The Small Things

I’m going to briefly interrupt my normal flow of posts so I can take a moment to say thank you.

The amount of people reading my blog these days is generating an insane amount of followers and it is incredibly humbling.


You know what’s funny is I didn’t think I’d like blogging as much as I do.
I was like, “yeah I’ll do this fucking thing and see how it goes”
Whatever right?


But I just get so much pleasure from interacting with you.
It is so much fucking fun.
From talking shit to actually learning something.

In all honesty, reading your blogs actually helps me improve mine.
From just looking at your pictures, I pick up little ideas like how to better angle a shot or stage a particular type of food.
I learn about emphasis and build-up from reading your stories which are fucking hilarious.


This give and take relationship we have, means so much to me.
More than you know.

So before I get a big(er) head, I just have to say thank you, for loving me the way you do.
I am humbled by it and love you even more for it.


With Respect & Gratitude,

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