Fur Balls

I’m into oversized tops these days so last weekend I went thrift shopping.
The problem with thrift shopping is that you always come away with more than you intended.
That’s how I got this coat.

One min I’m looking for sweaters, the next min I’m sizing this coat up.
And I know, I know that if I wore this at night with black stockings, I’d be mistaken for bushy animal but I don’t give a damn.
All I see is warmth.
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83 thoughts on “Fur Balls

      1. That’s awesome!
        It was too windy out…
        We didn’t get into much besides visiting family. What are you getting into tonight?

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the soles of your feet on ground level before, babe. They’re usually arched up in heels 🙂 damn, will you stop looking so effortlessly cool already???? GRIN

  2. We call them ‘opportunity shops’ in these here parts. ‘Op shops’ for short. Whatever their names, I also love trawling through those racks looking for hidden gems. This coat is divinely mad, mad, mad. Just like you. (Ok, and me.) 😁

  3. Thrift Store shopping OMG yes! I always have to have a list (the list is usually small mind you lol) if not then I am grabbing random items of clothing left and right. I absolutely convince myself that I will wear them eventually, but never do.

    I never thought that a fur coat can look so casual until I saw your post. You inspired me to want to get a fur coat. Actually if you wore the coat with a black outfit i think it would look vintage inspired ooh red lipstick is a must.

  4. Laaawd Haave Mercy, this fuzzy wonder just shows why thrift and vintage shopping is so fab.This jacket is so timeless and you can dress it up and down, and its great to look glam in winter. Tsigh I’m in Nigeria at the moment so my vintage shopping has come to a firm and abrupt halt…

  5. Your coat is kick-ass gorgeous, and excuse me but if you wore it with black stockings at night, you’d be considered hot as hell, not a wild animal! I love me some big furry coats from the thrift shops as well, I’ve bought two this winter. And they keep me warmer than any other jacket or coat I have. Great buy, and I love the styling with the jeans and the oversized sweater.

      1. Aww it’s always good to have someone who knows how to take good pictures 🙂 I still have to practise how to stay in focus when I’m shooting alone with my tripod… Never would have thought taking pics was so hard lol.

  6. Love the contrast of the coat with jeans.

    The only time we shop thrift stores is before a dress up party. Then the costume items eventually make their way into my every day wardrobe too.

    The Koala bought me a brown furry coat for a dress up party once. I’ve yet to wear it outside of dress ups. Maybe I’ll dust it off this winter. It’s really warm and feels like a teddy bear. Feels good to cuddle and be cuddled in.

  7. You’re outdoors again. Yay!
    That coat is a great find – I don’t think I’d have such luck here. The best I’ve done is a pair of gaudy shorts two sizes too small 😉

  8. Oh, I’m digging this look, Dana! You look so effortless: the way you paired the coat with a plain white tee, sneaks, and a great pair jeans really brings that wild care item (aka the coat!) down to earth. I love your styling choices here. By the way: you could never look like a bushy animal! Hope you are thawing out there in Boston. We are experiencing warmer days here and I can even tell you how refreshing it is!!! xo – Danielle

  9. I love your coat and I feel like your blog is about to be my new favorite thing! *grabs tea and takes a seat*
    You should come to London! There are some interesting places to thrift and one that offers everything for 1GBP each! [can’t find the pound sign on US netbook lol]
    Have a great week!

      1. I haven’t tried that many times but on the few occasions I have been brave enough to thrift, I’ve gotten an awesome chunky knit jumper, a super soft oversized jacket, a couple of skirts and a really beautiful dress that I think I may finally debut at a friends wedding next month! I saw a beautiful beaded bag once but another girl got to it before me – I was heartbroken haha

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