Shrimp Salad

Shrimp Salad
I was interviewed for a Style write-up not too long ago and one of the questions was what was something I felt that was underrated in a woman’s closet.
Since then, I’ve been randomly assessing things/situations as either overrated or underrated.
For example;

I’m at the checkout line of a store right, buying what I’m buying, minding my business.
I’m standing behind this lady who has just the oddest head I’ve ever seen.

It wasn’t quite square but it wasn’t really round either.
I didn’t know what to make of it.

To distract myself, I picked up Boston Magazine, 50 Best Of.
I read this shit every year because they list the 50 best restaurants in Boston and it’s normally about 91/92% accurate.
And I like to see who made the cut every year, add a new spot to my list, it’s a good investment.

A vegan pizza spot was listed under Best New Venture in my neighborhood.
I had an hour before I was supposed to meet with my friend, I decided to give it a try.


So I find the place, walk in and lo and behold the place is fucking packed.
But I see this little 2-top get up.
Waitress is cleaning off the table, she walks away, so I go over and I sit down.

I start looking at the menu, checking out what other people are ordering, I’m getting excited.
I’m getting ready to order some pizza.

The waitress comes over.
She’s like, “Um so were you like, in the waiting area next door or did you just like walk in here and sit down?”
And I was like, um I just came in here and sat down.
She goes, “Yeaaahhhh um yeah, so you like have to sign in next door….?”

She’s already fucking annoying me.
She one of those people, you know one of those people that ends every sentence? With a question?
That’s this chick.


“You have to like sign in next door..”
So I’m like, oh alright. Well how longs the wait?
“Well, I can’t really say, it’s like really busy, so…… an hour and 15 maybe?”

At that point I’m like, well I have to be somewhere at 6, in a hour from now, am I gonna have time to order a pizza? And eat it?
She pauses and I can literally see her brain thinking.
She goes, “Yeah no…………no….”

And like that’s when my blood just starts fucking boiling.
Because I realized what I’d just walked into.
You know what I walked into, I walked into the pizza version of Valentines Day.


1 hour and 15 mins to make a fucking pizza, you can’t fucking do that?
Like he’s making some sort of gourmet….
What is he growing tomatoes on demand?
Standing out back with his hands on his hips going, sorry guys, they’re not quite ripe yet, give it another 30!

Overrated: Standing in Line for Food.

Never worth it.
Never worth the hype. Never worth the wait.

If you learn anything from reading this blog other than I don’t know half the shit I’m talking about, is don’t ever stand in line for fucking food, ok?
Unless there’s a natural disaster.
The city is flooded and they’re scooping out pea soup and you’re putting it in your hat.
Then you stand in line.

Unless they’re passing around samples of the food you’re waiting for and have someone that comes out and does magic tricks, the good ones where you get a prize at the end of every trick, then you stand in line.

But other than that – there is no good reason to stand in line for over 90 mins for food.

These people, they stand in line, listening to other peoples awful conversation…standing in line for 90 mins, waiting on a g*ddamn slice of pizza.
It’s gone in like 3 seconds.

Yeah sorry, I can’t make you a pizza in under 1 hour.
Yeah? Really?
Well fuck you and your pizza.
I’ll make my own.

You know what kills me though, is now I’ve gotta go back and have that pizza.
I can’t make my own pizza until I see what theirs is about.
I have to go back.
So here’s a shrimp salad in the meantime.



Shrimp Salad

What I Used

15-20 Large Shrimp. 2 cups Fresh Arugula. 1 cup Chopped Cilantro. ½ cup Diced Scallions.  ¼ cup Balsamic Vinegar. ¼ cup Sriracha Sauce. ¼ cup Melted Butter. ¼ cup Almond Slivers. ½ cup Sliced Radishes. 2 tbsp Dry Sherry. Olive Oil. Salt. Pepper.

What I Did

Let me preface this by saying, there  is nothing special to this salad so feel free to go off-road and make your own salad and use your own dressing too.
Just make sure the dressing isn’t anything too heavy or overly seasoned or it’ll contrast with the shrimp.


Make the dressing by mixing:
 ¼ cup Balsamic Vinegar in a small bowl with 1 tbsp Olive Oil & 2 tbsp Dry Sherry.
Season to taste with salt & pepper.
Set aside.


Pre-heat the oven to 350F.
In a large bowl, add the arugula, the diced scallions, sliced radishes and chopped cilantro.
Add in the dressing.
Mix until the salad is lightly coated.
Place in fridge.


Rinse, peel & de-vine the shrimp.
Add the shrimp to a med bowl and mix gently with a light coating of salt & pepper.
Skewer the shrimp.
Place the shrimp on a foil-lined baking tray.

Make the sriracha butter my mixing the melted butter with the sriracha sauce.
If you’re not into spicy, do a 2:1 ratio, butter to sriracha.
Baste with the Sriracha butter.
Bake for about 5 mins or until the side up is pink.
Flip and baste the other side with the rest of the sriracha sauce.
Cook the other side until it also is pink. About 3 mins this time.

Spoon the salad on to the plate.
Top with almond slivers.
Serve the skewer(s) of shrimp alongside the salad.

64 thoughts on “Shrimp Salad

  1. We went to a VERY NICE restaurant the other day & never got a waiter. There were two other tables there. TWO. That’s it. Waiters standing around the bar & chit chatting. Like, are we peasants? I was in HEELS for crying out loud. Grinds my gears, man. Rude restaurant folk.

    K this salad – yas. I want about 16 of the shrimp on their own!

  2. That’s when you start with, “You must not have received the message. I am Dana and I’m here to do a follow up for the magazine. Bring me a tea and a menu and I only have 45 minutes. Thanks.
    Oh well, it works in my head. Still, it would be fun to go back and try it, right? I mean, like, it could work, right? Hello?….

  3. Oh man. This post is a shining example of why I try to eat in as much as possible. Because vegan pizza places are ALWAYS like that. Literally all of them. There’s one near me that’s not vegan- just has vegan options on the menu- so it’s not crowded because I’m pretty sure all the other vegans are like “ew there’s meat in their establishment I’m not going there” but I literally don’t care. It’s my choice not to eat meat, I don’t care if you want to. But anywhere that’s 100% vegan is always PACKED. And that, my friends, is overrated.

  4. I will never get bored with your intros. They are the best. You write literally the same way I think so I’m actually dying over here. That girl needs to have a seat and learn proper etiquette and the use of a period not a questions mark.

    Your shrimp look bomb… Can’t eat the hot stuff because of my girlfriend but I might just try it for myself.


  5. Oh the waiting game at popular places…how I hate it! But sometimes, you just really can’t get around it! At least in New York – there are some places that are ALWAYS packed and if you want exactly this food…well you have to be a trooper and wait it out. BUT, I refuse to wait for more than 30 minutes. Oh and waiting for pizza for more than an hour? Nooooo, there are too many pizza places out there where I can walk in an get my slice immediately. But then again, if it’s a very special place, well, I guess you have to go back and hope that the hype will have died down a bit 😉

  6. Now I’m dying to know what’s so good about this pizza that people are willing to wait an hour for it…That salad looked delicious.

  7. Sriracha butter sounds like a genius idea. I think I know what I’m making for dinner tonight! Also, I agree – never wait for food. I have to ask: what was your answer to what’s underrated in a woman’s closet?

  8. SMH at this bad customer service! I hate when people are like that at restaurants. She didn’t have to be rude about you going to the bar to sit – how were you supposed to know you needed to sign in? Also, what is in this pizza? Why the hell does it take so long to cook?! They are doing the most. And once again, your food pictures are making my mouth water! I think I have all these ingredients so I might have to try this tonight.

  9. So, you know I’m about 91-92% on board with all of this. Except – here is the one restaurant in America that is worth standing in the 25-35 minute line: Matt’s Bar in Minneapolis, MN, where they will serve you a Jucy Lucy – that is TWO patties with exploding, molten cheese in the middle – and you do not get to customize that order and yhou do have to wait your turn like every other joe schmo because those waitresses are not impressed. Actually, I amend my statement to – generally, if you have to pay cash – it’s probably at least worth 5-7 minutes of your time.

    But standing in line for 90 minutes for vegan pizza…there is no universe where that is acceptable.

  10. Yes m’am, get ’em girl… I totally agree about not standing in line for food. I love it when a food experience lasts for half a night, but that’s when I’m enjoying it for that long & overindulging for hours… not this waiting bullshit. Good for you!

    Shrimp salad looks amazing. I like the peppery arugula with the peppery & sweet siracha. Well played m’dear.

  11. D., one hour just to eat some special pizza? no no no… Girl, you CAN cook something waaayyy much better than any special pizza! That Shrimp is the proof! ❤

  12. I hate lining up for anything and I hate missing out. It’s a conundrum and I feel your pain Cake. This looks well tasty and I need to find Siracha sauce. (Maybe not right now, it’s 10.30 at night….)

    1. Nah, if you went looking for Sriracha Sauce at 10:30p that would indicate something was seriously…
      I don’t wanna say ‘wrong’ because that’s relative. Seriously….amiss.
      There we go.

  13. Whaaaa??? I can’t even wait for the last ten seconds on the microwave.

    But waiting seems to be a thing even here in Australia. Goddamned restaurants won’t even take reservations which leads me to believe they enjoy the hype and buzz they get with having a queue snaking down the stairs, out the front door halfway to the next 7-Eleven. Don’t these people have somewhere else to be?
    If it weren’t for emergency jellybeans, so many people would be getting some serious hurt put on them by a very hangry me.

    Can’t go wrong with a shrimp on the barbie 🙂

    1. Really?
      Most restaurants there don’t take reservations? Oh FAAAAK that.
      I’d be hangry too girl.I didn’t learn how to cook till I was almost 20 but that shit alone would have me cooking at like 9.
      Hell no.

      1. Sorry, no, I meant a lot of restaurants that become a sensation tend to have a no booking policy – frustrating.
        Thankfully, there are civilised places that take reservations and prevent mad rampages.

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