Wax On, Wax Off

Is it me or lately, have you just been itching to shop?

I haven’t shopped all winter and I’m starting to get restless because I want new stuff but the stores haven’t transitioned over to spring/summer yet.
So I’m stuck.
I can’t do shit but wait it out.

And yes I could shop online but when you’re itching to shop, that includes trying things on.

Looking for something to wear the other night, I ended up with this black Topshop dress which as it turns out, was my last shopping purchase.
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90 thoughts on “Wax On, Wax Off

  1. I am so with you. It’s ridiculous. I have all the sweaters I could ever need please give me new blouse options!
    That dress, though. Love the length.

  2. I love the way you put together this outfit.
    I´m always itching to shop but I get what you´re saying, its a little more aggressive lately! Spring being the air and all! And obviously at this moment in time I can´t afford to be shopping. WHY IS LIFE SO CRUEL SOMETIMES!

    Also I like your photo space, I need that space!
    Have a fabulous weekend dear.
    Dana was here 🙂

    1. 💜💜💜
      You know what though, we gotta do like my girlfriend is doing. She gave up shopping for lent which I thought was GENIUS because by the time it’s easter, the stores would have turned inventory and we’d have money saved up from not shopping!

      1. Annnnnnnd I am totally giving shopping up next year! I gave up Yoghurt, my addiction to greek yoghurt was turning into these things that might lead you down the path to yoghurt addicts anonymous but Shopping might be a huge investment, at Easter I can buy myself like 20 new outfits! Then we are back to square zero. No money LOL

  3. Gorgeous lady. Love that blue coat. And yes, online shopping could never replace the excitement and bliss that comes with feeling the fabrics on the rack, sniffing them and just trying things on, and walking back home with huge shopping bags and a smile slapped across your face….pure therapy. lol


  4. It’s definitely not just you!! I try to justify my shopping itch by telling myself I just had a baby & there’s nothing wrong with wanting a new wardrobe lol!

    1. Awww congratulations!!
      Yes girl, you deserve more than a shipping trip and you don’t need nobody’s permission.
      Just tell them to get the bags from the car and to put them on the bed 😝
      And thank you for stopping by my blog!!

  5. I completely get what you mean about wanting to shop! I haven’t shopped all summer and now I just have to. 😀 Awesome outfit – great combo with the dress, coat and shoes!

  6. I don’t know why it is, but I’ve had that itch too. (I’m guessing the big pre-move purge of my closet has something to do with it.) You’re more patient than I, as I’ve definitely indulged in some online retail therapy because I really, really like getting packages.

    That dress is marvelous, but THAT COAT. OMG. It’s fantastic!

  7. Yesss I’ve been dying to shop but it’s also tax season and I just found out I messed mine up last year so I owe money back when I was expecting to cash out! Shoot. Love the mix of feminine and masculine with the lace slip dress and the oversized jacket!! On point as always.

    Danika Maia

  8. Great dress, but that coat though is killer!!! LOVE IT. And yes – I’ve been itching to shop so I went shopping and went crazy…hence my current financial situation. *looking down in shame*

  9. Love, love, love that color on you! It’s so vibrant! I wish I could say the same. All I’ve seen is clothing for spring since February. I was trying to get more things from the winter sales, but I missed out on a few items. Oh well! *sigh* No worries! You’ll start seeing the items you desire in no time. 😉

  10. Gosh, it would be nice to just walk into a store full of fabulous spring/summer styles and just shop and shop and shop…to your heart’s content. And then you could wear all these styles out and about cause the weather is PERECTION and…oh wait! That was my day! Hahahahahahahahah!!!! Awww, I promise, I am thinking of you and sending spring/summer wishes your way 🙂 Really!

  11. Haha, I’ve always got an itch to shop. Great outfit! I love the lace on the bottom of the dress & the color of your coat! Hope you’re doing well. Don’t worry, spring is coming! It hit 60 degrees here in NY yesterday!

  12. Topshop designers continue to get it right, I love the detailing on the hem of the dress, makes it look High Fashion and all. And the pop of Blue of the jacket is very Spring indeed. Well, here its sweltering hot and as I’m in the Land that God Forgot, all I’m shopping but a bit too much! Hope the weather gets warmer for you so you can hit those changing rooms!

  13. I love this look, Dana. Strong and sexy at the same time with that pop of electric blue and the demure-yet-naughty hemline.
    Btw, has anyone told you you have killer calves? Because you do, hot damn!

  14. Ugh. I gave into the online shopping the other day. Couldn’t ignore the itch anymore! Love your coat, the colour is gorg on you and it’s a nice bright pop!

      1. Ooooh a purse new denim jacket and a dress…my visa bill will not be happy. Check out the Friday Faves to see!

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