Milk & Cookies
I ordered this ASOS dress with the intention of breaking it out sometime in the summer.
But Saturday night was fancy-pants fundraiser night and I figured that was as good as time as any to bring the girls out.
Especially after Option A and Option B fell through.

Don’t you hate it when that happens?

When the shit you wanna wear doesn’t look right.
All of a sudden it doesn’t ‘fit’ right.
You’ve got somewhere to be in an hour and you’re left going what the fuuuuuck!

Story of this dress.


I chose to downplay the look with flats for this shoot because I was still a little banged up from the afterparty but for the actual event, I wore it with the cutest little pair of pony-hair heels you’ll ever see (I know, I know – I’ll post them on Instajizzle) and put my hair up in a messy bun.

And yes I’m aware my boobs need a tan.
Working out from under 4 months of snow people.
I’m gonna need a minute.


100 thoughts on “Milk & Cookies

    1. Thanks Lola!
      To be honest I like it with the flats too. It took away the ‘seriousness’ feel and made it eligible to wear during the day which pleased me immensely 😀

  1. You + dress are STUNNING! But I’m confused. I’d have noticed the boobs anyway had you not said anything, because who doesn’t love boobs, but even after staring intently (I promise not creepily), I’m confused about why you think they need a tan. What am I missing?

    1. Thank you Amy.
      You inspired me way back when, when you attended that Christmas party (i think) and you wore that long black dress.
      You looked tremendous and I was taking notes.
      Rapidly 🙂

  2. Yass girl, flaunt that stuff! I like maxi dresses with a twist of surprise, like a huge slit or revealing neckline – but I like the slit best! And the back is a killer.

    The boobage portion is a-OK, couldn’t even notice that the girls needed a tan. Damn those legs get the attention a lot!

  3. This dress is everything! Really feeling the black dresses lately (bought 3 this weekend lol). I think I’m going to look for something similar to this. It’s really messing with my soul lol.

    1. 3! Good for you!!
      I got this from ASOS, I think it’s sold out now but there are quite a few similar.
      Just do a search on maxi dresses or plunging neckline and you’ll find some gems 🙂
      Thank you for visiting my blog!

  4. Dana, this shoot is stunning! It looks like a magazine shoot 100% real talk. You just look so elegant and classy-sexy in that floor length ASOS dress and white blazer. I know what you mean about pre-planning what you are going to wear: You’ve tried it on. You looked great. Next day disaster! don’t know what it is but I hope you enjoyed the fundraiser!!I xo- Danielle

    1. Thank you Danielle!
      It was a fundraiser to raise money for the Boston Public schools that have eliminated their music program due to lack of funding.
      The dress was a hit so I’m kinda glad option A & B didn’t work out.

  5. You look good Dana. I just got some Jergens glow lotion to be safer about my tanning this summer. And yes, I hate it so much when what I planned to wear just doesn’t feel right. It’s so annoying!! But this, looks just right on you love 😉

      1. I will let you know because it’s my first time using it. But according to Ulta customer reviews, it does stain sheets/clothing (not sure how much). I got the facial moisturizer and the body lotion but it’s also doubling as my sunscreen 🙂

  6. Well, the dress is def. sex on legs.I’m all about the back detailing, I love dresses that give good back, and make you want to walk backwards just so everyone can check it out! Cute blazer too, nice mix of masculine tailoring and feminine sex appeal! Hope the event was fun! x

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