If This then That

Is anyone following the HBO documentary on multi-millionaire, Robert Durst?

It’s called The Jinx and they call him that because everyone that’s around him dies yet they can never find him guilty.
He always gets off.


He’s been walking as a free man since the early 2000s and he reached out to this filmmaker because he was finally ready to share his side of things.

And just watching them interview this guy while he’s going,
“I never. Knowingly. Lied.”
Creeps me the fuck out.

“I never purposefully, intentionally …not tell the truth. It’s not so much a case of what you say but how you say it…”


I don’t want to ruin it for you so let’s just say, the finale of this 6-part documentary was so crazy that after aired, he was back in the custody of the court.
Guess the cops were watching HBO too.
You gotta check it out.

87 thoughts on “If This then That

  1. I am surprised I didn’t hear more about this guy in early 2000’s but I came across a special on him on 20/20 last week. Very, very strange how he has not been found guilty for any of these disappearances. He definitely creeps me out.

  2. I haven’t watched the docudrama, but I’m obsessed with the news coverage. An ex girlfriend of his will be on the Today show this morning if you’re interested… though it’s probably aired on the east coast! Anyways, you’re gorg.

  3. I finally talked David into canceling HBO… so I am not familiar with the documentary you are talking about. I like the tongue action in the next to last photo though. A little more pop of color! 😉

  4. I’ve been meaning to watch the short series soon!! I’ve been reading up on that case and recently found out about the show. What a creep!

    Your outfit is adorable, by the way 🙂

    -Jess (www.bloodymarytour.org)

  5. One of my friends and co-worker’s sister is a possible victim, so I can’t bring myself to watch the documentary. My heart breaks and bursts with anger all at the same time thinking about it.

  6. I have to find a way to see this documentary, the question is how to lay my dirty little hands on it here in Mordor? I smell creep as I read it.
    P.S. Is that snow?! The horror! Oh well, doesn’t matter, you have a gorgeous outfit, strut that stuff anyway.

      1. I have HBO on my TV, what time is that show running? I hope it’s not in some god-awful hour because we’re 8 hours ahead of East Coast USA.

  7. I’m too scared to watch it. I know, I’m ridiculous but crazy people scare me! I mean…..I’m crazy but in a good way, I’m talking legitimately crazzzzzzzy!

    Love the blue on you. It is your color!

  8. Ahhh everyone has been talking about the Jinx so I had to plug my ears and scroll all the way to the bottom because I haven’t seen it yet! Maybe tonight is pizza and The Jinx night. Lovin’ that baby blue on you it’s a really complimentary color!

    Danika Maia

    1. Oh shit, I’m sorry, didn’t mean to spoiler it for you.
      I assumed because it was in the news everyone was up to speed.
      I’m a dope.

      Thank you for the compliment though 😀
      Fucking love this sweater.

  9. Hi!
    I had never heard about that man here in Austria before your post… The wikipedia article isn’t even available in German! Creepy story! Wonder how that will end…
    I doubt I could watch it without feeling paranoid though.

    Kind regards,
    Your Backdirndl

    1. Hey Backdirndl!

      You can get the fully story by just googling his name but don’t bother if you don’t want to.
      It’s only news for us here in the states because his family is one of the wealthiest NYC real estates gurus out there and their lineage and fingers go deep in the New York scene.

      Hope you’re having a great week my love!

  10. Then that that that skirt!
    You loook absoutely lovely. Absolument Belle
    Your skirt – me gusta chica. Quierooooooo
    have a wonderful day

  11. This is so random. His Instagram just requested I add him as a friend so I did and was like who the fuck is this? Then I googled him. Like. Right. Before. I. Read. This…. AM I GOING TO DIE?!?

  12. Ugh that sounds really creepy. I don’t know that I’d actually watch it. Creepy things like that are on my no-go list. I’m such a whimp when it comes to watching anything scary/creepy. The fact that it’s a documentary makes it even scarier, if you ask me!

    Loving the outfit. Perfect colors. And those shoes. ugh.


  13. GUILTY! he’s guilty! I don’t even know the show but just my your quick spill…im convinced lol

    but i love those shoes!

  14. Lovely Dana, There’s nothing better than the gorgeous looks you put together; The only thing that even comes close to touching your outfits is your witty and original content! I love reading about what’s on your mind!! The way you approach your blog is 100% authentic.I can feel it and I love ya for it!!! You just keep doing you!! xo-Danielle

  15. Outfit = 😍😍
    Never heard of the guy, but the documentary sounds pretty interesting! Sounds right up my alley too, I love creepy things like that and documentaries!

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