These are a few quick picks of what I wore the other day.
For a change, it was really, really nice outside so the bum in me immediately pulled out jeans shorts and a white T.



53 thoughts on “Basics

  1. Well in my parts I think the weather did a flip, today is the first of Spring but we’re expecting snow later on, still holding on to my cold weather basics….haha!! Love the outfit, that boots is fab!!

  2. it’s getting colder in australia, spring is over and we’re now welcoming autumn and then winter, the coat and boots really made a simple shirt and shorts stand out, I love it 🙂

  3. Hey! I’m glad you got some nicer weather to be able to dress in shorts…. here in Canada it was nice today, but definitely not nice enough for summer gear yet…. (oh, awesome booties too!). I had to be inside at work all day anyhow so the nicer weather was of no benefit to me 😦 BUT, I did get a chance to post that salmon recipe I told you I would. Tell me what you think ok?

  4. Over here in the UK, I can only hope Summer actually arrives this year so I can get out my own denim shorts!

  5. So its getting warmer- that’s great for you! I remember reading a lot of posts about how the cold weather was putting a funk on your outdoor shots. And then when it got warmer, you threw on a pair of summer shorts and T- love it! Those shoe boots are super coote!

      1. Hey hon, I’ve been in Port Harcourt all this while but this morning I fly to Lagos. I’m majorly looking forward to it as Port Ha… is Dead Mans Land whilst Lagos is arguably the Hot Spot city in Nigeria. However the upcoming Elections are gonna fuck up my flow as people are afraid of violence, riots etc- aaah, JOY! We see how it all unfolds…Have a gd day hon! x

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