Elephant in the Room

I found myself in Zara’s last weekend, wandering around the racks, bored as fuck.
Then I came across two things that brought me up short and made me say, wait a fucking minute.

One of those things was these high-waist pants.


I have no idea why I don’t have more white pants because I immediately saw like 47 different ways I could wear them before I even removed them from the rack.

True, the bottom needs to be hemmed a bit but kudos to Zara for coming through like this.
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100 thoughts on “Elephant in the Room

  1. They look amazing on you! Zara is tricky because I always think it is inexpensive but everytime I go in there, I spend so much money. I just tell my husband I blacked out. They have the cutest kid’s clothes too. Dangerous!

    Love the blue wall against the white! Happy weekend! xx

    1. Yeah they’re a bit odd.
      Most of their clothes are a bit tooooo minimalist for me but then when you lurk lounge enough tyou find some gems that end up costing exactly that.
      Happy weekend to you too babe!

  2. Beautiful outfit! And why are pants always so darned long? At 5′ 2″ and shrinking with age, nothing ever fits. Always too long. At this point I could wear capri pants for slacks. LOL We’re you wearing heels with these wonderful pants?

      1. Hahaha!
        I know right, I’m 5’5 and it’s like gah-damn!!
        I was most definitely wearing heels but I may as well have put on flip flops for all the difference they made.

    1. You know its funny for the longest time I would think exactly that.
      Especially when I wore makeup and would rub my eyes or forehead then like 5 mins later I’d see brown makeup stains on my clothes and i’d be like FUUUUUUUUUCK!

      Now I’m just uuuuber careful.
      I fuck up every now and again though so thank god for that tide stain eraser pen 😀

  3. I would sooooo love to have me some white pants if, 1. I didn’t instantly made them look like I had shoveled some dirt at some construction site – seriously, how do you contain your white pants clean, or am I the pig that I actually suspect I am for always managing to get them down and derrty in 5 minutes?; and 2. they fit me – I can’t find pants that fit me, and the most enraging part is the length. Apparently I, like Mojisola, have too much of a leg and can’t find pants that fit me like these ones fit you, I love them sweeping the floor. It’s a total bummer.

    I like them very much, and I like the styling with the jock bomber jacket. Please wear these pants more often on my swine behalf, would you?

    1. Haha!
      This comments cracks me up!
      But its the same thing for me.
      I was just telling Debbie that I have a bad habbit of touching my face, rubbing my eyes, wiping my forehead and then like 5 mins later I’d see brown makeup stains on my clothes.
      But I carry this stain remover pen with me for when that shit (eventually) happens.
      I’ll do my best to make you proud babe 🙂

  4. Is the elephant in the room… that subtle nipple action? 😀 hahaha those pants are amazing though! I think Zara and I need to have a chat when I get back home and get next month’s paycheck because this month’s is GONE. buh bye.

    p.s. OMG my boyfriend and I just watched The Jinx and it’s incredible it’s like all I’ve been able to think or talk about for days now!!! ahhhhh that ending.

    Danika Maia

    1. LMAO!
      Dude you are goooooood!
      I wish I had the decency to be truly ashamed buuuuut…yeah. I love you 10 times more for being the one to figure it out lol.

      That shit is ridic!
      You are where I was 2 weeks ago. I wish you were closer so we could talk about it.

      1. I keep having dreams that I figured out more about the case and then I wake up and I’m like wait… WHAT IS REAL ANYMORE. So good. We’re still following him on the news – new updates all the time!

  5. YAAAS! High waisted pants are the wave, especially when they’re white. Definitely was a great investment piece! We don’t have a Zara here 😦

    1. Aw that’s a bummer!!
      If it makes you feel better I had to linger 30 mins later to sift through all their boring shit and find these so you’re not missing all THAAAT much 🙂

  6. You look absolutely gorgeous in that outfit. Especially with that blue background. No white pants or any white clothes for me. I am way too uncoordinated for that! I don’t even get out the front door without having managed to get a mark on white clothes.

  7. Thank heavens those pants came into your life because they are beautiful on you! Your legs look like a mile long and that tank is super cute. Such a refreshing look after months of the winter garb a freezing temps. 🙂 xo – Danielle

  8. Lookin so good! Love the top and pants but extra love it when you throw that jacket over your shoulders. But wait, what was the second thing you saw? Or am I a one eyed idiot and did I completely miss it?

    1. I’d say over winter you (and me) didn’t miss much.
      But Spring is starting to filter into their stores so it’s worth checking out if you have the spare cash.
      Hope you’re having a great week love!

  9. Dana, this is what I’d like to look like – effortlessly chic!
    But nooooo, gooey egg yolk, chocolate, spaghetti sauce (and sometimes makeup) invariably homes in on any item of clothing that is:
    (a) white
    (b) dry clean only
    (c) more expensive than I should have had the good sense to buy
    (d) clean
    (e) any combination of the above

    I would have to forgo food and be cocooned in bubble wrap to make it work and what a hot look that would be eh?

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