Inner Workings’s still Winter.
Cleared off another foot of snow from my car yesterday, the wind chill is -20F today and I am inside.

I’m getting the feeling the next few style shoots will be in my apt because this is the 3rd weekend in a row that we’ve had a snowstorm and I’m resigning to the fact that this will be a trend.

I spent today catching up on weekend chores.
Laundry. Cooking. http://ivegotcake.comhttp://ivegotcake.com

And yes, doing the socks and shoes thing again because these socks were way too comfortable to remove.
I mean that’s reason enough, right?


78 thoughts on “Inner Workings

  1. Looking lovely…even in socks! There’s something about toning down a dress like this. It’s sexy, yet comfortable. I love socks that are extremely comfortable. They’re so hard to remove from my feet, just like a scarf wrapped around my neck. LOL. I understand what you’re going through with this weather; hence, my lack of outdoor pics. Blah! Anyway, stay warm and work from home as much as you can. xoxo

    1. Abrielle, girl when I tell you it has been miserable…
      I’m just glad I drive to work and don’t rely on public transportation because our whole T system has been rotating between 3 hour delays to completely shutdown so the rails can be de-iced,
      So yeah.,..more indoor shoots to come, ugh.

      1. I’m in DC lol so, not dealing with it as bad as those places but I’m a Cali girl so this is foreign! Lol

  2. It’s been freezing for me too! The other day I turned to my boyfriend and was like “ugh it’s so cold lately I have no good instagram photos!!” And after two seconds he realised I was serious and said “wow, then I guess your life is pretty miserable.” hahaha. Guess I need to suck it up and do an indoor photoshoot, yours looks great! Wheres that dress from?

    1. Dude IG is no joke!
      I’m trying to find peace is doing a shoot in my apt, moving shit around .. just a fucking all round, pain in the ass.
      Dress is from Topshop, circa 2008, I think.

  3. There’s something sexy and comfortable about this look (who says the two are mutually exclusive) and I love it.
    By the by, me, I’d be skidding around on those floors in them socks 😜

  4. I will keep winter, but we haven’t had snow sooooooo I guess I need to be nice and say warm up please?!?!!? Please come organize my spices too haha. Only you could pull of an uberly chic dress with socks and sneakers, just let me be you kk thanks!

    xx Cara

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