tables and I can’t be bothered with the ridiculous prices as well as facing all the the loved up couples that do go out on the day. URGHH. So I end up eating at home (which I love) with loads of gifts. So it’s a win win 😉

    That cabin idea sounds good Dana. I’ll try to convince my hubby to get us one in the countryside for next year . LOL.

  6. Dana your man is one lucky guy! I would date you to eat all the amazing things you cook. Tell him I said that! As for V day, it is for the birds. I charge something for myself on my husband’s Amex and tell him thanks for the present. This is married life.

  7. Uhm yes… I concur to all your rants about V-day! As for me, I’m going to take myself on a date at my house, a great bottle of wine, a movie, a dinner that I haven’t decided on yet… Salmon croquets that I’ve been craving for a while or beef and barley stew… I’m leaning toward seafood. Anyhow, I’ve got a book that I’d like to finish & a walk in the snow listening to the right music so I can thank every snowflake I see. Obnoxious of me yes & I’m owning that, yay 🙂

    Anyhow, the steak & rice bowl look amazing, well done my dear! Your pics are so lovely. Keep it up. xoxo!

  8. Straight to the point and never even used cupids arrow…nice! LOL!
    I use to deliver flowers and it is such a BS holiday, because most people wait for that one day to act like a saint. I have dates with three women tomorrow, and my wife is one of them. Of course, being a personal trainer, I have client sessions. My wife got me a case of peanut butter powder for VD day and I got her a cycle exerciser for under her desk. Fair trade off. We went out for lunch today and are doing dinner out tonight.
    Your food rocks as always, and I am sure that you and your boyfriend will immerse yourselves in each other, as you should.
    As always, thanks for keeping it real Dana.

  9. Oh, a very pretty steaky rice bowl Ms Cake. How woodsy and romantic does you non-Valentines sound? Valentine’s Shmelentines….although the Yak did just bring me brekky in bed with a rose from the garden. Tonight we may snuggle on the couch with the ten year old and watch a b grade movie, Mega Shark versus Crocosaurus. Can you feel the love?

  10. Awesome. We are reversed in my house. Every year a few days before valentines day my husband ‘accidentally’ let’s slip that he got me something, probably to hint that I should do the same for him. Usually I respond with something along the lines of ‘the fuck you do that for?’ or ‘are we still doing that shit?’ then I forget about it again only to feel slightly like an asshole when he gives me a card and flowers and I have nothing for him but a sheepish thanks (and yes if we can sneak away probe a blow job too). I usually get over it quickly though by remembering that it is the stupidest holiday. I’m all for Halloween, Christmas last all month, easter is a blast, but valentines day is just contrived crap. I guess I haven’t ever been much of a romantic.

    This was hilarious, and the recipe sounds amazing. I might give it a try this weekend. 😊

  11. Haha, I have to focus on the ‘psycho on train’ part, I soooo know what you mean and I always laugh inside so much when that happens- some loony is making hella noise and suddenly everyone takes MEGA interest in their newspapers, like they want to blend into the newspaper print…ok, so V Day, well I’m single and to be honest the build up really brought me down, more because of my age and the fears it brings, i.e when i die alone covered in cat piss, will my neighbours ever find me…but now its the day itself, i’m relieved coz it means its over, ya know? I’ll work, go shopping and then out with my mates wearing some slutty red lace prom dress- haha, its not actually slutty but that sounds more interesting…have a great day locked up with your man in the cabin! x

  12. Hahah I laughed so hard while reading this. So many facts in what you are saying. Idk what category I fall in since it’s me and my boyfriends 10month and first valentines day. We are generally romantic to one another and we both got each other gifts without anyone putting pressure on each other and I am going to make him dinner 🙂 Lovely food!

    Agnes x

  13. Mmmmm looks damn good Dana!😋 Oh and WTF is Valentines day? It’s just another day for me to celebrate with a song that’s apt “I touch myself..I don’t want anybody else! 😉(shit! I hope no one reads this lol)

  14. We had friends over and I made a big five course meal. You can read about the main course tomorrow on my blog, so I won’t spoil the surprise. We hate going out too, so over rated. I got my guy a new fragrance because he asked for it; we went out together and sampled a few until we landed on it. He usually gets me jewellery, this time it was a Thomas Sabo charm of the world because he said “I mean the world to him”!

  15. HA! This made me laugh a lot! Thank you. Also for the recorder, I didn’t buy into flowers or over priced chocolates, I went all out and got the most expensive chunk of lamb I could find and cook that baby all tasty like… So that’s my claim… she got lamb, I got lamb… everybody wins except the florist… actually they probably won with all those other suckers buying flowers….

  16. Love this post! Couldn’t agree with you more…Valentine’s overrated! Ladies if we want equality, let’s actually do it properly. My boyfriend and spent the day travelling back from Quebec City on the train, sipping wine and enjoying the scenery. But make it your own ladies (and gents)!

    Also that dish looks delish, love all the whole natural ingredients 🙂

  17. omg just had the best laugh reading this tonight. And tonight I really needed a good laugh! For the record, we’re anti-Valentine’s Day and I’m not slutty (sorry). We’re more the staying in for steak+BJ types 🙂

  18. The proper way to read this post is to have that steak & rice bowl right in your hands and then read it from top to bottle. Man why do I feel like I was watching sports with beer and crackers LOL. I love the spirit here!

  19. Dana this recipe looks amazing. I loved reading your anti-Valentine’s Day post. I hear you. Ironically, getting cozy in a cabin with snow falling on the ground is totally romantic. 😀

  20. Ever since I got married, V-Day has been overshadowed by my birthday (the 15th) and our anniversary (the 10th). I have more important birthday/anniversary shit to do. And yes, if you’re wondering, the birthday/anniversary/valentine’s holidays get rolled into 1 gift, and I’m OK with that. I mean, I’d rather have one goooooood gift that is bought with our money than a few smaller ones. Your take on Valentine’s had me rollin – thanks for a refreshing viewpoint!

  21. Hey there!
    I basically negate valentine’s day… I really tried to get myself to bake something with hearts and red and loooove this year, cause people want it, they expect it, they seem to have an inner need, but I just didn’t. I had it all planned out and then just didn’t. My boyfriend got me a gift, my mom got me a gift and I ended up being the selfish one who hasn’t cared. Darn! But hey people: It’s just another day to me and it’s not cause I am unhappy or frustrated or something, I am just not into it…” Maybe next year! 😉 Maybe not!
    Anyhow, the recipe looks uuuhmazing! Love it! ❤ Gotta make it soon…

    Your Backdirndl

  22. I agree with you completely: it much much more when significant other brings flowers on a random Tuesday “just because” than when the whole world tells him he must. Thanks for liking my recipe for darkish bread with grains!

    1. Exactly!
      And you’re welcome! I really liked that recipe so I’ll be sure to check out your blog much more often 🙂
      And thank you so much for stopping by my blog, hope you’re having a great day!

  23. You would have enjoyed Valentines Day at my house. We invited all our friends (who didn’t already have hot dates) and we had an antipasti pot luck with heaps of wine. You could dress pretty and wear lippy or you could dine in your pyjamas. No judgement. I love rice bowl anything. Broth on top is super comforting.

  24. Dana, thanks for stopping by my blog. Yours is hilarious! Your writing style is so totally different from mine, but I like that your personality shines through. Great food photos too. Looks delish!

    1. Hey Erin!

      Thank you for returning the visit and thank you for the kind words!
      Yes I do have a bit of an unorthodox writing style for a food blogger 😀

      Hope you have a great weekend lady!

  25. Seems I’m late to the party!! Love your post!

    Your humour seems to be a little similar to my own. If only you liked red meat more we coulda probably been in love (or maybe I coulda just been your gay bff! Lol).

    The pics make the meal look really appetizing and the ingredient list and method makes me think this would be a great tasting meal that wouldn’t take all year to pull together.

    As soon as I find the “follow” button I’m going to follow your blog!!!

    1. Awww!!
      Thanks darlin for such a dope compliment, you really know how to make a gal feel good 🙂
      It was super quick making this too as you guessed.
      Headed over to your blog now!

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