Seafood Soup with Pancetta Bits

Seafood Soup with Pancetta Bits
So like I was saying, my mom was here visiting last weekend.
On Saturday we got our nails did and then went grocery shopping.

She was craving all things seafood because you know they don’t get any of this fresh shit down south.
She traded warmth for fresh seafood and now look who’s feenin.
That’s what you get when you try and cut corners.

So I took her to a place that serves some of the fattest Lobster Rolls in Boston where I had a couple martinis because who’s kidding who.
I needed them.
Don’t get me wrong though – we had a great time stuffing our faces and catching up.
Me & mom skydiving last year.

Afterwards we hit the markets and picked up some fresh seafood.
I grabbed a pound of lump crabmeat, 18 large sea scallops, a couple wild salmon fillets, like 20 jumbo shrimp and now we’re in the checkout line.

Are you sure that’s enough seafood?
What? Mom, look at this.
Well I just…I don’t see any calamari.
I’m just saying sweetie.

Mom you don’t even know what I’m going to make with all this.
*excited look from her
What are you going to make?

*pops gum and rolls eyes
I was gonna make crab cakes out of the crab meat for one but you don’t deserve that anymore.
I ought to just feed you bread and water.
*thoughtful look from her
Nah, that’s ok.

You know what lady, just get in the car.
But I want some Gingersnaps now, let’s get some Gingersnaps before we leave.
*heads off to find the gingersnaps*

We finally get home and Mom immediately settles into a book with tea and her gingersnaps.
And I fall onto my bed staring at the ceiling with wide eyes going what the fuck..

We never got to the seafood folks.

We were still stuffed from all the lobster we ate so we skipped dinner.
Had a little mother-daughter Netflix action instead.
Then Sunday we woke up late and made pancakes, leaving us again too full to want anything else.

So here’s what you missed mom.
And when I come to Atlanta, I’m coming with a list of demands as long as my g*ddamn arm.
And I’m bringing your leftover gingesrnaps.

All 47 of them.

Seafood Soup with Pancetta Bits

What I Used.

1 lb Fresh Lump Crab Meat. 18-20 Fresh Jumbo Shrimp. 2 lbs Fresh Salmon Fillets. 1 cup Golden Potatoes (cut into ½ in cubes). 10 cups Clam Juice. ½  an Onion (roughly chopped). ¾ cup Diced Bacon. 1 cup Minced Pancetta. 3 cups Heavy Cream. 3 Red Thai Chili Peppers. 2 cups Fresh Cilantro. Olive Oil. Salt. Pepper.

What I Did.

 Alright so this may seem overwhelming to make but it isn’t.
One pot meals are the simplest shit ever.

Heat a large pot over a med-high flame and add the diced bacon.
Cook, stirring often until the bacon begins to brown.
Add in the chopped onion.
When the onions begin to turn translucent, pour in the clam juice.
Bring to a boil.

Next, add the diced potatoes.
Then lower the heat a bit, cover and let cook for about 12 mins or until the potatoes are tender.

Stir in the cream.
I used Coconut Cream because lactose & I don’t get along well.
Bring to a boil then simmer under lower heat.
Shake in salt & pepper adjusting the taste as needed.

Add in the thai peppers (finely minced) and continue to simmer, partially covered for about 10 mins.

Prep the seafood by cutting the salmon into small chunks and shelling & devining the shrimp.
Incorporate the seafood into the mixture.
All at once.

Give things a good stir, ensuring the shrimp & scallops are immersed in the liquid.
Add a little more clam juice/water if you need to.
Cook under med flame for 3-5 mins.
No more than 5 mins though. Overcooked shrimp, overcooked scallops…not cool.
Don’t fuck this up. 3-5 mins.
Lastly, sprinkle in the chopped cilantro.
Adjust seasoning to taste.
Give things a final good stir then remove from heat.


Brown the Pancettea bits and sprinkle on top.
Little surf & turf action.
Seafood Soup with Pancetta Bits

95 thoughts on “Seafood Soup with Pancetta Bits

  1. Skydiving?! Holy cow woman…y’all are two brave souls. BTW, I’ll be posting pics of the pasta salad this afternoon or in the morning. 😉

  2. Essence of win, in a bowl. Right there!

    I shudder to think what would have happened if I’d have said to my old mum..”hey, Joanie, I’ve had a great idea, let’s go jump out of a plane…” :O 😀

    1. Oh no!! What do you do if you want fresh fish then?
      Mom also lives where seafood isn’t really accessible, she ends up paying through the nose when she wants some 😣😔

      1. Drive to the sea – well, no, at least not all the time 😉 But in all honesty, the only fresh fish we have are sweet water fish (which are good too!), but otherwise everything is frozen…I’m always looking forward to vacation time at the sea, as it is about a 4 or more hour drive…

  3. Wow!That list of seafood has set me drooling. And I am pretty sure if you have a list as long as both your arms together your mom’s going to be more than happy making them for her gorgeous girl 👍

  4. I’ll be knocking on your door soon. I need some of this in my life!!
    I love the fact that you and your mom went skydiving! I want to do it, but I don’t want to pay for it. If my chute didn’t open, I’m not paying for that shit…

  5. Hoo ha Ms Cake, this looks the business and that lobster roll sounds so good I may just jump on a plane and fly there. Love the photo of your and your gorgeous Mumma.

  6. Not going to lie, despite the title of your post I was getting really agitated over the idea that all of that delicious seafood might go to waste, and then you go and make a gorgeous-looking (and delicious, I would assume) stew out of all of it. Bravo!

  7. Oh my goodness, that looks delicious! And now you’ve just gotta share where y’all went for lobster rolls. I’m always looking for new restaurants to check out, and I love seafood!

    1. We went to the Summer Shack and although the restaurant isn’t much to write home about, that lobster roll was the bomb diggity.
      There’s a few undercover spots like this around and I intend to take a turn at all of them 🙂

  8. Looks absolutely delicious. I love seafood, Lobster is ridiculously expensive is Joburg (South Africa), but i’ll splurge over the weekend then try out your recipe. Thanks for sharing – I’m so eager to make this.

    1. LOL, nope!
      And good for you for making this!
      I know you guys get incredible seafood out there too so sometimes you just need to OD on stuff like this for a little bit 😀

  9. Well this looooook amazeballls! And spicy?? Oh my goodness, I am so hungry right now and its only 9am at the office! The photos here make my hunger worse to the point of no return (where I say some bad words). Why is this not on my desk?!?
    Looks so delicious
    Keep-on cooking love

      1. Yessss… sea food is easy. I´m in Barcelona, by the sea /coast / water – fishtank basically, there´s a lot of sea food dishes. Which is a little unfortunately for me because I´m not into it so much but yup, its everywhere. The marker!!! all sorts of fish. You´d love it here 🙂

    1. Oh that’s hilarious!!
      You guys really ought to give it a shot though.
      I hooked Jonathan up with some and he was tapping on my door with my tupperware washed and rinsed 30 mins later like, “Yeah we ate the whole thing as we were cooking dinner. Here’s your container.”

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