That 70s Look
It wasn’t until I reviewed these pictures that I realized I’m accidentally giving a nod to the Mod trend which I’ve never been a fan of and for some reason is in again.


Except for mules.
I can live without the Mod trend with the exception of mules.
Fucking love them.

They’re like the only shoes that make me feel dainty although in this outfit, they’re also the reason I look like I stepped into a 70s movie.

And now I can expect calls from my mom who will no doubt want to emphasize that this is yet another trend ‘we’ took from ‘them’.

93 thoughts on “That 70s Look

  1. I’ve always loved the mod look from films. You managed to remain modern though giving it just the right amount of a mod touch. Modern mod?

  2. Hahaha that’s so funny about your mom. My mom is the same and I always bug her that she throws out all of her old clothes instead of saving them for me! But then I get the old mom rant “Can’t save them because they don’t fit anymore! I swear my body bounced right back after your older brother but after you it was all over!”

    Danika Maia

    1. Hahaha!
      Dude it’s like reading a script from my family.
      Mom is forever going, “You know we had that in my generation right? You guys got that from us.”

      The other day we had an argument because she was trying to say that the her generation invented the mini skirt. So suddenly I was googling 1950s S/S collections.

      1. hahaha I totally got that image of you on a retro humor vintage postcard holding a vacuum cleaner and a glass of wine saying something really funny…lol

      1. What is BCBG?? is it possible to get them online? I’m mad busy, having my exams very soon, don’t have time for anything, especially blogging 😦

      2. Yes of course you can get them online. If you’re really interested, I can send you the link to them?
        Good luck in your finals! You’ll have to tell me what you’re testing for later, when the pressure is off ☺☺

      1. You are certainly channeling another era there Cake and I like it. You still got a touch of ‘today’ going on but maybe your Mumma was right…he he… 😁

  3. You nailed “accidental mod,” beautiful lady!!! This look is hardly dated, but I do see where you’re coming from: you put a look together via your own creative integrity only to realize you’ve created a blast from the past! Been there done that! This hair style is absolutely amazing on you and I think it was the perfect choice for the outfit! xo -Danielle

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