Reach for the Balloons I’m on my way to pick up balloons for my friend’s birthday tonight. I don’t get why after you turn 10, people stop bringing balloons to birthday parties. I mean it’s a party right?

The sheer pleasure I get from walking around with a handful of balloons for no reason, it’s one of the best feelings ever.
You walking around, crossing streets, dodging trees, trying to act normal, like you don’t have a dozen big-ass balloons floating behind you.
It’s one of my favorite things to do.

But nothing tops watching the look of absolute surprise turn to joy on an adults face, when you hand them those balloons.
So while the weather is still playing nice, I put my leather jacket on and I’m off to buy balloons. 12 big colorful ones, so there’s no chance they’ll be missed, even when it starts snowing again tonight. IVC_2254_1 Ive_got_cake_blog

85 thoughts on “Reach for the Balloons

  1. YesssSS, there is something about balloons, now I’m having this fantasy of dressed in a voluminous gown with a split to the high heavens, hair i dont have blowing in the wind walking along the streets of Paris at night holding my balloons! Hope you enjoyed the par-tay!

    1. Thank you April,
      It’s easier to shoot inside but I honestly can’t wait till the snow mounds melt and I can go outside and shoot again.
      Back to back to back blizzards = misery

    1. It’s bad here in Boston too.
      Every weekend it’s a snow storming.
      That’s why I had to take these pictures inside…there’s no room on the streets, snow everywhere 😦

  2. The balloons are a nice touch. I can’t imagine anyone being disappointed with balloons! I’m actually tasked with putting together my daughters first sleepover and I’ve been so clueless with ideas.

    And I know you probably hate that the snow has been keeping your shoots indoor, but the lighting is awesome! Haha

    1. Haha, thanks Zully!
      I feel so constrained, shooting indoors.

      How old is your daughter?
      Is she into Frozen? There was this huge Frozen thing in Boston over the weekend and after all that fucking TRAFFIC..
      Anyway, try Frozen 🙂

      1. She’s gonna be 7 (wow, I just realized this number is big) – yes loves it, but I’m not giving Elsa & Ana any more of my money! LOL

        I thought of Sleeping Beauty (sleep over haha, get it), but idk. Maybe just a simple theme like PINK and GLITTER

  3. Hope you had fun…scratch that! I know you had fun at the b-day party. You know what? I can’t remember the last time I bought balloons. It’s been quite a while. I think I’ll buy some just because. LOL.

  4. I totally agree with you I think it’s even a bit sad that just because we are “grown ups” we don’t have the typical bday party…
    [ we all have a little girl/boy inside of us no matter how old we are at least I like to believe that:)]

  5. Girl, I thought I was the only one who enjoyed doing over the top things for adult birthdays, I don’t know why people turn sour when we get older…hell bring my balloons, confetti, all of it lol, glad I am not the only one, cute look!

  6. Let’s have one of those parties where you put up a rack of the clothes you don’t really wear anymore and I put up a rack of the clothes I don’t really wear anymore and we both go through each others rack and pick out pieces that we love and now get to own.


    I want these pants and that off the shoulder top! I also love how awesome your hair looks when it is piled up on your pretty head! 🙂

    1. Ooooh, we shoooould!!
      I mean just imagine how much fun we’d have!!
      Trying stuff on and mixing shit up, music in the background of course 😀

      Whhhhhhy are you in AZ?
      Must you be so far away??

  7. Ha… I loved the balloons, although you top that list! Thanks for making me feel so loved & happy. It’s always a better experience when you’re there! Thanks for the balloons, they are still trying to hover in my living room.

    As for your fashion m’dear, always lovely! And, I’m not sure I showed you after the last closet raid we had, I got a leather jacket very similar & love wearing it… just like you said I would. Thanks. I really like how everything is pulled together, well done! You always look stunning. Ciao bella!

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