Steamed Artichokes & Garlic Butter

Steamed Artichokes & Garlic Butter.

So I sort of stole one of my neighbors Bon Appetit magazine over the weekend.

It was sitting in the mailroom with all that other junk mail and I was like, “nobody wants this, right?”
Let me just…

The whole thing, from thought to action took 2 seconds.
And I know I should feel guilty but yeah no.
I don’t.
I have it and like, I’m kinda glad I stole it.

There was this article in there about Artichokes that reminded me that I actually liked Artichokes so later when I went grocery shopping, I made sure to pick up some Artichokes.

You ever get that way before?

Where you haven’t had something in a really long time but then you suddenly see it and all of a sudden you want it again like, oh yeah. I should try some of that...
That’s what it was with me and these Artichokes.

I think the last time I had them was my senior year in college.
My friend Sokah used to make them and serve them with the juiciest pieces of steak you’ve ever had in your life.
She’d steam them for an hour until they were nice and tender, season them up a bit and serve them with melted butter.
Just like that.
Talk about the good life.


I mean back then, when you only had you and your stomach to think of, back when life was good, back in your prime… you would just eat like an absolute animal.
Just the combination of shit that we would have in our stomachs…
Poptarts, steak & cheese sandwiches, icecream bars, Egg McMuffins, Doritos…
All that and still have a flat tummy, why wouldn’t you eat that shit?

Not anymore.
Now if I wanted to eat that shit, that poison, I’d have to wear one of those things that people cover boats with.
Fashion it into a dress or something just so my stomach had enough room to expand.

Anyway, like I was saying.
My friend used to steam the hell out of those artichokes and serve them with warm butter so imagine my delight when this stolen Bon Appetit article said to do the same.

Steamed Artichokes & Garlic Butter.

What I Used.

4-5 Artichokes. 1 tsp Minced Garlic. ½ cup Salted Butter. Salt. Pepper.

What I Did.
Rinse the Artichokes, drying them as well as possible.
Cut off the stems and cut off the top so that the tip of the heart is exposed.
Feel free to cut off any other brown tips/leaves as necessary. Those do you no good and they’re tough as hell to cook.
Fill a large pot with 2 – 3 inches of water.
Add the Artichokes to a steamer basket.
Place the basket in the water and sprinkle salt & pepper on top of the artichokes.
Bring to a boil then reduce to a simmer.
Simmer, covered, for 1 hour or until you can insert a fork into the base of the artichokes with ease.

Melt some butter.
Add in 1 tsp of minced garlic.

Steamed Artichokes & Garlic Butter. Black_food_bloggers

75 thoughts on “Steamed Artichokes & Garlic Butter

  1. These look like a sneaky way just to eat butter, but who am I to judge? I love butter.

    As adventurous a foodie as I am, I’ve never eaten artichokes this way. They’re not popular here, though I admit, I’ve never hunted for them. I’ve watched and read about the technique you should eat these with, just never had the pleasure. I’ve eaten marinated artichokes but I’ve been told they’re completely different.

    1. Dude yes.
      Lobster in butter & artichokes in butter …those are like the things you just can’t say no to. You just have to eat it.
      I was saying to someone earlier, they’re pretty underrrated but they have this wonderful, wonderful taste to them. And there’s something neat about pulling the ‘meat’ off the artichoke leaves with you teeth before discarding the rest of the leaf.
      I dunno, it’s all part of the process, you have to try it sometime.

  2. Yum! I forgot how much I loved artichokes too! My mom used to make stuffed ones and they were heavenly! I miss the days of college when I would eat dominos pizza, washed down with 10 bud lights and could still rock a bikini with no problem. I wish I knew then how lucky I was!

    1. Oooh stuffed artichokes!
      I haven’t had those but I immediately want some now lol.

      And college years were the best, just raking in the junk food.
      I also think we were able to do this because we juuuuust missed the generation of growth hormones, where they’re metabolisms are like that of a 35 year old but they’re like 19. So like if they tried to eat now what we did then, they’d have like a heart attack.

      It’s pretty much like you said Amy, we were lucky 🙂

  3. “Now if I wanted to eat that shit, that poison, I’d have to wear one of those things that people cover boats with.” Hahahaha! I hear you, Dana.
    My pop tart eating days are long gone.
    This buttery artichoke dish though, I want. It looks simple and simply sensational.

      1. Only because I am afraid of embarrassing myself by leaving something mediocre in the wake of your stellar, infectious and humorous writing.
        You rock, Dana!

  4. You didn’t steal it….you just gave it a new home! LOL I get like that too – when I see something in a magazine or on tv, I get that one-track mind and need to have it NOW. Looking at these artichokes makes me want to go to the grocery store actually…..I’ve never had them fresh. Just in a jar. So depressing 😦

    1. Thank you hotstuff!
      And I think you’re right in that they’re taste is really hard to compare to anything else.
      I should have called this post A Bowl of Butter haha

  5. Get it girl… Looks delish. And, I know what you mean. I mean, things have shifted & dropped on this body of mine… Which you still convince me I’m only 29… again… of which my body keeps reminding me, I am nowhere near that age. And, I’m more than okay with it. Loving the journey 🙂

  6. FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY something I have been making for years, I finally feel like I am on your level haha although I know that I am nowhere near when it comes to cooking!

    xx Cara

  7. Oh. My god. That looks unbelievably good. Insanely simple, delicious, and garlicky. That’s everything I want out of recipe. Pardon me while I casually steal this for my own kitchen.

  8. Dana, not so good to steal! But I love what you have made. I´ve neve actually eaten artichokes before. I´m now beginning to worry about my upbringing and life – LOL.
    Simple and Lovely. Might just give it a try… not such about the garlic butter though….
    Have a lovely Thursday namesake.

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