These are a few snap shots of what I wore to dinner over the weekend.

It finally stopped snowing and by snowing I mean dumping anything greater than 6 inches (hooray).
The sidewalks however, are still dangerously icy so I’m still shooting indoors. Booo.


This was one of those days where I wasn’t really aiming for all black but you know how it goes…shit just comes together and suddenly you’re in the mirror going, you know what, I think this could work.

But you’ll have to excuse me for not taking decent pictures of my full look.
I set up my tripod and immediately proceeded  to do everything from watching Real Housewives of Atlanta to trying to take the perfect selfie, basically forgetting that the camera was clicking away on the tripod.

I swear I am the worst at staying focused when it comes to getting ready.
I have the attention span of a fly.
So what I’m left with…what we are left with, are these half-assed pictures.

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80 thoughts on “Wait…what?

  1. Personally, I love these shots–it’s refreshing to see someone actually live in the outfits they blog about. Your outdoor shots are great because you always use your surroundings to compose really interesting photos of course, but this is really great too!

    1. Man, thank you!!
      In my head I’m like, “they’ll see my entire apt before this winter ends” and it makes me uneasy because I feel like I’m running out of ideas so thank you for this awesome feedback.
      You really are the best you know that?

  2. You are so stunning Dana, I am serious! Is that a dress or a two piece? You are so good at finding clothing that looks amazing on your body…..but then again, everything would look amazing with that bod! xx

  3. Looking great – what lovely light you have in your flat! But then I’ve been getting home so late that it’s always dark already … and no snow in sight …

  4. Okay but all the while, I’m loving this post and these photos. Sometimes it takes a short attention span to make for an amusing shoot. Love it! Also that dress is a STUNNER!

  5. And you still worked the camera with your “half-a**ed pictures (your words, not mine). LOL. You wear all black very well. I think these pictures are lovely. It captures very natural moments…less model-like. Love it! As for the weather…*sigh*. These indoor pics are killing me too! But, I’m braving the cold once again in a future post. Ha!

  6. Dana! It has been a minute since I’ve commented on one of your posts… and that is a minute too long! Look what I almost missed! I’m really feelin’ the all black look. Effortless. My favorite are the last two shots which are pure perfection. You may have just inspired me to do a black on black look myself! Watch out now!

  7. i just rhapsodized your blog to my sister…”she blogs about food AND clothes! and she curses a lot…it’s so inspiring!”…and, that about sums it up 🙂 love reading, keep it coming!!

  8. You are so smart by staying indoors for your shoots! I love the slit in that skirt and your hair looks awesome in a top bun! Have a good weekend, Dana! xo – Danielle

      1. Currently, I have about 2-3″ outside my window with predictions of several more throughout the day. Ugh. Winter is going out like a ferocious lion!! I guess it’s an opportunity to get things done around the house… double ugh. How much snow fall are you Bostonites getting!? xo

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