Apple Pie Spiced Pancakes with Blue Agave & Blueberries

Apple Pie Spiced Pancakes with Blue Agave & Blueberries
So my mom was here over the weekend.
And by here I mean spent the weekend in my apt.

I have a tremendous amount of respect for my mom but of course she drove me crazy.


Jonathan made you this soymilk?
I asked if Jonathan made you this soymilk?
Oh, yeah. Last week. From scratch.
Mmhmm and is his wife nice too?

Is Jonathans wife nice?
Mom what kind of question is that?
Well I just asked if his wife was nice.
He doesn’t have a wife mom.
I thought you said he was married??
He is.
Well then, what is his wife…ohhh I got it I got it.
*me rolling eyes*

What made you ask that?
Well I was just wondering…
Mom, mom…
What sweetie?
Too many questions. You’re here as a guest. That means you’re on a need-to-know basis only.
*her grumbling yet simultaneously asking if I’m hungry*


I really do like spending time with my mom.
My parents moved to Atlanta to be in a warmer climate when I was a freshmen in college and I can’t say I blame them, all this fucking snow.
Best part though – the entire weekend, I only cooked once.


We did a lot of eating out and I straight up OD’ed on carbs.
Like a motherfucker.
So the morning of her departure, I woke up like why stop now?


And like part of me feels like pancakes don’t really need step-by-step instructions because like everyone can make them but you know…
There’s always that one person that needs it written down.




Apple Pie Spiced Pancakes with Blue Agave & Blueberries

What I Used

Dry: 1 cup All Purpose Flour. ½ tsp Ground Cloves. ½ tsp Ground Nutmeg. 1 tsp Cinnamon Powder. 1 tsp Baking Powder. ½ tsp Salt.
Wet: 2 Large Eggs (yolks & whites separated). 1 cup Milk. 1 tbsp Melted Butter.
Blue Agave (or Maple Syrup).

What I Did
In a large bowl, mix all the dry ingredients together.
Then add in all the wet ingredients.
Stir until well blended.
You’ll see some lumps and bumps in there but that’s alright.

In a separate bowl, whisk the egg whites.
Mix until the white become fluffy & bubbly.
Then fold the whites into the rest of the batter.
Mix well.


Heat 1 tbsp olive oil in a large skillet.
Pour a couple spoonfuls of the batter into the skillet and cook under med-low flame.

When the side up starts to bubble, flip.
Cook the other side until the side down is golden brown.
Don’t worry about if the top or the bottom is not evenly browned, that doesn’t really matter so don’t stress it.


Spoon a dollop of butter on top and serve with fresh blueberries and syrup.

This makes about 7 pancakes which was plenty for the 2 of us.

Boston_food_bloggers 15_min_pancake_recipe Apple Pie Spiced Pancakes with Blue Agave & Blueberries

76 thoughts on “Apple Pie Spiced Pancakes with Blue Agave & Blueberries

  1. Eeeeekkkkkk so glad you got mommy time. Piercings, eh?

    The man that lives with me has been begging for some pancakes like a lil pup. Will use this to hush him up. 😉

  2. Thanks for taking one for the team Dana, and spending time with Mom. Lol!
    I can laugh now since mine is in Florida but my time is comin’.
    You gotta carb up once in awhile to throw the body out of sync and start fresh with a killer workout. Now let’s get with those crunches, flutter kicks, mountain climbers….left, right, left…

  3. This just looks too good! I understand what you mean with your mom. I love my mother, but my goodness she drives me insane sometimes. I’ll have to email you the rest of my thoughts on this post (the pancakes). LOL.

  4. I think your mother daughter relationship is pretty much everyone’s experience (and likely including your mom’s with your grandma too). Pancakes = love in my house and my daughter is always excited about them, even if I do it every Saturday. So I like making pancakes because even though she should expect them on the weekend she doesn’t act like it was expected 🙂

  5. Have you ever consider not becoming your mom when you have children? I think about all the time, it is hard! How are we suposed to act, to say??? Delicious pancakes!

  6. Thanks for visiting my new site! I’ve just read through your advice about new bloggers and couldn’t keep myself from smiling…great advice which I will definitely use! AND those pancakes look delish too!

  7. oh my god that looks amazing!!! I want pancakes now. Seriously gonna make some. And I totally get what you mean about moms. I spend the summers with my mom in California and I love her to death but we are always squabbling over things for no reason. She’ll ask “where is my such and such.” “Mom I don’t know.” She immediately jumps to, “You lose everything!” WHAT? You’re the one who lost it I’m trying to help you! Hahaha. Gotta love ’em though. Ah.

    Danika Maia

  8. Hahahaha! I’m totally that ONE person that needs to have it written down (were you thinking about me when you wrote that?). And guess what? I still WON’T get it right LOL. I believe that is why I need to make a trip to “Brunch by Dana” for breakfast! Looks absolutely scrumptious 🙂 I’ll take three pancakes.

  9. I didn´t get round to commenting on this,,,, SOOOOOOOO YUM!!!!!!!
    I am totes having pancakes this weekend. The normal kind, nothing baked LOL.
    These look yummy, its difficult to get blueberries this time of the year here, soooooo need to think about my toppings on this one, although the blueberries look totes YUM
    oh my goodness , I am hungry!
    Better get that apple afterall

    Have a wonderful day namesake

    1. Thank you beautiful,
      I keep forgetting how tricky it is to get fresh, out-of-season stuff where you are 😦
      I’m always excited to see what you end up cooking so please let me know if you do make these 🙂

  10. Oi, where’s mine Cake? Huh? Love the method of beaten egg white in a pancake, makes them so much more fluffy wuffy. I hope to annoy my children as much one day. 😁

    1. Ha!
      Somehow I don’t doubt your capability of annoying your kids in the future hehehe and yes, the egg whites did exactly what you thought they would do.
      Mama dukes loved them, I was pleased she saved me some 🙂

    1. Girl… Carbs really are the devil.
      Like I think we split a loaf of focaccia.
      And with such an extreme winter, I inherently know we’re going to have a hot ass summer and I’m ready to ho it up!

  11. Yes please, gimme gimme gimme. Hold up, lemme wipe the drool from my face & conduct myself in a more appropriate manner. Nah, fuck that. I love pancakes.

    As for moms, I moved away from mine, to the other coast, so I not only feel your pain, I know it a bit too well. The tiniest inflection in her voice can somehow turn me back into a temper tantrum induced adolescent. WTF? Anyhow, well done on both accounts. Hope you’re well, xoxo

    1. Yessss!
      They know exactly what buttons to push.
      Like I spent an entire car ride with her waiting for her to get to the point of whatever she was talking about.
      Imagine a bowl of spaghetti, that’s a conversation with my mom.

  12. Just died at your mom “I thought you said he was married, he is mom, well then what ohhh” hahaha

    On another note: I expect you on my doorstep with these tomorrow morning at 6:30 am sharp, I’ll make the coffee!

    xx Cara

  13. Erm, I would be that one person that needs the recipe written down! I’ve never actually made a pancake in my life! My bro loves my Ma’s pancakes, and its only when I eat hers that I kinda get the big deal about pancakes.Yours looks so super yum!! Have a gd wkend! x

  14. Dana that weekend with your mom was probably even more hilarious than you can share here ihhihiiii honestly this “married man” thing made my day 😀 never mind the pancakes ihihihiii

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